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Is there any way to recover an encoded Word file?


So I messed up and never saved my Word document that had pages and pages of research. I downloaded a recovery app and I appear to have a file in a .DOC format that is titled with random numbers and letters – but matches the pages I had where I left off.

However, the entire thing is random symbols. And when I open the file, it prompts me to "select the encoding that makes your document readable."

Am I screwed? or is there a way to convert these symbols. Thanks!

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How can I free up space on my 128GB MacBook without deleting all the videos from the cloud?


If there are any other parents out there, obviously I take a ton of pictures and videos of my kid and send them to family via iMessage. The issue is, for some reason, the space on my 256GB iPhone is completely fine and I have no issues, but on my MacBook Air, it is hell bent on downloading them all to my laptop.

My question is, how can I reduce this 20GB of clutter? For over a year now, all I keep getting is messages telling me to manage my HD space. I'm about to go buy another 512GB MacBook if I can't figure this out, because my laptop has been coming down to a crawl:


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Looking for a Network-Based File Access / Synchronization Solution for Mac & PC


Greetings ...

I have a Mac Mini and a PC that both contain files I'd like to be able to synchronize between machines.

The Mac Mini files are stored on external Thunderbolt 4 drives.

The PC files are stored on internal RAID arrays. But I also have external drives for the PC.

Ideally, I'll like to be able to see all of the drives attached to the Mac Mini and all of the shared drives on the PC over the network. So the PC could see the Mac Mini Thunderbolt drives and the Mac Mini could see the PC's shared drives.

Alternatively, is there a NAS adapter that will accommodate multiple, external drives, from USB to Thunderbolt 4, that would allow me to plug the drives into the NAS adapter, then plug the NAS adapter into the network so I can see the attached drives over the network?


Sincerely ...


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need help getting garage band to work on my unsupported macbook pro 13 (2011)


I have an unsupported MacBook pro 13 from 2011 that I recently updated with open core to OSX Monterey for the purpose of getting garage band for my MacBook.

I managed to get the app and program running but it's saying that it's unable to initialize graphics. This is right after the app is open and I pick exactly what I want to do. Is there a specific specs I need to update via hardware to get garage band properly running?

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Volume mixer with MIDI mixer support


Hi there, I'm looking for a way to control my my USB mic with a MIDI mixer controller.

I want to control the input volume like you would with the slider on the system preferences>sound>input page remotely through the MIDI Controller app on my Android tablet.


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Booting From USB SSD


Hey folks. I have a good spec MacBook from work that I want to use to occasionally take field recordings (non-work). I can’t install non work apps on the mac. Is it possible to install a clean version of OSX on an external SSD and boot from it so I can install my own apps?

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Mac App for Retroactive Screen Recording


👋 Hello Mac Community!

We're soon launching SnapBack, a Mac App for Retroactive Screen Recording. More info here. We're looking for feedback and comments from Mac users: would you use it? Is it addressing a problem of yours? Which one? Happy to hear your thoughts!

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Eliminate Google / Cloud results from search?


I have google drive set up on my Mac, using it as online only. Nothing stored local.
When I do searches in finder, say for files that exceed 10MB's, it returns all the Google Drive results as well. I really don't want to see those, as they are not taking up my HD space.
What's a good way to eliminate the results?
Happy to go command line vs finder, just, not sure of the search syntax I should use.

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Hey to find installer package and downgrade to macOS version 12.4?


I want to downgrade my macOS to macOS 12.4 (for development purposes) but I cant seem to find any installer packages (so that i can boot the OS from an external drive) for macOS 12 that are less than macOS 12.6.

This site is where I usually find the installer packages: https://mrmacintosh.com/macos-12-monterey-full-installer-database-download-directly-from-apple/ but like I said, the one im looking for is no longer available.

Thanks :)

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Custom volume HUDs


Tired of the ugly hud appearing when you change the volume and brightness on your favorite OS?

I've created this app to replace that: SlimHUD

Here's how it looks:


But you can change almost everything in it: colors, shadows, size, position and much more!
Feel free to try out!

If you're a iOS / web developer / designer and would like to help out, don't hesitate and contact me!
Any help is more than welcome!

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Open spotlight search in finder tab


Running Ventura 13.2.1. When I find a folder using spotlight and select it to open, it opens a whole new Finder window. Over time, I have tons of finder windows open. Can I make it open the folder in a new tab on my existing finder window? I used to use the Path Finder file manager and that was the behavior on that app. Thanks.

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Mail issues, not actually archiving messages


I am not sure if this is the right Subreddit, so sorry if it is not, but I thought I would give it a shot..

I use Gmail for emails, and on my iPad, and iPhone, everything works and archives as it should. However, when I plug in all the proper info into the Mail app, every time I hit the "archive" button, it doesn't actually remove it from the inbox. The little "progress" bar at the bottom says "copying email" and that's it. The email just stays where it is. Ideally, when I hit archive, it would be removed from the inbox, but stay in All Mail, which is what happens when I archive on the iPhone/iPad..

