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u/kenjinuro Jan 24 '23

Scrambled eggs


u/GANJAY420 Jan 24 '23

So everyone puts ketchup in their eggs and I just never knew?...


u/WiserStudent557 Jan 24 '23

Usually good eggs do not need or want ketchup. I’m still a condiment lover but I’m aware they’re frequently masking subpar quality. But a mediocre fast food egg sandwich can be elevated a bit with ketchup for sure


u/PeriodBloodCustard Jan 24 '23

Wow. One of those annoying "condiments don't go on good steak" guys, but for eggs.

Eat food however you enjoy it, people.


u/spooderman_644 Jan 24 '23

I hate anything on my steak. I wont even allow salt and pepper. I love the taste of a juicy, leaking, rare steak


u/menntsuyudoria Jan 24 '23

I disagree with this guy about eggs and ketchup but really, who puts ketchup on steak?? Especially “good” steak?


u/WellEndowedDragon Jan 25 '23

I make my scrambled eggs Gordon Ramsey style (lots of butter, crème fraiche, and constant stirring), which results in very rich and unctuous eggs. I like to mix in very small squirt of ketchup because I find that the little bit of sweetness and tang goes a long way towards balancing out the richness and creaminess of the eggs.