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Popular Application Blender: support for Wayland fractional scaling protocol added

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Tips and Tricks The ultimate Vi cheat sheet guide

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Discussion How do you manage your shell scripts?


The first idea to come to my mind is simply using Git to update and backup shell scripts in a single repo, and that is probably the most straight-forward way to handle this but I wonder if there are alternatives?

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Bloomberg Launches FOSS Fund to Support Free and Open Source Projects

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GNOME #89 Steady Framerates

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Fluff My first distrohop since switching to Linux - amazing!


I switched to Linux about 1,5 years ago. I didn't know much about desktop Linux, and jumped straight into Arch (EndeavourOS) since I'm a developer and all research pointed me to either Arch or Fedora.

Unfortunately at that time, I had an NVIDIA laptop and Fedora's live-usb refused to boot correctly, so I ditched it right away.

My journey with Arch was a great learning experience. It thought me a lot about pulseaudio/pipewire, X11/Wayland and many other things, which were really fun to mess with.

Now that I got rid of my old laptop and built myself an all-AMD PC, I've decided to distrohop for the first time - and wanted to give Fedora a try.

The switch was an amazing breeze, since I had my user-folder on a separate drive. After adding it to fstab, it was all there, the configs, the themes... just like that.

I went with Fedora 38, even though it's "beta", it doesn't make me feel like I'm running a beta-ish OS, compared to other "Insider Release" OSes.

So yeah, I'm a Fedora user now, but admittedly, I still miss the convenience of the AUR, btw.

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Hardware Your First High Performance RISCV SBC Lichee Pi 4A

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Development GoboLinux, Not Just Another Distro


Anyone using GoboLinux at the present time ? I came across it on Tumblr and it is quite different from other distros. Instead of stuff like /usr/bin/, /sbin, /lib as Linux usually is set up, every applications with its dependencies, libraries are all in a sub-directory of its own. For example, /Programs/Gimp/ is on its own, and so is /Programs/Openscad/. There are symlinks to the traditional locations within the operating system.

It is console centric, everything from the command line, just like the late 1990s. It is almost DYI.

I have already downloaded the iso and tried using the live version of the system, it is really different. It almost reminds me of when I installed Slackware 3.4 for the first time on my 486 box.

Tonight, I think I will clear off one of the hard drives in my 2009 Mac Pro and do the install of GoboLinux.

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Software Release FileSorterX How its going

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Pororoca - HTTP testing tool with support for HTTP/2 and HTTP/3


I made a HTTP testing tool, like Postman, but with support for HTTP/2 and HTTP/3.

It has many other features:

  • Collection-scoped environments.
  • Collections and environments can be exported together in a single file.
  • Full compatibility with Postman.
  • Much lower memory usage - around five times less than Postman.
  • And more!


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KDE GCompris, KDE's fun suite of educational activities used by millions of children worldwide, has just released version 3.2. It comes with improved activities like "Discover the International Morse code", "Control the hose-pipe" and music activities; and is now available in 36 languages.

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Software Release Colorfull terminal ... Yey.

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GNOME [Mutter blog] Ensuring steady frame rates with GPU-intensive clients

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Discussion Programs You use to Integrate with Other Programs


The Unix philosophy, originated by Ken Thompson, is a set of cultural norms and philosophical approaches to minimalist, modular software development.

-This doesn't apply just to command line applications like piping ls into dir, cat into bat, or man into tldr.

A good example is how some web browsers will develop their own PiP video player, while another just gives you suggestions for how to play video using MPV or VLC. That web browser could also incorporate yt-dlp, and so can MPV. A file browser can send information to a CLI based disk burner to burn an iso or data, or transfer files to your phone through kdeconnect-cli or to google drive through their cli interface in the background.

2 programs I use very heavily that are very modular like this are LF and Qutebrowser. -Curious what others are using that follow the Unix philosophy.

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KDE LabPlot, KDE's data analysis and visualization app, let's you easily create meaningful graphs when you have several different sets of values, with different ranges and different orders of magnitude. Here's a video tutorial on how to do it.

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curl will no longer send "pre-notifications" for security vulnerabilities to the distros mailing list

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Hardware System76 Ups Gazelle Laptop's Game With a Refresh

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Intel Linux Kernel Optimizations Show Huge Benefit For High Core Count Servers

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Is the Linux community too arrogant?


Am I the only one that feels there are way too many arrogant people in the Linux community?

Is it because once you are able to understand the plumbing of the OS you believe you have the right to be more aggressive towards other that never had the change to work on the same things?

I'm a 100% Linux user/developer for years, but still I get very disappointed when I land into pages like the lkml.org (the linux kernel mailing list management portal) and I see on the home page things like this:

In case you haven't read the titlebar of your webbrowser's window: this site is the (unofficial) Linux Kernel Mailing List archive. This mailing list is a rather high-volume list, where (technical) discussions on the design of, and bugs in the Linux kernel take place. If that scares you, please read the FAQ.

Why that tone?

Are those people learning from "THE" very prominent individual well known to have public burst of anger?

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Distro News Ubuntu Cinnamon is now part of the Ubuntu flavor family.

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Mobile Linux This Month in Plasma Mobile: March 2023

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Software Release X-Pipe - A connection manager and remote file explorer. Let me know what you think!


In short, X-Pipe is a brand-new type of connection manager and remote file explorer that works by exclusively interacting with CLI tools on local and remote shell connections. This approach makes it much more flexible as it doesn't have to deal with file system APIs and remote file handling protocols at all.

Download | Repository


  • Open Source, GPL3 Licensed and Free
  • Supports established protocols (e.g. SSH and more) plus any custom connection methods that work through the command-line (e.g. docker containers and more)
  • Automatically login into any remote shell in your favourite terminal emulator from the desktop application or CLI (no need to fill password prompts, etc.)
  • Allows you to completely customize the launched shell's init environment
  • Access files on any remote system via the GUI and utilize your local tools to open and edit remote files
  • Securely stores all information exclusively on your computer and encrypts all secret information
  • .deb / .rpm installers and portable archives available for download




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`httm` hates DST as much as anyone! #spring4ward4ever (Filesystem Roll Forward)

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The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 as a Linux laptop

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Tips and Tricks PlayOnLinux – Mounting and Installing ISO Images

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