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Read this before asking. How to start hacking? The ultimate two path guide to information security.


Before I begin - everything about this should be totally and completely ethical at it's core. I'm not saying this as any sort of legal coverage, or to not get somehow sued if any of you screw up, this is genuinely how it should be. The idea here is information security. I'll say it again. information security. The whole point is to make the world a better place. This isn't for your reckless amusement and shot at recognition with your friends. This is for the betterment of human civilisation. Use your knowledge to solve real-world issues.

There's no singular all-determining path to 'hacking', as it comes from knowledge from all areas that eventually coalesce into a general intuition. Although this is true, there are still two common rapid learning paths to 'hacking'. I'll try not to use too many technical terms.

The first is the simple, effortless and result-instant path. This involves watching youtube videos with green and black thumbnails with an occasional anonymous mask on top teaching you how to download well-known tools used by thousands daily - or in other words the 'Kali Linux Copy Pasterino Skidder'. You might do something slightly amusing and gain bit of recognition and self-esteem from your friends. Your hacks will be 'real', but anybody that knows anything would dislike you as they all know all you ever did was use a few premade tools. The communities for this sort of shallow result-oriented field include r/HowToHack and probably r/hacking as of now. ​

The second option, however, is much more intensive, rewarding, and mentally demanding. It is also much more fun, if you find the right people to do it with. It involves learning everything from memory interaction with machine code to high level networking - all while you're trying to break into something. This is where Capture the Flag, or 'CTF' hacking comes into play, where you compete with other individuals/teams with the goal of exploiting a service for a string of text (the flag), which is then submitted for a set amount of points. It is essentially competitive hacking. Through CTF you learn literally everything there is about the digital world, in a rather intense but exciting way. Almost all the creators/finders of major exploits have dabbled in CTF in some way/form, and almost all of them have helped solve real-world issues. However, it does take a lot of work though, as CTF becomes much more difficult as you progress through harder challenges. Some require mathematics to break encryption, and others require you to think like no one has before. If you are able to do well in a CTF competition, there is no doubt that you should be able to find exploits and create tools for yourself with relative ease. The CTF community is filled with smart people who can't give two shits about elitist mask wearing twitter hackers, instead they are genuine nerds that love screwing with machines. There's too much to explain, so I will post a few links below where you can begin your journey.

Remember - this stuff is not easy if you don't know much, so google everything, question everything, and sooner or later you'll be down the rabbit hole far enough to be enjoying yourself. CTF is real life and online, you will meet people, make new friends, and potentially find your future.

What is CTF? (this channel is gold, use it) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ev9ZX9J45A

More on /u/liveoverflow, http://www.liveoverflow.com is hands down one of the best places to learn, along with r/liveoverflow

CTF compact guide - https://ctf101.org/

Upcoming CTF events online/irl, live team scores - https://ctftime.org/

What is CTF? - https://ctftime.org/ctf-wtf/

Full list of all CTF challenge websites - http://captf.com/practice-ctf/

> be careful of the tool oriented offensivesec oscp ctf's, they teach you hardly anything compared to these ones and almost always require the use of metasploit or some other program which does all the work for you.

http://picoctf.com is very good if you are just touching the water.

and finally,

r/netsec - where real world vulnerabilities are shared.

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Pool on the roof - March 27, 2023


Have a no0b question? New to hacking? Looking for a script? Need help with your github project? Something wrong with your payload? Stuck on a CTF or bug bounty?

This is a weekly recurring post to make friends with other hackers, ask questions, and get any type of help you may need.

Make sure to read our wiki as it's full of resources for you.

Keep all beginner questions in this weekly stickied post.

r/hacking 15h ago

This website gave me an error and even parts of the source code lol

Post image

r/hacking 6h ago

CVE 3CX intrusion has been knighted with a CVE of its own (CVE-2023-29059)

Thumbnail cve.mitre.org

r/hacking 6h ago

I think you guys will find this python repository helpful if anyone of you is into web application security by chance.


Here is the link: https://github.com/shreyaschavhan/python-for-awae

Just wanted to share! Have a great day;)

r/hacking 1d ago

Can anyone decipher this?

Post image

r/hacking 3h ago

Should i use Kali in a VM?


