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Master Post: Public transport strike on Monday the 27th.


On Monday, there will be a widespread strike in German public transport. Both long-distance travel (trains and flights) and many local transport services will be affected. Disruptions can be expected to start on the 26th and continue on to the 28th.

Comments and information on this subject can go into the comments of this post. To keep things manageable, additional posts will be removed.



https://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/en - look up your DB connection here.

https://www.bahn.com/en/booking-information/passenger-rights - if you need a refund for a DB ticket.

https://www.berlin.de/en/news/8112587-5559700-large-scale-strike-transport-sector-mond.en.html - information about Belin - BER airport and the BVG won't be striking.

If anyone has useful links to add, please comment.

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Ethical Banks in Germany


I'll be moving to Paderborn soon, where I'm commencing a PhD at Paderborn University.

I need to create a new bank account. But having seen "Your money is cheating on you", I'd like to store my money at a bank which doesn't invest in the enterprises that are ruining the world.

Do you have any recommendations?

r/germany 5h ago

What can I do against people who let their dogs approach me and my dog even tho I ask, request and warn them not to?


I am a dog owner. I have my dog on a leash all the time. I dont allow him to approach other people if they dont want it. I don't allow him to approach other dogs without asking the owners first. I pick up my dogs shit after him.

But others allow their dogs to run around. They don't interfere when their dogs approach other dogs or humans. They don't respond or even start talking bullshit or insulting when asked to call their dog back. They ignore request that my dog doesn't want to interact with their dog. They allow their dog to jump at my small child. Yes their dog is not angry, but If I say I don't want your dog to run at me, my dog or my child, then you should call him back. If your dog is not listening you should not allow him to run free. They let their dogs run onto playground where many children play. They sometimes dont see where their dog is or what he is doing, because they are too far away or around a corner.

I try to be polite. I ask multiple times if they can call their dog back, explain my dog doesn't want to play because he is old and that my child doesn't rly like dogs. Most people understand and all is okay. But some ignore me and get angry. Say thing like: I am not allowed to tell them to put their dog on leash", "I should not be leaving my house if I am afraid of dogs or my dog doesn't like other dogs". Or they just ignore me. That I hate the most.

Here are a few extreme examples: 2 weeks ago I was coming back from shop at 21 in the evning. It was dark. I had 2 bags and no free hands. Suddenly a big black dog started running towards me. I saw nobody. I got scared. The dog circled me and jumped at me. He was happy, but he made my jacket dirty. When his owner appeared I told her that she cant allow her big dog to jump at strangers. She just laught and said: He is friendly, he doesn't bite" last week I was on playground with my child and other children. Suddenly a small dog squeezed through the bushes and started to run around the children in the playground. Another parent shouted at the owner to call his dog back. Owner replied: His dog doesn't bite" And only after the other parent got really mad he called his dog back and insulted other parent as crazy. Today I was walking with my dog and another owner with a big dog approached. When his dog started coming towards me and my dog I asked him if he can call him back, because my dog doesn't like other dogs. The owner said he doesn't have to and lez his dog run around em and my dog. He walked past me and ignored me. He just walked further and let his dog run around me and my dog.

I understand your dog wants to run and play, but you have to control your dog. You cant let him run towards or jump at other dogs and humans. And if they clearly say they dont want it you have to respect it. I feel like this can end very dangerous. But I dont know what to do. Neighbors and Colleagues have told me to call Ordnungsamt or even Police if I feel threatened. Can I really do this? Is this to extreme? Maybe yes. But what else can I do if the other dog owners ignore requests and dont care. I am lucky and nothing has happened to me and my dog. But y neighbors dog got badly attacked by unleashed dog last year. And last week I was told on the playground by other parents, that in a nearby town a dog attacked a child and the owner run away after it. These things are scary.

Sorry for my Englisch. I am still learning it together with Deutsch, since I moved to Deutschland a few month ago.

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Culture Answers to "Woher kommst du"


So, for context, I am Asian-American and have been living in Germany for about half a year now and have a pretty solid understanding of German. I'm not sure if this is the right sub for the question, but recently I've been thinking about answers to one of the most basic phrases "Woher kommst du?" As a beginner in my US German classes, you're taught to respond with "Ich komme aus den USA" without any further thought behind the question; it's just what it is no matter your ethnic background.

I think, however, that whenever I'm asked this question in German many are unsatisfied with that answer and instead are interested in your Migrationshintergrund, and basically "Where are you really from?" And as this question comes up reasonably often for me (at the doctors' office, in a taxi, etc.), I find it frustrating to always have to explain further with ,,Oh meine Eltern kommen aus xyz, aber ich bin in den USA geboren und aufgewachsen". I think culturally this may be because non-Germans in Germany (e.g. Vietnamese, Turkish, etc.) feel more deeply connected to their ethnic culture and don't necessarily identify as German first, but I'm interested in hearing what this sub thinks.

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Immigration How bad are index based rent contracts?


