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Weekly Add-ons Weekly Add-on appreciation / "Is there an add-on for that?" post for 2023-03-29


What are your favorite add-ons and why? What themes are you using? Any useful extensions?

Add-ons can include unsupported things like CSS themes, and even WebExtensions Experiments.

If you are looking for a way to power-up Firefox, this is a place to ask.

Remember to check out our list of recommended add-ons!

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Nightly Weekly Discussion for Nightly builds for 2023-04-01 - 2023-04-07


Please use this thread to discuss the latest nightly builds.

If you aren't already using Firefox Nightly, you should join us on the wild side. We get the newest features first, and developers generally listen when we give feedback (since they are generally still working on the features, instead of hearing about it months later once it hits stable).

Nightly is an unstable testing and development platform (per Mozilla). Please have a backup strategy for your Firefox profile.

Download Firefox Nightly!

Don't reuse your old profile folder - Firefox Nightly uses different profiles than stable or beta by default, so you can run Nightly and other versions concurrently. You can use Firefox Sync to keep your settings in sync across release channels.

Things to try out in Nightly

Please do not edit about:config unless you are willing to deal with bugs. Please do not post about issues to Mozilla Support; If you have issues, report them to Bugzilla instead.

PDF Annotations

You can annotate PDFs by using the new toolbar icons when viewing a PDF. You can add text or draw on top of PDFs. File bugs that you find.


To enable the feature in Nightly, create and set browser.urlbar.quickactions.enabled and browser.urlbar.shortcuts.quickactions to true in about:config.

Try it out by typing out words like: addons, bookmarks, logins, passwords in the address bar with the preferences turned on.

File bugs that you find.

Elastic Overscroll

You can try out elastic overscroll on desktop (also known as rubber band scrolling) by setting apz.overscroll.enabled to true.

Report bugs blocking the overscroll bug under Core : Panning and Zooming

Native context menus in GTK

You can try out native context menus (also known right click menus) by setting widget.gtk.native-context-menus to true.

Report bugs blocking bug 1757402.

Join our Matrix r/firefox chat room and the Mozilla Nightly one as well!

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Take Back the Web Today it's Mozilla’s 25th birthday! So I donated $25 to the Mozilla Foundation


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Mozilla blog A quarter century of Mozilla


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Help (Android) I'm on mobile, how do I disable the purple "entering full screen" pop-up

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(Title) Thank you

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Take Back the Web Letting users block injected third-party DLLs in Firefox


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Mozilla blog Making the impossible possible


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Take Back the Web Firefox Javascript Performance Approaching Chrome

Thumbnail treeherder.mozilla.org

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💻 Help Browser extension for YouTube that offers an extra blue icon to go into a better theater mode?


It has stopped working and I'm trying to figure out which browser extension it was that provided that functionality. Anyone know? I assume it's either Truffle, BetterTTV, or 7tv.

Edit: It only worked on livestreams, btw. Not on normal YouTube uploads.

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💻 Help Am I the only one who has to wait loooong time till twitch loads?

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


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💻 Help Bookmarks keeps resetting to the top of the list


Every time I click on my bookmarks 'star' it always goes to the top of the list now. Been this way for a few weeks. Really annoying. Anybody have a solution? TIA

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💻 Help Any way to change Firefox generated password options?

  • Windows 10
  • FF v111.0.1

I would like the generated passwords to also include symbols (as it's a requirement on most sites I sign up for). Is there an option to adjust allowed characters?

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Help (iOS) Weird glitch with history/restored session


For the past few days I’ve been getting this weird replacement for previous tabs when i try to look back on my history.

It’s mainly a line that talks about the internal://local/sessionrestore?url=(and the url of the tab that was there), originally i thought it was just an error with a messed up session and thought it would just get pushed away with time and me continuing to use the tabs but it’s been a few days now and has been spreading to new tabs. If I close the app and reopen the tab, the same line will appear in new tabs.

These internal://local tabs just go to blank pages

I mainly want to know if this is fixable or if other people are encountering the same problem or my phone is just acting strange.

(The first picture is a random example and the second was a test to see if I could replicate the error with a new tab + closing and reopening)

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Solved Where do these buttons come from? I get them when hovering over certain links.

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💻 Help Recently got a new computer and firefox just will not work


As title says ive installed firefox along with a couple other browsers but this one just refuses to work at all. The second i open it the app crashes without even opening a window. Ive reinstalled, restarted pc, everything I can think of and was wondering if anyone had any solutions.

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💻 Help Firefox doesn't load pages for more than 8 minutes after launching the browser, then it works just fine.


Every tab just gets blank and the spinning circle on the left of the tab just goes round until after a lot of time every tab starts loading without any issue. I've been getting this problem for more than an year, and can't seem to fix it other than uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox. Whenever I reinstall it, it is as fast as it can be, but soon enough it starts getting slower and slower at start up. Today I decided to check how much time it takes to load the pages when launching and it took 8:30 minutes! I've cleared cache, I've disabled all my addons, I've launched Firefox in safe mode, I've done diagnostics and nothing works! It only gets better whenever I reinstall it. But it isn't nice to be forced to uninstall and reinstall your browser every month. I have only 3 addons: Ublock, Youtube Enchancer and Unhook. I've looked for a fix all over the internet but no one seems to have the same problem as me. Because of that recently I've started using Edge even if it's worse simply for the fact that I don't need to wait 8 minutes to browse whenever I launch firefox.

Does someone have any idea how to fix this issue?

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Discussion Does Firefox use anything related to Apple and Webkit?


I'm just curious since literally every other browser uses something based off of Webkit.

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Solved Where did the Bookmarks tab go??


Why do they have to change things....

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💻 Help Having issues with tabs muting themselves.


