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After some brief discussion, we're now asking at all Gray area / Piracy Add-on conversation happen over at /r/Addons4Kodi


Because /r/kodi seems to be getting overrun by people having issues with broken or screwed up add-ons, the subreddit is becoming a somewhat difficult place to have a conversation about Kodi itself and add-ons officially supported by Team Kodi. So now we are requesting that all gray area conversation happen over at /r/Addons4Kodi, an unofficial and unaffiliated subreddit.

From this point forward, all new threads asking for support for these gray area add-ons will be removed in favor of that other subreddit.

If you'd like to become a moderator over there, feel free to ask in that subreddit.

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ytdl-sub: a CLI tool to download and format YouTube channels, playlists, and more for Kodi - no additional addons needed


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Need some help setting up Kodi



Yesterday I've installed Kodi. It seems like the perfect solution for what I want.

I have downloaded (legally of course.) a TV show and I want to watch it with Kodi.

I have structured my files like this:

Films and TV Shows

  • TV Shows
    • Tv show 1
      • Tv show 1 - Season 1
      • Tv show 1 - Season 2
    • Tv show 2
      • Tv show 2 - Season 1
      • Tv show 2 - Season 2

And I added a source for the folder TV shows, classed it as multiple TV shows.

It seems to work, I get the episodes to show up in Kodi.


But it seems a little weird. It only showsw the recently added episodes. It shows the correct season and episode. But i can't look for specific seasons or episodes, and I can't find season 1 episode 1 in this list.

When I click on the unwatched TV shows:


it shows that I have watched 0 out of 62 episodes.

I expect that if I click on this, it will show me all the episodes.


But then it shows me this?

Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

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Need Updated Kodi Only Device


I have a Amlogic (5+ years) old.

I installed CoreElec on it so the device has only whats required to run Kodi. I love it with one exception. I have issues with 4K on it, and had to run it through a HDMI splitter and still have audio cut out issues here and there with regards to having to use that HDMI splitter. My 4K AV receiver just doesn't like the Amlogic Device. So, i had to split the downscale 1080 to the receiver, and 4K straight to the TV. I come to find out that is a common issue with many of the kodi devices.. I would like to avoid that all together, as thats the only reason im looking to dump my current device.

I will only use it for KODI. I have no interest in anything else. If it has to have android and a bunch of other junk ill never use, thats fine as long as i can default boot directly to KODI from a power cycle. I want it to support 4K and would love it if it supported video chroma 4.2.2 as well.

It has to have samba client within KODI, as i access all my media through Samba shared folders.

I also have to have an IR (infra red) remote.. I have a programmed remote that allows me to operate everything.. I am not willing to have to pick up another remote, so I need IR support so i can use my own remote and program it to use the new device.

I read about the Nvidia Shield Pro, but its like 4 years old.. I would think there is better hardware out by now, and i also noticed it didn't have an IR receiver, but you could attach one through USB to get IR support.

Thanks and looking forward to your input...

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How I fixed my macOS network share to work on Android Kodi after recent brake.


Full guide bullet points for new comers in this scenario/

So I had been using Kodi with a macOS hosted folder for months. The inital setup was plagued with issues. I recently got back hom from vacation my TV updated and then suddenly could no longer see the file share.

I made sure the TV was set to SMB 1 for max and min. in the service settings of the SMB Client. I verified the my server was still set up. testing it on other systems. I even unistalled kodi and tried to set it back up.

Thing 1 that immediately worked was just using the IP instead of server name. but I do not like using that. Finally I just got lazy triad again with the server name. My server is named like Example. The E is capitalized and all file paths share that structure. Nothing seems to mind. This time how ever I typed it as example no cap. It works.

So for anyone wanting to use an old mac as a media server here are the steps to get it to work with your Android TV kodi as of 3/31/23

On your mac

  • Go into sharing, pic a folder and assign a user. This user must have a password. The Everyone function does not work in this circumstance (believe I spent way too much time trying to get it to work. it's easier to just tie to a user.)

On Android TV Kodi

  • Go into Service settings and enable SMB 1 for max and Min
  • Go to File Manager Add Source and Browse
  • Add Network Location (The Windows Network SMB does not work for this.)
  • Server name - enter ip address or server name in all lowercase.
  • browse once again does not work for this
  • Shared Folder Name Documents whatever you named your shared folder
  • My username is John Smith on the mac but here type it johnsmith (if your name is John Smith thanks for leding it out all the time)
  • type the password as you normally would

If it still fails after all of that double check spelling. on a side note if you use jellyfin your shared network folder needs to match the IP address or name exactly for Kodi on android tv lowercase. so like exampleDocumentsTotally Legitmovies take note spaces are allowed and caps of the sub folders are fine just the server name needs to be lowercase.

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Add USB connected phone as video source



Im wondering if someone already tried this.

When you connect your phone using usb, you can browse file and list video/picture files.
If this could be added as a kodi source, then you could browse your phone movies in kodi ... Am I wrong ?

