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2 lady’s flipping a guys car after he burnt the Quran Repost 😔

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u/Vulpes_Irae Jan 25 '23

Well yeah, burning a book you own- not a crime

Flipping someone’s car over and endangering their lives - crime.

Stupid reaction by them.


u/BrizzleC Jan 25 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

But my magical god-book! :(



u/dazraf Jan 25 '23

I mean, his intention was to piss Muslims off. I would say he succeeded.


u/SomeRandomDavid Jan 25 '23

Pissing off Muslims is like shooting fish in a barrel.


u/gwotmademebaby Jan 25 '23

I suggest they stop fucking their cousins.


u/squishedehsiuqs Jan 25 '23

Yeah except those fish can fucking kill you.

I don’t get why people itt love shitting on Muslims just because they are so easy to piss off. Makes it seem like maybe they’re trying to get these insane reactions from them for content, or just to make themselves feel superior. If that’s the case, then they are equally shitty, if not worse.

If you treat people like dogs you will get bit eventually



Burning a book isnt shitting on anybody. If your primitive brain and even more primitive ideology cant handle that you shouldnt be living in Europe.


u/squishedehsiuqs Jan 25 '23

He did it to get a reaction and he got one. Just say you hate Muslims. It’s very on brand in Europe now.



I hate islam for sure and id argue thats most civilized people


u/squishedehsiuqs Jan 25 '23

civilized people dont burn Qurans for views.


u/Day_will_Fall Jan 25 '23

I'm pretty sure a civilized person in general will not attempt a murder for a "book".


u/squishedehsiuqs Jan 25 '23

okay i never said that wasnt. im just saying that guy did what he did cause he hates islam. there was no rationality nor an attempt to have a civilized convo. you are defending a fucking moron that got got.

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u/Quality_bullshit_ Jan 25 '23

Bro are you fucking stupid??

If you care about something and I burn / destroy it for a reaction out of you I'm being a prick for no reason.

What these people did was unprovoked and I fucking hope they learned their lesson, when did people think doing this shit was okay? Fuck about find out



Not for no reason. Reason is to show how these lunatics treat people who insult their "holy" book. Theres no place in Europe to zealots, fuck them and their barbaric antiquated shit ideology.


u/baconpopsicle23 Jan 25 '23

What? You make it sound like they burned something belonging to them.

There's absolutely no object you could burn on earth that should prompt that reaction from a civilized person. Anyone who reacts like that is not ok in their head and what's worse is that it gives ammunition to those that want to oppress them.

Fuck around and find out is right, those women fucked around flipping someone's car over a book and their whole community will find out about the consequences when more people start voting for far right parties because of that.


u/zakattack799 Jan 29 '23

You think atheist is so much better than religion I swear atheism is a religion in by itself