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u/Ok_Mastodon_9412 Jan 24 '23

Potato wedges


u/OrganizerMowgli Jan 24 '23

Wedges vs waffle fries, one's gotta go - which?

I absolutely love them both. Make potato wedges like 3x a week in air fryer using j kenji Lopez alt method - cut and par boil for 15mins or so until the outside will get mushy when you shake/toss them around in a (covered) container with the garlic/rosemary/seasoning and oil. Dump it all out on the pan if baking or air fryer rack, spread around to maximize space in between. Roast for 30mins. Super crispy on outside and fluffy on inside.


u/DaCookieCreator Jan 25 '23

The boiling step before baking or air frying is the best! I just learned this last year I’ve been doing it that way ever since. Definitely worth the little extra work


u/nylanderfan Jan 25 '23

Waffle fries > wedges


u/mooys Jan 25 '23

It’s where it belongs to begin with