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How to make kodi addon


i have a simple js webapp script which i coded , i want to integrate it into kodi as a addon which runs on startup and show nortification popup , normally i have to run it using `node index.js` .

Sorry for bad english

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Saving pictures in Kodi


How do I save a photo that I come across on a Kodi addon?

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Kodi LED Light Automation



So I got a wifi LED bulb which works with things like home assistant.

I want to be able to play a movie on Kodi and it changes the light setting to movie so it dims and changes color temp and then return to default on pause or stop.

Any way to do this?

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Kodi output 2 channels of LPCM to two stereo DACs?


I have looked but cannot find similar situation.

I would like to avoid using either an AVR or a sound bar. Nvidia Shield is fine.

I have two stereo DACs. Currently running a 2.1 system. Is there anyway to get any surround sound from Kodi where it maps the fronts to one DAC and the surrounds to the other? Preferably over usb? If so, could Kodi control the DACs' volume?

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Beginner question: Added Google Drive to Kodi on my Android TV, I can see all my videos but can't play them


What I have done:

  1. Download Kodi from the playstore on my android TV
  2. Installed the Google Drive add on directly from in the Kodi app.
  3. Scrolled through all the files in my shared drive, I can see them all
  4. Press play - nothing happens.

Am i making a stupid mistake?

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Kodi on Galaxy S23


Has anyone been using Kodi on their S23? How is it working? More specifically, have you tried playing Dolby Vision content on S23 using Kodi? Let me know your thoughts/experience.

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Some help with Plex Kodi Connect and subs



Been trying Plex Kodi Connect as Kodi is a lot smoother than the official Plex client on my Android box, and the official Plex add-on doesn't work with Kodi Nexus. Don't want any fancy configs, and I'm fine with transcoding. Playback is perfect, but subs just don't work. When playing a video, I get asked which audio stream and which subs to burn in (burning in doesn't really work).

If I play with no burn in, I can't then choose any sub. mkv files have srt subs, and for good measure, I added some srt files to try out alongside the mkv files. It just report "None" when trying to choose subs.

Something I'm missing? Clean install of Kodi for Android and straight to get the stable PKC for Nexus.


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Kodi / SteamOS / PC Build ?


Long and short of my question is.. I have bought a bunch of used PC hardware and I am building a mini ITX build. This isn't necessarily going to be a gaming rig persay but I really wanted it to be more or less an Android tv box on steroids. I have a first generation skystream one Android box and it is really laggy and putting custom builds on it is a bad experience.

PC build is an Intel i5 9400f, Radeon 5700, 16 gb 3000 ram and a Asus b360m-a motherboard. I got really good deals on all these so that's pretty much why I went with this build. Was pretty low costs.

Anyways here are my questions. Would it be worth setting this up as a non-windows machine and just run steam OS? I've seen others saying that Kodi will work on the steam os environment but it seems like it is a bit tricky and there are quite a few steps to get it running correctly. Will there be a noticeable uplift in Kodi performance over a Chinese android box? Both will be connected via Ethernet and not wifi. In general I am looking for links to recent guides on how to do this as I haven't had much luck finding others that are doing a similar project. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. I've never used Linux before but I have at least contemplated using this steam os (arch Linux) to maybe get into that ecosystem a bit as it looks really clean and minimal. Also - does anyone know offhand if Kodi supports a Xbox controller natively?

Thanks !

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playlist order issues


im using yatse remote to play playlists created from tv show library on kodi or via yatse and when using the app that calls some web api im guessing it sometimes puts files in the wrong order, yet playing that some playlist via the kodi interface doesn't do that.

im guessing it's something to do with what playlist its using, the file or the kinda virtual one it builds.

im also seeing this issue from yatse remote if i just queue a tv show (all of it) or individual seasons.

usually its one or two complete out of order and sometimes its whole seasons in wrong order.

its not a file/directory naming issue. all files are named using the tvdb and the most standard scheme

show name directory/season/show name s01e01 - episode name

anyone else notice this? ive contacted yatse dev but obviously he wants all logs etc and i haven't gotten around to that, my posts are to see if anyone else is having this issue?

all my media info is stored in a sql db on my nas and Kodi uses that. as i said, from kodi interface fine, yatse remote wrong order usually just a few eps, buy sometimes whole seasons.

just selected the office in Yatse tv library and it gave me this playlist https://ibb.co/jTGTBTM

where as from kodi interface tv library which is fine https://ibb.co/KXWMx18

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Is this normal on Xbox series S?

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


This green line and static will appear briefly when skipping around only on 1080p remuxs. It does not appear on more compressed 1080p videos nor does it appear on a few 4k remuxs I tried. Has anyone else had this issue? I wasn’t sure if it was an Xbox issue or a Kodi issue.

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Library title/image issues - what could be causing this?