Should I avoid them like plague? Where can I see how the index has been developing over time?


r/germany 3h ago

Question What can police do to me?


This might be just stupid and me overeacting, but i was trying to sell for the first time in ebay. I get an email that the costumer paid through "sicher zahlung" and i have to confirm it. I confirm it and put my credit card details to get the money but my card doesn't let me confirm.While the girl in the chat keeps pressuring me to accept. I eventually couldn't. The girl accused me of being a scammer, and said she will close my account and send my all to the police. I am a bit overwhelmed cuz of many problems I have and i told her a bad word which i regret, and she said my data will be sent to the police and i will suffer the consequences soon.

Im by no means a scammer.I even told the costumers I can send then the item to their house for free.Its not my fault the card doesnt work. Will I have problems with the police? If not whats the worst they can do to me?..

Thank you for reading.I hope its just a big scam and im overreacting but Im afraid I dont wanna mess with the german police..

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Work Leaving a company before notice period


What is the typical actions taken by a company if you quit inside of your notice period? My understanding is that they can sue you for damages - but what sort of damages are we talking about, do any of you have experience with this, and how likely are companies to persue you for damages? I am trying to avoid this situation but it might happen due to unfortunate timing.

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Question What to do if we missed the next train?


Hello everyone. It’s the first time we booked a long train trip from Stuttgart to Copenhagen. We took a first class ticket and there’s only one change which is in Hamburg. However, I noticed that there’s only 18mins for us to switch trains.

I worry that 18 mins is not enough and we might miss the next train due to a delay on our first train.

If this happens, what should we do?

The tickets that we bought were Sparpreis Europa.

r/germany 11h ago

Question Disposal of old car


Hey guys,

Recently moved to Germany with a Portuguese car. It's been useful until now, leaks and maintenance issues are making me buy a new one. I do not plan on registering it as I am buying a german car soon. Can I sell it as a Portuguese registered car here? Any other ways to dispose of it where I don't have to get it past TUV and spend money registering it?

It's a 2004 hyundai getz, in the state it's in it's barely worth anything. Thank you!

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living/working in Germany


Hi Friends,

Im not sure if this post is allowed here, I did study the wiki, but I need a bit more specific answers tbh, so sorry if it's not allowed. I have been recently strongly considering doing a temporary work visa to Germany and I am looking for some advice.

Background: Im a 34 year old Canadian citizen, however, I am from an immigrant family (ethnically middle eastern). I have a bachelors in Business, work in international business, Sales, and business development (Tech start ups). Ive also taught college level courses part time in Business management. I speak English natively, and I do not speak German. I have some international work experience from the USA but thats about it.

I have the opportunity to apply for a 1 or 2 year work visa under the youth mobility agreement of Canada and Germany. and I have some questions:

Q1: In my 2 primary work fields, how difficult would it be to find a job, and what cities should I aim for? (considering I do not speak German)

Area 1 - Business operations and sales, (CRM, logistics and project management, presentation and representation, full sales cycles, hiring and training, marketing and analytics, consulting)

Area 2 - Teaching and training college business students on analytics, business software, management, operations and marketing/sales.


Q2: (I know this is a sensitive question) considering I am from a middle eastern background will I face barriers getting jobs in Germany from local employers.


Q3: Are there job boards or recruiters I can access to help me find a job there.


Q4: Would you recommend living in Germany? Are there any challenges I should know about?

I appreciate you guys taking the time, and any information or answers are deeply appreciated.

r/germany 15h ago

Suggestions for a Munich-Berlin trip


I'm planning a trip by car with my family over the Easter school holidays next week. Kids are 6 and 10 y.o. We live in Munich and plan to go to Berlin, but would like suggestions of nice places and things to do along the way, even with a small detour.

Just don't want to go to Nurnberg/Playmobil Fun Park again, done that before.

Also, has anyone been to the Tropical Islands water park near Berlin? Any comparisons to Therme Erding?

r/germany 7h ago

Tourism Travel ideas in the north or west of Germany


Servus! My husband and I are Indians living in München. We would like to do a 10 day trip in either the north or the west of Germany during the Summer. We are very familiar with the south but not so much with the rest of the country.

I would love some personal recommendations from you lovely people. We like to spend time in nature (hiking/camping) with one or two smaller cities mixed in (No Berlin/Hamburg). Cool, obscure bookish locations will be super appreciated.

Unfortunately, we cannot drive because neither of us has a German drivers license yet. Any suggestions for cool natural locations accessible by public transport would be great! Vielen Dank!

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Fired during a Niederlassungserlaubnis process


Hello, I recently applied for the Niederlassungserlaubnis and received a letter stating that the card would be received within 4-6 weeks. However, I was terminated from my job just 7 days later. I have some questions regarding the impact of this on my Niederlassungserlaubnis process:

  1. Will my termination affect my Niederlassungserlaubnis process?
  2. Should I sign an Aufhebungsvertrag (mutual termination agreement) or ask my employer to terminate me without mutual agreement?
  3. In the case of an Aufhebungsvertrag, I will be given three months' salary and will not be required to work during that time. If I am terminated without a mutual agreement, I will have to work for six months. Which option is better for me?
  4. Can anyone recommend a labor lawyer or share a link to find one?

