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Microsoft: Official Support Thread


Microsoft: Official Support Thread

Microsoft Listens This thread was created in order to facilitate easy-to-access support for our Reddit subscribers. We will make a best effort to support you. We may also need to redirect you to a specialized team when it would best serve your particular situation. Also, we may need to collect certain personal information from you when you use this service, but don't worry -- you won't provide it on Reddit. Instead, we will private message you as we take data privacy seriously.

Here are some of the types of issues we can help with in this thread: • Microsoft Support: Needing assistance with specific Microsoft products (Windows, Office, etc..) • Microsoft Accounts: Lockouts, suspensions, inability to gain access Devices: Issues with your • Microsoft device (Surface, Xbox) • Microsoft Retail: Needing to find support on a product or purchase, assistance with activating online product keys or media, assistance with issues raised from liaising with colleagues in the Microsoft Store.

This list is not all inclusive, so if you're unsure, simply ask. When requesting help from us, you may be requested to provide Microsoft with the following information (you'll be asked via private message from the MSModerator account): • Your full name (First, Last) • Your interactions with support thus far, including any existing service request numbers • A contact email address which you are reachable at

Thank you for being a valued Microsoft customer.

9th release of this post (archived due to the size of thread): https://msft.it/61693nHKoH

r/microsoft 5h ago

Bitlocker recovery key won’t show when I go to the link given.


Randomly today when I opened my computer it brought me to a blue screen asking for my “bitlocker recovery key”. I had never seen this before, and didn’t ever make a choice to enable it. When I go to the link it gives me, it says “try a different URL, we don’t have anything to show at this link”. Do I have a virus? If not, how do I get the key?

r/microsoft 10h ago

[News] Microsoft's Security Copilot just Got a Major Upgrade With The Addition of GPT-4


r/microsoft 4h ago

Will Microsoft integrate AI into Swiftkey?


With the big push Microsoft has been doing lately with AI, I am *really* hoping they pay some attention to Swiftkey. If any product would benefit greatly from AI, it would be phone keyboards. Imagine having GPT-4 analyze your typing data to know exactly what to suggest, or analyze entire languages along with your typing data to provide seamless multilingual suggestions.

One can dream.

r/microsoft 32m ago

Font on Outlook emails printing too light ?


Gmail emails always print dark and I can actually read them. However when my company made us switch to Outlook I notice every time I print an email the font is very light gray. Me and my coworkers have a hard time reading it. How to fix ?

r/microsoft 53m ago

Uninstall Office 2010 before installing Home & Student 2021?


My parents have Microsoft Office 2010 on their PC, it's showing me that they have the following with that: Excel, Picture Manager, One Note, PowerPoint, and Word.

My Mom is the primary user of this PC and only needs Excel and Word. Both have not been functioning properly for her lately and so I purchased Office Home & Student 2021.

Do I need to uninstall any of the MS 2010 items before installing Home & Student 2021?

When I install Home & Student 2021, will all of her previous Excel and and Word items open successfully in it? I believe so but she's sitting here watching me type this and concerned that she'll lose her files :) so she wants me to ask.

r/microsoft 2h ago

Windows How can I remove "best match" suggestion for an App I removed?


Hello I removed an App because I had a very old version of it on my pc that ive been using for years and installed the new one but everytime i type the first 2-3 letters of that App like usual in the search bar Windows 10 the suggested App to open that I normaly press enter to open is the old App and it wont do anything since everything is deleted I cant even click on it.

What do I do to remove that so it suggest me the new one?

r/microsoft 1d ago

Microsoft offers to change cloud licensing practices to avoid EU antitrust probe, says report | Computerworld


r/microsoft 11h ago

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 2


I want to upgrade my organization's security in light of some recent phishing and social engineering attacks that almost resulted in some stolen employee pay. I'm thinking of getting Plan 2 as it includes attack simulation training.

Do I need to get this for every employee in the organization, or do I only need Plan 2 licenses for the system admins like myself and my fellow ITs?

r/microsoft 13h ago

[News] Microsoft Hack Together: Microsoft Graph and .NET winners


r/microsoft 11h ago

Help with MSWord! I need to number a book but I need 2 different numbers on the same page …


I am creating a logbook on word… Sometimes 1 logbook entry consist of 3 pages, so I need to keep count of the 3 pages ( 1 of 3; 2 of 3 and 3 of 3) and also keep count of all the pages in that logbook ( 1 of n)

How do I do it in word? Can I have 2 page number count on the footer? Do I need to use another software?

