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u/Jciesla Jan 24 '23

I wouldn't say "everyone". Shit, more people in this thread said their genitals than eggs


u/kL2hGHMyqMsmcx9u Jan 24 '23

Just a different kind of eggs


u/bycontinuin Jan 25 '23

in Hebrew Eggs is actually a popular word for balls. you say balls we say eggs.


u/Thegreylady13 Jan 24 '23

But literally everyone does that. Are there people out there right now with undressed genitals? I shudder to think.


u/BoofingCheese Jan 24 '23

Does horseradish count as a dressing?


u/Thegreylady13 Jan 24 '23

It can, if you’ve already boofed the cheese with it. But not always. Otherwise it’s just sauced (which is almost and maybe actually the same as dressed, but we’ve got two words, so there must be subtle difference. Maybe you dress cool foods and sauce hot ones? In that case, it’s time to take your genitals’ temperature and go from there).

This is if boofing means some sort of fucking.


u/BoofingCheese Jan 24 '23 edited Jan 24 '23

Ah perfect. And we usually call anything that goes on salad a dressing. We rarely use the term sauce unless we are referring to something specific like Worcester sauce. I've never, at least in my area, heard someone call ketchup, or really any condiment, a sauce. But I'm only speaking for my specific region as stuff like that varies, almost from state to state.

And boofing is not fucking, that would just be weird. Boofing is ingesting something (usually drugs or alcohol, but in my case mostly Havarti) via the anal cavity as a more direct route to the bloodstream.


u/Thegreylady13 Jan 24 '23

Honestly, that is more like what boofing sounds like and should be. I’m just not entirely sure that it’s what the Honorable Justice Kavanaugh meant when he wrote about it in his profound, poignant, tear-jerking calendars. I think he said it meant farting (but I think it was clear that he meant lying, and I wasn’t sure if he was lying to cover up that he meant fucking or anally ingesting things because I don’t fully trust that man to know what boofing means. Because of this, I can’t ever manage to remember if boofing is like drinking or eating with your butt or some sort of sex thing).

“It boofs the cheese into the butt, or else it goes to Pizza Hut.”

I’m going to remember this light, rhyming threat lest I forget what boofing means. You didn’t entertain this conversation just for me to turn around and be confused again in 11 months.


u/SmarterThanStupid Jan 25 '23


I'd "boof a handle of Vladimir vodka"

But I wouldn't "boof a handful of Vladimir Putin"


u/XanderpussRex Jan 24 '23

Both, as they say in Spanish, huevos.


u/sumssay Jan 25 '23

Which is a lot more understandable than ketchup on eggs. That’s just heresy


u/Blade_Omicron Jan 25 '23

Shouldn't have...but I laughed so hard, I woke up my wife


u/bikemikeasaurus Jan 25 '23

I don't think the two are mutually exclusive.


u/kablooey08 Jan 24 '23

Welcome to Reddit


u/Ater_Nefarium Jan 24 '23

Welcome to the internet