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u/GANJAY420 Jan 24 '23

Eggs?? Ketchup on eggs?? As a canadian we usually put maple syrup on eggs. I've never tried ketchup on them. Is it good?


u/LilFangerz Jan 24 '23

Wtf are you talking about? 😂 I’m from Ontario and I don’t know a single person that puts syrup on eggs


u/GANJAY420 Jan 24 '23 edited Jan 24 '23

We literally all do it in Québec. Every person I know puts it on everything. Maybe it's because we produce so much maple syrup. And wait... Don't you guys also have sugar shacks?? If you do then i'm pretty sure that they'll put maple syrup on your eggs because they do, here, in my province.


u/sandywhorewall Jan 24 '23

I once did a scavenger hunt for a team building exercise while I was in Quebec. One of the items was a Quebequois breakfast.

So naturally we get ham and eggs, pancakes, etc. And cover it in maple syrup.

We did not receive points for this. Apparently a Quebequois breakfast is a Pepsi and a cigarette.