Any thoughts on what setting I am not setting correctly to make this happen??

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Safari's Dangerous Defaults


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Ventura has slowed my 2019 iMac to a crawl.


Everything from loading up programs to sending emails moves at a snails pace. Many programs require force quitting to end them now.

Activity monitor shows CPU 70% idle, Memory shows 9 of 16 gbs used with a few programs running (nothing over 550 mb)

The whole computer never seems to stop running as well. I feel like it’s going to overheat if I don’t shut it down from time to time.

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Different docks for each workspace


Hi all,

I was wondering if there is an app that makes it possible to have a different dock with different apps in the dock for each workspace. I want this to keep work, private and school completely separated.

Thank you!

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The finder dock menu is ridiculously cluttered. Is there a way to fix it permanently?



I hate this new recent folder list in Finder. It's so ridiculously huge and long. You can't ignore it because it precedes more useful options. It's just a useless random list of nonsense that isn't even consistent because Finder doesn't know what it's doing half the time anyway.

Please. I know there a way to temporarily clear the menu, but I just want my screen space back permanently. Is there any option that would work for that?

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AWS Widget for OSX with Ubersicht


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no mouse


I am setting up a new MacMini (Ventura) and I don't have a mouse. All good, until trying to setup screen sharing. It seams to be impossible to access the right panel of the System Preferences using keyboard. .. Going crazy here! Is there some way to skip from left (list of prefs) to the right (details) ???

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Big Sur ssh stops functioning


Here's a puzzler... Remote Login / ssh needs to be reset periodically

I administer a mix of M1 macs as well as older Intels running a mix of 11.5.2 up to 11.7.4

Every so often, 5 of the 40 or so in this dev lab will at different times stop being accessible through ssh. I can usually fix it by VNCing in and then unchecking and rechecking Remote Login on the Sharing System Preference screen.

My question is, does anybody have some ideas for how I can prevent this in the first place? The network connection is stable because I'm able to VNC in, but it's a hassle to have to reactivate ssh repeatedly.

So far searching the log hasn't turned up anything really useful.

prod@maccap2 ~ % log show --predicate 'eventMessage contains "sshd"' --last 30h
Filtering the log data using "composedMessage CONTAINS "sshd""
Skipping info and debug messages, pass --info and/or --debug to include.
Timestamp                       Thread     Type        Activity             PID    TTL
2023-03-06 16:45:38.948993-0700 0x155fc9   Default     0x3d3c4b             228    0    runningboardd: (RunningBoard) [com.apple.runningboard:process] [anon<sshd>(135):488] termination reported by proc_exit
2023-03-06 16:45:39.050095-0700 0x156218   Default     0x3d3c4b             228    0    runningboardd: (RunningBoard) [com.apple.runningboard:process] Removing process: [anon<sshd>(135):488]
2023-03-06 16:45:39.050204-0700 0x156218   Default     0x3d3c4b             228    0    runningboardd: (RunningBoard) [com.apple.runningboard:general] removeJobWithInstance called for identity without existing job [anon<sshd>(135):488]
2023-03-06 16:45:39.050291-0700 0x156218   Default     0x3d3c4b             228    0    runningboardd: (RunningBoard) [com.apple.runningboard:process] Removing assertions for terminated process: [anon<sshd>(135):488]
2023-03-06 16:45:39.222154-0700 0x15621d   Default     0x0                  228    0    runningboardd: (RunningBoard) [com.apple.runningboard:general] [daemon<com.openssh.sshd>:482:482] termination reported by launchd (0, 0, 65280)

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Forcing audio input/output


I have a problem with the automatic audio source selection. Example: I connect a Logitech Meetup to my mac (it automatically selects Meetup as input/output), then I want to share the screen via apple tv, and the mac osx automatically switches to apple tv as the audio source, but I want it to keep the Meetup source. Is there any way to force Meetup as the main source? (and doing the procedure in reverse is not an option for me)

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ZkSync Token: The Backbone of Decentralized Finance. 08.03.2023


ZkSync - Token Ethereum. ZKS is a token that represents the potential of Layer 2 scaling solutions to address the challenges faced by Ethereum. As the adoption of these solutions grows, ZKS could become an increasingly valuable asset in the cryptocurrency market. 08.03.2023 https://twitter.com/_zg1230/status/1633536094976323586

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Remote Desktop


For work, I have to use my Windows computer. I currently use VNC Viewer to connect to my Mac Mini. Is there a better way to remote into my OSX machine from Windows? VNC Viewer seems slow. AnyDesk is unreliable. It is local access only.

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(Nostalgia) Powerbooks, with its unusual, by today's standards, hardware, are great for tinkering around

Post image

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how to delete preview image


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The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code 100083).


I can't copy a .wav file because this error pops up. I can play it; it's working. It is on an internal drive. Already ren disk aid in disk utility.

The os is the latest venture.