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u/GANJAY420 Jan 24 '23

Eggs?? Ketchup on eggs?? As a canadian we usually put maple syrup on eggs. I've never tried ketchup on them. Is it good?


u/LilFangerz Jan 24 '23

Wtf are you talking about? 😂 I’m from Ontario and I don’t know a single person that puts syrup on eggs


u/GANJAY420 Jan 24 '23 edited Jan 24 '23

We literally all do it in Québec. Every person I know puts it on everything. Maybe it's because we produce so much maple syrup. And wait... Don't you guys also have sugar shacks?? If you do then i'm pretty sure that they'll put maple syrup on your eggs because they do, here, in my province.


u/Dorfingarlou Jan 24 '23

No, we don't all do this... I've never seen anyone put maple syrup on their eggs personally. Its a sugar shack thing, I'd say most people eat their eggs with salt and pepper.


u/GANJAY420 Jan 24 '23


A lot of us do it, not everyone.*


u/Dorfingarlou Jan 24 '23

T'as quand même dit ''We literally all do it'' , je t'aurais pas reprit sinon, lol ;)


u/GANJAY420 Jan 24 '23

T'as quand même dit ''We literally all do it''

C'est exactement pour ça qu'j'me suis corriger... Regarde en haut.

je t'aurais pas reprit sinon, lol ;)

No offense mais c'est pas mal évident...

T'as dit "No, not everyone does it..." en réponse à "we literally all do it." ...

1 + 1 = 2, my friend...


u/fuckingcocksniffers Jan 25 '23

I aint canadian... but, place a pancake....then sausage patty,... then an over easy egg, then another pancake....and coat it all in maple syrup.

try it.


u/Lawndemon Jan 25 '23

This is the way