Since ive switched to firefox I have been having an issue where is i accidentally unplug my headphones, skip forward in a video/show, or just pause it will sometimes just mute the tab and i have to pause then manually mute and unmute tab or just reload the tab. No clue what is causing this or how to fix it.

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💻 Help how to 'skip' over "this time. search with" in the search bar


i use arrow keys to pick the link i want to use in the search bar and although a small issue clickng the arrows 3-4 extra times to go from the top to the bottom is a little annoying

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💻 Help Horrendous Battery life


For some reason Firefox gets half the battery life opera does. I have an i9 12900h laptop. And to get the best battery life that cpu needs to be sound asleep. When using Firefox I get 5-6 hours of battery life. When using opera with battery saver mode, I get easy 10-12 hours.

I made sure to install a Firefox plug in that puts tabs to sleep. But damn is it annoying having to constantly reload tabs.

I took at look at some of Firefox’s behavior when playing a video opera and Firefox are even. When reloading a webpage Firefox takes about 2-5% more cpu. When minimized, opera uses no cpu at all. While Firefox uses 0.1%-2%.

Firefox just seems to drain battery and require more cpu then opera and it’s why I switched away. If you have any advice on how to get Firefox to opera battery levels let me know.

I am on the latest version of windows 11 home.

But this large power consumption is pretty universal, happened on two other windows 10 laptops I’ve had. And my girlfriend’s windows 10 laptop.

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💻 Help Improving performance in Firefox Android part II


I've been investigating page loading times in Firefox Android for a while now. Basically, it was nowhere near chromium-based browsers and it was frustrating because I have a fast connection and a powerful SoC, a lot of memory, so the bottleneck must be something else. But now, I can confirm it's even faster, sometimes faster than Chrome for some pages, sometimes a little bit slower but at least there was significant difference to be happy. I confirmed with a low-end device to make the results more obvious and, and the results were substantial there as well.

I did a little bit of digging and experimentation by trial and error during my free time in order to determine why pages take a lot of time to respond to a TLS handshake. Another thing is, why websites do not load quicker on a subsequent reload attempts which SHOULD fallback to retrieving cached resources instead of requesting network resources again and again.

I didn't rely on numeric benchmarks, and I prefer perceived performance rather than numbers any day of the week.

🔸privacy.partition.network_state.ocsp_cache: true

This preference is disabled by default for normal mode and enabled for private browsing mode for reasons only God knows. What does happen if this preference is disabled?

Well, Revocation checking through OCSP requests has very high latency and can be a particularly big hit to performance because there can be multiple megabyte files that must be downloaded before displaying a web page and the process of validation that is done individually for every single certificate. That's why some people find private browsing mode to be faster than normal mode. And you also improve privacy by partitioning the OCSP cache.

🔸network.ssl_tokens_cache_use_only_once: false

🔸browser.tabs.useCache: true

🔸dom.script_loader.bytecode_cache.strategy: 2

This preference make page load times marginally longer when a page is being loaded for the first time. But the investment in JSBC is worth it, and loading times in Firefox Android is garbage anyway, so one and only is better than every time. Subsequent reload of websites will be much much faster.


This preference accepts integers from 0 to 9. 0 disables it, while values from 1 to 9 control the compression ratio of the bytecode.

How can you determine a suitable value? You decide.

  • It depends on the CPU power. The higher end SoCs are capable of higher compression level without a noticeable performance hit, while lower end SoCs will not struggle, but it's recommended to be more conservative.

  • It also depends on flash memory speed, the slower the disk, the more performance is gained from higher compression since it minimizes the chunks of data available for reading, while faster disks will not benefit as much from higher compression ratios.

  • Battery life is not affected much as the battery consumption of compression is offset by savings on the flash memory side. Reading from disk incurs more performance and power consumption penalties, so a smaller chunk of data is faster and more efficient than reading uncompressed data. While decompression is multiple times faster so it will not cause any meaningful power consumption.

If you want to try these tweaks, go ahead. If anything goes wrong, you can flip back and reset these preferences. I researched these changes to make sure they are not related to any bugs on Bugzilla, so it's relatively safe.

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Take Back the Web When Google paid websites to promote Firefox · leonidasv.com


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Issue Filed on Bugzilla Major touch Issue on Firefox for Android.


There's a big issue on Firefox Android where touch often either fails entirely or takes longer than usual to register. This happens on not just websites' hamburger menus but even on the Firefox Android app itself. Here's an example of it happening in website: https://imgur.com/a/WFDM3i9 and on Firefox app itself: https://imgur.com/a/ljf4Gs5

This never happens on chromium browsers but I experience this on all 3 versions of firefox android, are others facing this as well?

Now, I've created a issue on bugzilla: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1825348 but I don't exactly know how things work there. Given how this seems like a major issue that is ruining the browsing experience, how to actually escalate the issue so that it's fixed asap ?

Edit: a comparison of touch sensitive area of chrome and Firefox: https://imgur.com/a/PKgj0Sa.

The touch sensitive area for firefox seems to be skewed towards right side maybe. As you can see that on Firefox, taps on top left had no response while taps barely touching bottom right of the menu got perfect response.

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Solved Shortcuts don't work on google docs


I've been trying to find a solution to this for almost an hour now and it feels like I'm the only one with this problem. I'm sure it happens on other websites, but when I try to use ctrl shortcuts like ctrl + B or ctrl + F, it'll just open the bookmarks or only search for the words in the title of the doc rather than on the doc itself. Trying to use ctrl C + V doesn't work either. I've tried a few of the solutions I've seen online and nothing has worked so I don't know if I'm just completely missing out on something or if this is an intended feature.

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Solved Why does this message keep popping up? I cannot use Firefox on my phone, this message pops up even when I try to search on Google.

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