Hey guys, i'm a software engineer trying to get into hacking. So i'm trying to understand how kali linux is used by the people in the field.

In currently with a dual boot of windows 10 and ubuntu and i'm not sure if people usually make a vm to run kali or just add as another OS in the system.

How do you guys who use kali, do it?

r/hacking 6h ago

YubiKey 5c nfc cloning?


Hey, I was thinking of buying a YubiKey 5c nfc but I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to clone it while it’s in my pocket or something. Do any of you know if that’s possible? And if so from how far away could that be done? I can’t seem to find much on the internet about it except from possibly bias sources, like the YubiKey subreddit for example.

r/hacking 1d ago

How to Create a Virtual Hacking Lab


r/hacking 1d ago

How to create an ANONYMOUS type of YouTube channel/social media presence without being able to trace it back to myself?


Im not really too worried about people hacking me, but im playing a Apex and I want to call out a bunch of cheaters/hackers without being traceable back to myself. They are really good at hacking, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to expose me for exposing them lol. So if I post a YouTube video, is there anyway for them to trace it back to me?

r/hacking 9h ago

Burp Intruder Error Column


What exactly does it mean when burp intruder doesnt get a response and has an error check in the error column of the results?

Im doing throttling testing on an API and often see this, but I’m not sure what this actually means.

Is it an error with burp? Is it an error with the API endpoint? Could it be either? Port swiggers site says its for network errors, but that could be anything.

r/hacking 10h ago

Covenant C2 - unrecognized connections


So I wake up this morning and decide to continue dicking around with a C2 server I had setup to demo some hacking related things to friends a while back...

And discovered about 100 apparently live connections from machines I have never seen or interacted with before.

Quickly killed the C2 and promptly began freaking tf out.

These machines should not be there ---

Checking the logs it doesn't look like there was any commands issued to them...not a whoami, nothing... just connections so I am hoping this means no one has been using my C2 for thier own nefarious purposes.

I nmaped my c2 server's bridge port, and also tried to netcat into it - neither of these things made a new connection appear in the C2's list... which means all these machines I am seeing are probably not just bots port scanning stuff...

I have the dropper hosted on a little http server on the same machine, it's just an exe that sits there... as far as I know, basically the only way to get a connection to the C2 is to 1. Disable your antivirus 2. download this file 3. Run it.

So like... I guess my questions are:

  1. How much shit am I in? As far as I know there's not been any commands issued from my C2 to these zombies or whatever you want to call them. But is just making a connection to it a problem? Even if these machines did so apparently of thier own accord?

  2. How the fuck are these machines even here?

  3. Is it possible these machines might be securty researchers or honeypots, waiting to see if they make a connection to this C2, what type of commands might come from it. Or like "let's download this malware and see what it does so we can figure out what it's trying to do and if it's part of some kind of larger illegal activity so we can stop it" type thing?

Most of the host names and usernames look legit... there are a couple basically random strings as host names... but some of them are a bit too on-the-nose, "John, fred" etc. Like too much like "oh I'm just a dumb user who doesn't know anything about computers, please attack me" type vibes.

Gave me quite the scare this morning, was not expecting that. I suppose if I want to demo this stuff I'll need to think of another option that I can somehow hide from the prying eyes of... I guess people who purposefully download and run, as far as they know, malicious software? Lesson learned I think.

r/hacking 19h ago

Reading SAK and ATQA values using the PC/SC driver with libnfc

Thumbnail paste.debian.net

r/hacking 1d ago

What is Opsec likebehind hosting illegal websites such as breachforums?


Just curious. How are websites like breachforums able to host their site while maintaining good Opsec? My guess is there are cloud hosting services and domain services that provide their stuff for something like Monero. What do you guys know?

r/hacking 1d ago

Github Here's a fast tool for checking domains to see if they are behind Cloudflare, based on five criteria: SSL issuer, IP and 3 headers.


r/hacking 1d ago

Cracking A Password Prompt In EXE From ~2001


I was curious if anyone could help guide me on potentially uncovering the admin tools password of a program called Serials 2000. Versions 7.0b or even better, 7.1 (though they could be same pass for all i know). I have the software. I am guessing many of you know what it was for. I am interested in this purely for nostalgia sake. I know the admin password for previous versions and have all the tools that were made to not need access to that menu but I just want to know it. This ware was a huge part of my teen computing years lol.

