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u/flyingthrghhconcrete Jan 24 '23

Meatloaf before it goes in the oven


u/ubeor Jan 24 '23

Mix in some brown sugar first. And you’re welcome.


u/HamOnRye__ Jan 24 '23

Meatloaf sauce: Whataburger Spicy Ketchup, Cholula hot sauce, Brown sugar, creole seasoning, and worcestershire sauce.



u/aragorn_eragon Jan 24 '23

Spotted the Texan


u/evilmrbeaver Jan 25 '23

Goated = greatest of all time electric duck?


u/jlgar Jan 25 '23

Screen shotted this.

I'll let you know my opinion one day.


u/A_H_S_99 Jan 25 '23

worcecehsedhtshire sauce


u/wstrfrg65 Jan 24 '23

Heat both of those with some Worcestershire sauce, a little bit of instant coffee, and a little lemon juice you've got yourself a damn fine meatloaf glaze


u/[deleted] Jan 24 '23



u/SomeInternetRando Jan 24 '23

Mix and match the answers, then. Glaze your genitals.


u/Anon_Logic Jan 24 '23

You lost me at instant coffee. Sounds like some great depression recipe.


u/fluffershuffles Jan 25 '23

Ok I gotta ask how much instant coffee? Or is it more an eyeball kinda thing? Like what consistency are you looking for


u/wstrfrg65 Jan 25 '23

Full recipe for the glaze is: 125ml(1/2 cup) water, 125ml(1/2 cup) tomato sauce, 60ml(1/4 cup) Worcestershire sauce, 40 ml(2 Aussie tablespoons) malt vinegar, 50g(1/4 cup firmly packed) brown sugar, 1 teaspoon instant coffee powder, 30g butter, 40ml(2 aussie tablespoons) lemon juice. -----‐------------------------------------------------------ Just chuck all the ingredients in a pot to boil then simmer for 5 mins straight away. It's fine if it's still watery because you can layer it over the meatloaf periodically while it's in the oven. It's from an old magazine from like 30 or 40 years ago and it slaps.


u/Ater_Nefarium Jan 24 '23

Stuff it with cream cheese first and you're welcome.


u/uslashuname Jan 24 '23

Nah, mix in some Calabrian chilies first


u/Mementomortis7 Jan 25 '23

More sugar in the sugar sauce, no wonder Americans are so overweight ( like I'm not an overweight American)


u/BronMann- Jan 25 '23

Take your A5 Wagyu, run it through the grinder. You'll want about 1.5 lbs of beef.

Next take a healthy sized Black Morel and dice it finely.

Local day old French Loaf, finely chopped until you have about an ounce.

Take an emu egg and beat it until the yolk is fully incorporated into the white. Separate into 12 equal portions and set aside 11 of those portions for the 11 other Meatloaf's you will be making.

Three shallots, chopped, I prefer it in slightly larger pieces. (I also like to sear mine in some good butter. Kerrygold works, and I want it hot, right under the smoke point. The shallots only go in for a moment, enough to get it some flavor and color, but not cook.)

Half teaspoon sea salt, half teaspoon pure MSG baby, get that salty umami game going.

Black pepper to taste, but keep in mind it's Wagyu, so don't go too hard, maybe like a fourth a teaspoon. And make sure it's fresh ground.

Half a cup of goats milk.

One shot Cognac.

Mix all these together until incorporated then press gentle into a pan.

Finally, and most importantly, ketchup. All other ingredients above can be substituted, but for the truly prime meatloaf experience you need the gas station stuff. They can't be name brand packets either, they need to be the plain white sachets with no name. Just a bright red tomato on the front. Use as many as you need to get a nice nipple thick layer on top.

Bake 350 for an hour. Let it rest for at least 10 minutes once removed from the oven, then serve. 👌


u/TheJointDoc Jan 25 '23

This was a work of art


u/daniiic Jan 25 '23

…. I’m going to have to try this


u/Banjo_Wanjo Jan 25 '23

Meat candy


u/evanjw90 Jan 25 '23

That's essentially bbq sauce...


u/Ruxblaine93Medusa Jan 25 '23

Or maple syrup and brown sugar mixed with ketchup 🫦🫦🫦


u/OldGodsProphet Jan 24 '23

Hell yes, and after


u/BlazinAden Jan 24 '23



u/D3adkl0wn Jan 24 '23

Personal preference of mine because it's what I grew up with, but try mixing a can of Campbell's tomato soup (don't add water) with a bit of mustard, a good amount of relish and then put that on your meatloaf instead.


u/SkootchDown Jan 25 '23

You blew it with the mustard and relish.


u/puntini Jan 24 '23

Can’t believe I had to scroll down this far to find this. I’d prefer ketchup on meatloaf before I’d prefer ketchup on fries.


u/Diab9lic Jan 24 '23

Fucking good one.


u/infinitebeep Jan 25 '23

I did this once because a recipe told me to, and I hated how much I liked it


u/flyingthrghhconcrete Jan 25 '23

It's stupid. It has no right being that good.


u/Competitive-Dot-4052 Jan 25 '23

Why not after as well?


u/[deleted] Jan 25 '23

Or on a meatloaf sandwich the next day. Lots and lots of that red goodness.


u/flyingthrghhconcrete Jan 25 '23

This dude loafs. Extra sloppy, extra good


u/ProbablyNano Jan 25 '23

You got some real freaks crawling out of the woodwork with their janky ass meatloaf glazes


u/flyingthrghhconcrete Jan 25 '23

Truth. I grew up with plain meatloaf, basic as it gets. I was like 22 when I had a ketchup glazed meatloaf and it blew my mind. Legit asked what the glaze was like it was a secret, got some real weird looks...just Heinz


u/DontTakePeopleSrsly Jan 25 '23

But I won’t do that…


u/visvis Jan 24 '23

Watch out, he'll infect your oven with COVID.


u/GraceStrangerThanYou Jan 25 '23

My meatloaf gets topped with straight tomato sauce. I put about two-thirds of the can into the meatloaf and then the rest is spread over the top. Leftover meatloaf does get a ketchup based sauce though.


u/BAGStudios Jan 25 '23

*and after