Recently my entire library has suddenly changed all names, thumbnails and episode/movie details to something that I'd just kinda rather not see! I've been using Kodi for years, and in the last week while watching an episode of 'Cheers', after it ended and went back to the library thumbnail screen, every entry on the list had changed to a Japanese porn icon with the episode/movie name becoming the same thing for all: "Seiko no futomomo: Cheergirl (1982)".

I went through the settings and tried clearing the library, but that didn't resolve. So I reinstalled, which did clear everything, but when I re-scanned the library using the only online resource available - The Movie Database Python - it did the same thing:


Anyone else running into this problem? Did their DB get hacked or something? Not sure why this is going on, but had to reinstall again and just turn off internet access in Kodi to get it to stop.

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What are everyone's favourite skins to be using?


I've always been very partial to Aeon Nox Silvo, but interested to know what everyone else is using and why it works best for you!

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Very slow timeout on nfs if server is down


I have several Kodi installs, one on Windows 10, another on macos, and two more on Linux (on coreelec).

In my sources.xml I have several video-sources, nfs to two different Linux servers.

When both servers are up, and I go into the video -> files section in Kodi, everything shows up immediately. If one or both of the servers are down, it takes ages for the sources to show, but only on the Windows and macos clients. On coreelec the sources show immediately, even when the servers are down. (Of course I can't open the sources, but at least they show up right away.) If only one of the servers is down, it also takes ages for the sources to show up.

I've set nfstimeout to 1 in advancedsettings.xml, so I think the timeout should come very quickly, just like it does on the coreelec installations. So why is it so very slow on Windows and macos? Anything I can do about it?

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Does anyone know why “enable subtitles by default” does not apply to subtitles that are muxed into the video file?


r/kodi 5d ago

Cast not available with Kodi 20


After upgrading to Kodi 20 I am getting certain titles with "Cast not available" when I select Information from the context menu. I use Android with a Shield Pro 2019. The scraper is TMDB.

r/kodi 5d ago

Xbox: scrapper issue


Issue happens when I add a new movie file and update the library. The universal movie scrapper gets everything but the plot. Then you go to information and refresh it and you get the plot. But now it erases the movie title. Then you have to re-add the title to get it to sort. This has been happening since I started using the xbox app on the series x. Did a setting change? The scrapper outdated? Any fix available?

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Kodi dropping local playback


Running Kodi 20.1 on Nvidia Shield. NFS and SMB act the same. I am on wireless, have never had issues in the past, and recently began.

NFS Log file: Pastebin.com/fpgg9W4u SMB pastebin.com/5HAEtJe6

Running the same version on my RaspiPi4 I have no drop issues.


Removing 20.1 nexus and using v21 from development options appears to have fixed it for now. No drops since the change. Using NFS as it was configured prior.

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Any way to watch PLINQ TV channels on Kodi?


I want to be able to watch TV on my computer, instead of having to plug out the HDMI and ethernet cables from my PC and into this TV receiver every time I want to watch TV.

We use PLINQ as a internet & TV provider (Home - PLINQ), but I can't find a way to watch TV channels from it on Kodi, nor do I think there's an documented API for PLINQ, so making my own plugin would be hard.

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Some way to play an entire folder of videos in files mode in random order, auto repeating?


I'm trying to cycle through a large collection of videos I shot on a drone as a sort of screensaver. The idea is that a certain TV will just continually cycle through these hundreds of videos. I'm using Kodi on a Chromecast for Google TV.

Ideally I'd like playback to start automatically when Kodi is launched without having to make any clicks.

I'm currently using Kodi in "files mode", and don't see a way to shuffle, or to continually play the folder.

Is what I'm describing possible with Kodi? Or any suggestions for other apps that can do this?

And currently when I long click on a folder of videos to add it to a playlist, I get "playback failed - one or more items has failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message." Inside the log I see: "ERROR <general>: DoWork - Direct texture file loading failed for androidapp://sources/apps/com/mxtech.videoplayer.pro.png"

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Voice Search PC?


On my phone I have a microphone key and on my android tv I'm able to hold select to use voice control when searching Kodi using the on screen keyboard.

I was curious if there's a way to do the same for PC as I'm tired of always typing stuff.

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Webserver Fail


I have Kodi 20 installed on a Nvidia Shield (tube) that is set to start at boot using Launcher Manager and Launcher for XBMC. This works ok except for a couple of issues.

I have an advanced settings xml in userdata folder to disable splash screen. Ive used this multiple times on multiple devices with multiple versions of kodi. But it doesnt work now.

Also when Kodi loads the webserver fail notification pops up. This means the Yatse remote doesnt work as it wont connect. I can access files via SMB using a file manager on my phone though. But if i then press home on Shield remote the skin reloads and everything is ok once loaded.

Ive tried changing the port but same results. Ive exhausted my limited knowledge so can anyone help. Im reluctant to reinstall as theres alot to put back on but hopefully thats last resort. Thanks for any help.