I have minimal programming knowledge but I have messed around with decompiling it with IDA and trying stuff with memory and debugging with Olly. But I honestly know very little about what I am doing. I have seen the dialog using Resource Hacker but I want to experience using it. I have reached out to some of the crew members from that software's golden era but either have not received replies or the person did not know or remember it at this point.

I also believe the code is obfuscated or encrypted to some degree but am not certain of this.

If reverse engineering is not the solution or too difficult or impossible due to possible obfuscation or encryption is there a brute force tool that would work well with a password prompt that would need a actions taken between each password try? Like it would need to OK the error box after failed attempt then do File -> Administration Tools and then enter another pass and hit enter again. So I guess something like a macro that can pull words from a dictionary file like rockyou or something? I don't know. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Edit: exe is 32bit windows executable. unknown language/compiler...

r/hacking 2d ago


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r/hacking 1d ago

Linux distro recommendations


Hello guys sorry if this question is often asked or if im in the wrong sub. So, i started learning pentesting a few weeks ago. Im currently using a Thinkpad x395 on W10 and i run Vms on it. I want to change my os to linux but i dont really know which distro. I want something clean with a desktop environment (Mac os style), capable of running Multiple Vms. I was looking into pop so is it a good thing ? should i stay on w10 ? Thanks guys

r/hacking 1d ago

Is it possible to associate a forged barcode with an existing account to access a building?


I just wanted to preface by saying this is for a semester project for my cyber security class. My group and I are trying to access our school gym without actually having an account by using a forged barcode.

You need a barcode to be scanned which is generated on your phone when you log into the gym’s app. We were wondering if we can somehow connect our forged barcode with an existing account (something we have access to).

r/hacking 2d ago

Took me a moment

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r/hacking 1d ago

Revisiting Heaven's Gate with Lumma Stealer


r/hacking 1d ago

Mystery: Hackers Canyon, what the hell is it?

Thumbnail self.hacking

r/hacking 2d ago

Clarification on bug bounties


Do sites like bug crowd or Hackerone only take 0 days?

I've been getting back into cyber sec for the last few years and have found several known CVEs in the wild (no 0days). I have approached all the people affected by these directly and they either all ignore me or tell me they dont care. In every case this has happened.
Once I even found full read write access in a database that contained medical information , dox and surgery pictures online.
This medical DB was in another country from my own.
The people who owned the box, the people who owned the medical clinic, the forigen governments intel and cyber sec agency all gave me 100% radio silence .
I eventually contacted CERT of the US, they apparently dealt with the issue and I got nothing out of it .

Some general guidance on what I should do when I find non 0 day CVE would be appreciated.

r/hacking 1d ago

Does anyone know how to decrypt a PPVM file?


I recently saw a youtube tutorial in which he decrypts a password protected video file. When asked about his ppvm decryptor software, he said it's for his personal use only and he has no plans making the software public. This is the video. If any one knows how to crack a ppvm file please let us know.

r/hacking 1d ago

setoolkit is not working (version 8.0.3)


So I was trying out setoolkit (#5 mass emailer), to send an email from my gmail #1 to gmail #2. I typed in everything correctly, including my email pass, several times. But the result says:

It appears your password was incorrect.

Printing response: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str'

I don't receive the email. I dunno what's up. I can login with the email with the pass that i typed into SET.

Any thoughts, please?

(Running Kali on VMWare)

r/hacking 2d ago

BingBang: AAD misconfiguration led to Bing.com search results manipulation and account takeover


r/hacking 1d ago

Mediatek mt7921e capabilities


I have mt7921e (reported by inxi -n) that came with a Lenovo laptop. Does this card support packet injection? I tested hcxdumptool --check_injection and it showed packet injection working on 2.4ghz with average ratio. But after i tested aireplay --test, it showed no answer. 0 APs.

Then again i tested hcxdumptool --check_injection, this time hcxdumptool reports no PROBERESPONSE, packet injection is not working. Surrounding APs are exactly same as before, none was turned off. Is the card not supporting capabilities for wireless attack? Or is it the drivers?