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u/BazF91 Feb 06 '23

Doesn't belong on this sub. Having bad reflexes is different to being a shitty human being


u/GravyBoatBuccaneer Feb 06 '23

Yeah, this this is child abuse disguised as a "prank." What sucks is that if we're seeing this on reddit, we can be pretty sure that poor kid's dealing with much worse that's not on video.


u/Twist_Ending03 Feb 09 '23

Wild assumption to make there dude


u/GravyBoatBuccaneer Feb 10 '23

I would have phrased an assumption as “we can be sure” not, “we can be pretty sure.“ For example, if a boat captain says he’s pretty sure his boat’s seaworthy, you’d weigh the consequences of him being wrong. That being said, you are under no obligation to climb aboard. ;)


u/NYCWallabY 13d ago edited 13d ago

Did you notice the full effort the father used to mush the kids head in the cake the father really wanted to hurt the kid. The kid almost started to cry then caught himself, the whole video was off putting and i would not doubt that father does worse.


u/BarbeRose Feb 06 '23

Why was the smash soooo hard ?? People doing this "prank" are stupid


u/Sandwhale123 Feb 06 '23

Waste of cake and an unhappy kid


u/BugZealousideal9618 Feb 24 '23

Definitely a waste of an unhappy kid, I'd still eat the cake though.


u/The_BusFromSpeed Feb 25 '23

Just gotta scrape the boogers off


u/Super-Branz-Gang Feb 25 '23

Looks like an icecream cake, so it would’ve been frozen.

Im with everyone else, I really don’t like this video. How can anyone laugh while that sweet little boy is doing his best to hide his tears and not cry? These “pranks” aren’t cute or funny— they’re just fucked up.


u/Unusual-Regular3742 9d ago

yeah even i was disturbed by this one and that’s saying something


u/Lyndonn81 Feb 06 '23

I hate all these kinds of videos


u/painyTM Feb 06 '23

That cake looks like it was made out of bricks


u/w1r2g3 Feb 06 '23

Ever try to cut ice cream cake. Some of them are like cutting bricks.


u/Woosterzmom Feb 06 '23

There's fuck all funny about that


u/Delica4 Feb 06 '23

Did you bully people back in school? If the answer is no you will not find this funny.


u/Larry-Man Feb 06 '23

Nah I used to. Was bullied more than the bully but I was also capable of being mean. But I grew TF up.


u/meinblown Feb 06 '23

Why is this step-dad reflexes material?


u/spacedrummer Feb 06 '23

Because no loving father does that to their kid. That’s so fucking mean. On their birthday of all days.


u/dontBatool Feb 06 '23

And which part of that is a reflex


u/meinblown Feb 06 '23

Where the relex at tho?


u/FeralPsychopath Feb 06 '23

Tatt on stomach was a dead giveaway


u/slid3r Feb 06 '23

Is it the juggalo hatchet guy?


u/ThePhatNoodle Feb 06 '23

I'm pretty sure the man hates that kid. I mean did yall see that shit? Man put some real fucking oomph in that shit


u/Sliiime_ Feb 06 '23

Seeing him shirtless and without his pants up on the birthday party was the giveaway


u/See_Wildlife Feb 06 '23

Hey kid, I got you some whiplash for your birthday.


u/ResilientBanana Feb 06 '23

Must be ice cream cake. Shit got no give.


u/Gajo_Do_Porto Feb 06 '23

Call me extremist all you want, but forcing someone to smash their face into a cake should be grounds for immediate arrest.

What a fucking irritating habit. It's a close second to bull fighting.


u/Bigblue1994 Feb 06 '23

Ice Cream Cake just out of the freezer. Thanks dad


u/sparrow5 Feb 06 '23

He could have poked the kid's eye out if it had candles. What an asshole family.


u/traws06 Feb 06 '23

Makes me wonder if there are wooden pegs for support since it’s so tall… literally could have shoved a wood peg into his brain


u/Aggravating_Tough391 Feb 06 '23

Dude what the fuck was that? Seems like he really just wanted to own the kid.


u/TIPXL Feb 08 '23

That’s so sad :/ I can’t stop thinking how the kid’s gonna traumatized all his life…


u/IllustratorAshamed34 Feb 10 '23

yeah that looks abusive, way too much force behind it and the kid didn't even react, like he's used to it


u/HawthorneWingo1 Feb 06 '23

Gang members make great guardians of children, don't they?


u/betarad Feb 06 '23

what makes you so certain this is a gang member ?


u/TexasKevin Feb 06 '23

I'd guess the gut tattoo starting with 9.


u/BoLaVo Feb 06 '23

It could be his birth year or also literally anything. A bunch of people I used to know have M13 tattoos and it’s because they all lived at the same co-op and they are in no way gang members. They were just Austin kids Lmfao.


u/TexasKevin Feb 06 '23

I just made a guess why the person who made that comment might think it. He could have been born in 900AD, or an area code that starts with 9.


u/HawthorneWingo1 Feb 06 '23

Or the 9 could represent his IQ. I'm sure he's the best chess player in his entire gang.


u/BoLaVo Feb 12 '23

Maybe he’s 9 years old lol


u/TechnocraticWardance Feb 06 '23

I feel like we've seen enough videos of this "Face In Cake" scenario to know that it apparently is a widespread custom in America.

Though I have no love for 'Gangers', I think we can include everyone else that practice this abusive tradition as well.


u/HawthorneWingo1 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Everyone does not practice the act of some dirtbag gangbanger ramming a four-year-old's face into a frozen birthday cake. It's not a custom anywhere but on a TV sitcom. And the recipient of that frozen cake in the face is typically 20 or over.


u/TechnocraticWardance Feb 06 '23

They appear quite frequent here on reddit. Home videos of kids getting their face pushed down into a cake.

So I must disagree.


u/HereAtLeastOnce 22d ago

I've lived in America for all my 42 years and have never seen anyone actually do this to someone in real life. I definitely wouldn't say it's widespread. If your people are like this, you need new people.

I also don't think this is a gang life custom, seriously guys??? I'm pretty sure this is just something assholes do.


u/Super_Saiyan_Azul Feb 06 '23

It's probably an ice cream cake.


u/theDudeRules Feb 11 '23

What a prick shoving that child's head down like that


u/flimspringfield Feb 16 '23

I fucking hate it when people do this shit.

If someone did this to me or my son I would be swinging.


u/Acrobatic-Farm-9031 Feb 17 '23

What a subhuman being.


u/TexasKevin Feb 06 '23

This just makes me angry. I hope the cops came next and did a pavement smash with his face.


u/KiIlerBlueBoy Feb 06 '23

This video made me uncomfy after seeing a different cake video


u/Antigon0000 23d ago

candle in the eye would not be good.


u/Unusual-Regular3742 9d ago

that dude was an asshole