Please help!

r/microsoft 16h ago

Edge won't remember my logins?


I'm not talking about passwords, i'm talking about whenever i close Edge, every single website that i've logged in to are now logged out, so i need to log in every time i open some website when using Edge. is this a bug? am i the only one having this?

r/microsoft 13h ago

Microsoft Secure Score


Hello Dears,

I am recently working on Microsoft Secure Score. My score is super low and need to make it higher. I cannot manage to understand where can I find the points that I need to achieve (AKA Opportunities) for me to complete the recommended action.

Please Help?

Your help will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

r/microsoft 1d ago

Why didn't microsoft integrate gpt chat to cortana in bing?


r/microsoft 23h ago

Post interview result



I have completed my interview 3 days ago and my action center still shows “scheduled” as the status. I read that many people have had it change to “completed” within a day or two. Is there a time frame that I can expect to hear back? Does longer the wait means less of a chance of getting selected?

Thanks a lot

r/microsoft 19h ago

Study material for Microsoft 365 fundamentals certification?


I am planning to get the Microsoft 365 fundamentals certification and I was wondering if there are any free study materials besides the self-paced preparation on their website. Also, does that have everything I’ll need to know for the exam?

r/microsoft 11h ago

[News] Resistance is Mounting Against OpenAI and GPT-5


r/microsoft 1d ago

Windows Extra monitor issue


For some reason when I try to connect to another wireless display, my smart tv won’t show up. It only shows up in the “everything else” option. I have used this tv for my 2nd moniter for a long time now but now it just won’t let me connect to it

r/microsoft 12h ago

browser wars again??


I wanted to try new bing chat. And what do I see?

Unlock the full experience on Microsoft Edge

Come on Microsoft. Why, why old evil strategies again? Many people started to trust you now. Can you just stop and allow users with any browser?

r/microsoft 1d ago

Windows Skype Concern: Screen sharing not working when a specific member joins the call


Hi there! It seems that we have identified an issue during our team meeting where the screen sharing functionality stops working whenever a specific team member joins the call. We have conducted tests and confirmed that the screen sharing works for everyone else in the group except for this particular team member. Have any of you experienced the same problem before? Thank you for your help in resolving this issue.

r/microsoft 1d ago

Xbox My Xbox One gift card is not working


So this morning I had digitally purchased an Xbox One gift card, and the code was sent through my emails. But when I went to go redeem the code, it said that the code had already been redeemed. This really upset me, so I’m coming onto here to see if anyone has gotten this issue before, and how can I solve this issue?

r/microsoft 1d ago

Allow external users to complete Microsoft Forms?


I'm curious to understand whether other organizations permit users to create Microsoft Forms that can be completed by users external to their organization. If you are a Microsoft Admin, is this permitted in your organization? If you're a business user, can you create a form and have it completed by a user outside of your organization?

r/microsoft 15h ago

[News] Microsoft introduces AI-powered assistant


Microsoft has unveiled its new AI-powered assistant, Microsoft 365 Copilot, designed to help users manage their workload more efficiently.

With Copilot, users can schedule meetings, manage emails, and receive suggested responses to messages. The AI assistant learns from the user's habits and preferences, allowing it to be tailored to individual needs.

By automating administrative tasks, Copilot aims to increase productivity, giving users more time to focus on higher-level tasks. With this latest addition to the Microsoft 365 suite, the tech giant hopes to make work a little easier for its users.

r/microsoft 1d ago

Advice on MS-700 cert


It's a long time since I did an MS cert.

I'm finding the online MS training map really dry and not sure I'm retaining what I'm reading.

Can anyone advise on what I should focus on and how long I would need to spend roughly?

I'm a bit lost!

r/microsoft 1d ago

Microsoft Does Not Understand Consent


I use Microsoft apps and services constantly and some programs, like Excel, are absolutely essential to my work and interests. So why do I passionately hate Microsoft?

I was reflecting on this today and I think I have an answer. Microsoft just does things and never asks. I install OneDrive and it automatically copies files from my desktop and personal folders to the cloud. It does not ask me if I want to install new features, it just does it and if I am able to stop it, it constantly tries to push me or somehow force me to add them. It does not ask if I want a bunch of garbage apps pre-installed and never removeable from my operating system, it puts them there and doesn't let me forget it.

Microsoft's customer experience would be infinitely better if they just asked first. Do whatever you want, just get consent first and listen when I say no.

r/microsoft 1d ago

Windows I cannot sign in one drive.


Something went wrong: 1001.

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