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Only one core?

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Got ReactOS running on my T23 instead of WinXP

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ReactOS LiveCD can't boot from a ThinkPad T43



I recently salvaged a ThinkPad T43 and I figured I could put ROS on it just for the sake of the experiment. I have no experience with ROS but the idea of having a open source NT based OS is exciting enough for me to dive in and try to help the devs with the few tests I can run on real hardware.

But when I try to boot any ROS medium (both installation media and LiveCD), it never seems to start the OS.

When I tried to boot the installation medium, it just stayed on a black screen. The LiveCD however, instantly goes into a BSOD (IO1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED, STOP : 0x00000069 (nice)). When attempting to boot the LiveCD in debug mode, it hangs loading SWENUM.SYS.

Booting the official Windows XP SP3 installation media brings me again to a BSOD (STOP : 0x0000007B), which seems to indicate a IDE/AHCI related issue.

The T43 is peculiar because it is the very first ThinkPad to have a SATA controller BUT, in order to cut costs, IBM/Lenovo did put a SATA to PATA bridge on the motherboard and slapped a good ol' IDE drive in it. I figured there must be an option in BIOS to disable AHCI (since WinXP doesn't support it natively) but nothing. My guess is that since there's no physical SATA slot on the T43, IBM/Lenovo wouldn't bother to implement AHCI in their BIOS but this peculiar drive setup might confuse WinXP/ROS when attempting to load them. I haven't tried to update the BIOS yet, as it was pretty janky back in the days, I don't want tospend time unbricking a motherboard.

My T43 currently has a crappy install of WinXP SP3 dating from waaaaaaaay back when it came out from the factory. It still has some proprietary Lenovo software installed. Maybe is there some old storage drivers to extract from it ?

One the ROS Rigs page, the T43 has been tested and seems to work pretty okay but it was back in 2018. The tester mentioned no specific workaround to get it to install ROS. No traces of the latest ROS build being installed on one of these. If someone here happens to made it work, please let me know.

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not mine


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Google Summer of Code 2023 Explained, Organizations Announced


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Weird error when VM (qemu shut down unexpectly while starting CPU-Z) host: Android 9.0

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Cmon guys, help the guy out

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after this i got reboot(night build (stable version not started))

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one core api?


Can react run it?

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ReactOS website


Are the devs okay? I usually depend on the website for news but apparently it hasn't been updated since early 2022. I understand that some of the developers are Russian, but that only makes the lack of updates is even more concerning.

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PC-98 Touhou through Anex86 on ReactOS for XBox, emulated on Xemu


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ReactOS startup XP/w2K3 NTLDR & ntfs.sys to use NTFS file system - Windows 2K/XP/2003


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I think this is quite unfair that languages not using latin have proper named transcribed while all the rest must see this english word and wonder how to spell it

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Installing repacks using ReactOS in a VM

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When will ReactOS be able to update without reinstall?


I know ReactOS is really early into it’s overall development, but when might there be an updater tool be added?

(I haven’t used ReactOS in awhile, so if it actually does have an updated tool, then I didn’t know.)

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is reactos more taxing then windows xp


I recently got an old laptop that still runs windows xp but it's kind of slow so I was wondering if reactos is less or more taxing on the machine then windows

I am sorry if this is a common question and if this post needs to be removed I understand

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iTunes and Polar alternatives


I'd like to throw away an XP VM and replace with reactos. The only reason I have the VM is to take data of a Polar V650 cycle computer and to manage a 6th gen ipod nano.

I'd really love to replace the VM with React OS, but my knowledge of Windows is limited these days so I don't know where to find alternatives. Has anyone here found success in this area?

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Attempting to install ReactOS on my Childhood PC


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Não boota coretamente.


Saudações comunidade da qual frequento. Sou um programador do ReactOS a bastante tempo. Quando executava-o no VirtualBox, ele funcionava perfeitamente. Até eu achar que este O.S. era tão bom quanto WinXP, decidi instalá-lo em minha maquina física secundária. Fiz um pendrive de instalação (porque sei dos perrengues com o "LiveCD") com o Rufus. Até testei com o VirtualBox se havia funcionado, Ja que era a primeira vez que eu "mesclasse" o Rufus com o ReactOS. Quando fui instalá-lo. Fiz o procedimento padrão de formatação. Mas ele se recusava a funcionar, funcionava assim: iniciava, aparecia a logo do ReactOS, a barra de carregamento carregava, e a tela ficava preta. Fui analizar o SourceCode e não achei algo que fizesse sentido com meu caso. Alguém pode me ajudar?

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DrRacket in ReactOS


Greetings! I was testing ReactOS (Version 0.4.15-x86-dev, build 20221105-0.4.15-dev-5327-gc8ef276.GNU_8.4.0) and tried to see if it could run some software I've been learning to use. I downloaded the Racket programming language and DrRacket IDE (version 8.6 [bc], i386 architecture).

When I try running DrRacket from the menu, the cmd prompt console pops up with:

ffi-lib: couldn't open "C:Program FilesRacketliblibglib-2.0-0-dll" (The specified procedure could not be found.; errid=127

It looks like that .dll is there (except for the fact that it's instead of for the path separator...I assumed it was a side effect of some kind of escape in the string?) so I'm not sure why DrRacket is failing to run. I suppose the answer is that it's just not compatible, but in the off chance someone has encountered a similar error, is there a solution to get it to run? I already tried adjusting the reported Windows version in the compatibility tab of the link and the same error pops up.

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Let's talk hardware.


So, a question for you lot.

What is (or would be) the most powerful machine that we know is 100% compatible with ReactOS as it sits today? Pre-built or custom built.

I was just thinking that it might be neat to build a computer from the ground up with all known working parts to run ReactOS on.

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ReactOS running on real hardware! Optiplex 780 SFF with working sound and Ethernet drivers (details in comments)

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thinking about making my own ReactOS distro, but I've never made a distro before lol


Hi, I've been using reactOS under a vm for a bit and it looks cool. An open source NT could be useful for applications that requires the NT kernel.

I thought about making my own distro of reactOS to continue the development, making it appear and function similar to Windows 7, but have some stuff to be compatible for windows XP. Slight problem, I never made a distro, even for linux, meaning I have to study how to make an distro, understand ReactOS, then understand further how windows NT works.

but I really like the idea, mainly since there are barely any other distro, I heard of 1 other but I then heard they are separating from reactOS entirely. Should I make a distro?

edit: just so you guys know that this is just an idea and I'm just sharing an idea lol

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Small graphical glitch during the installation


As you can see, the drag-bar is not displayed properly until after the mouse pointer was over it. I think that it only happens during the installation.

Not a real problem, but it is an eyesore, and it might confuse some trying React OS for their first time.


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Where can I download ReactOS Explorer for my Debian?


I want to run the ReactOS Explorer on my Debian installation under Wine. The new GTK 4 Nautilus under Gnome is quite horrible.