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2 lady’s flipping a guys car after he burnt the Quran Repost 😔

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u/MelodicPiranha Jan 25 '23

The only reason I knew it was Norway is because I heard fy faen


u/oskich Jan 25 '23

Or the Norwegian parliament building in the background...


u/Nixter295 Jan 25 '23

Yeah that should have been the obvious giveaway…

But at the same time this person doesn’t seem like they read a lot of news since this was all over Norwegian newspapers.


u/MelodicPiranha Jan 25 '23

I’m not Norwegian, and I have never been to Norway, nor do I care one single bit about Norwegian news, because I don’t live there. This is Reddit. Not some Norwegian forum.


u/Nixter295 Jan 25 '23

Well you seem to care a bit about “fy faen”


u/MelodicPiranha Jan 25 '23

It’s the only word I understood. Why is that so hard to figure out? Like you’re oddly defensive about this lol.


u/Nixter295 Jan 25 '23

How am I defensive?


u/Old_Ben98 Jan 25 '23

hOw Am I dEfEnSiVe? Guys seriously I’m NOT defensive!


u/Nixter295 Jan 25 '23

Well she hasn’t answer so I’m guessing she couldn’t


u/MelodicPiranha Jan 26 '23

Apparently everyone in the world should know what the Norwegian Parliament building looks like or should read Norwegian newspapers lol!


u/Quh49zvf Jan 25 '23

I was thinking that this was in Canada or the US. Then when he said "fy faen" at the end I was like what Scandinavia?!?!


u/MelodicPiranha Jan 25 '23

Right lol! I thought it was some other place in Europe then I recognized the word and I was like “NORWAY??”