Thank you.

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Part time Masters in Germany


Hello everyone! I’ve recently been accepted to MSc Artificial Intelligence at FAU but it’s a part time degree. My question is regarding my visa. Im coming from Pakistan and I’m unsure if being enrolled in a part time degree is going to cause troubles for me in regards to getting my visa extended.

If anyone has any information regarding that it would be awesome.


r/germany 13h ago

Train from Dusseldorf to Arnhem


Hi there!

I'm trying to buy two train tickets from Dusseldorf to Arnhem on Sunday 14th May.

I've found some scheduled, but can't buy them. Is this a case of buying them on the day or do they not actually exist? It says VRR Fare on the Deutsche Bahn website

r/germany 13m ago

Bonn or Freiburg?


I'm a med student from Italy and I'm applying for the Erasmus project. I'll be spending a year in my destination and I'm in doubt between those two cities because I've heard that uni in Bonn is a bit easier than in Freiburg, which would be great since I will be studying in a foreign language. What do you think? Is there someone who knows both? Which option is more feasible for a foreign student?

r/germany 16h ago

Invalid Termination: Advice


EDIT: Sincere thank you to everyone who has posted, it's really appreciated! ❤

While I wait for the legal advice hotline to call me back, one part I'm unsure of is the notice period. My contract says "either party may terminate the employment with one months notice to the first or fifteenth of each calendar month."If I received the letter tomorrow or Friday (i.e. 30.03 or 31.03), does this mean my notice period starts on the 31st of April? Or the 15th? What if I received the written letter on the 7th of April?



I know this has been asked and answered a thousand times, though I'd like some advice on what to do next to make sure that I'm covered.

Yesterday I was verbally fired from a job that I've been in for 3 years. It's a new boss that has been trying to push me (the former manager) out. Fortunately I've known this was coming for the last 3 months, so I have been preparing mentally/emotionally.

I have zero trust and intention of preserving my job due to the non-direct and underhanded way it has been communicated (he fired me at 4pm, the day before he goes on holiday for 3 weeks lol). I would like to "drag this out" i.e. delay the official termination date as much as possible, and get paid some additional severance. The job market in my industry (tech) is pretty bad so it's unlikely I'll find something in 1 month.

Some info: The company is less than 10 people, approx. 8. 3 of those people are employed as freelancers outside of Germany (although it's their sole, full-time work).The company is a GmbH and its base is in Germany.Everyone works remotely (there is no physical office location)I was dismissed verbally via zoom. No written letter of termination.No severance was offeredMy notice period is 1 month. He said he doesn't "expect me to work my notice".I was placed on a performance review since 28.02.2023 (I had 8 days of vacation in March. I booked this in January, so this termination came after 12 days of performance review. I reached my targets during this time)

So far I have:

-Registered as a job seeker
-Contacted my legal insurance in order to file a Wrongful Dismissal Claim
-I've been keeping a work log of the incidents since the start of the year

I know that I should keep "showing up for work". How do I do this in a remote setting? Do I just email him looking for tasks at the start of each week? I'm pretty certain that they are so arrogant/comfortable that they think I (a non-German) is unaware or too afraid to expect my rights. How do I avoid guiding them on how to legally dismiss me? I would like to not make it easy on them.

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Question Legal Advice needed!


I flew my private photography drone in Berlin in a no fly zone. Police officers showed up and took my information and told me that I would receive a letter with a small offence fine. I was expecting it to be an administrative offence.

But I have received a letter from the police accusing me of violation of air traffic act (no further details). They have asked me to respond if I accept the charge or deny it within two weeks.

Can I write to them asking what part of the air traffic code was violated? Will a court be involved in this? I am trying to get a lawyer in Berlin to get advice (recommendations welcome). What else should I do?

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Culture Wilder Mann traditions in northern Germany



I hope this question isn't out of place here; it's directly related to German culture, so presumably I should be okay.

I'm hoping to find out more information about any "wild man" traditions that exist in the northern sections of Germany. if you're unfamiliar with the concept, check out the (English) wiki for more information.

if you do a Google search you'll come across all manner of German traditional wild men (e.g. Strohbären, Krampus, Pelzmärtle; forgive me for any mispellings), but the bulk of these seem to feature in Southern German/Bavarian traditions and not those of the Northern sections of the country (well, Krampus is like... multi-national at this point, but you get the idea).

I have the distinct feeling the the majority of the "good" information on these kinds of traditions exists strictly in German sections of the internet. I don't speak the language (nor have a VPN) so it's functionally impossible for me to reach, hence my posting here.

thanks an absolute ton in advance for any leads.

r/germany 1h ago

Tourism Are wild boars dangerous?


I am currently camping and I hear boars alrun free around here. Should I be scared of a boat attack or are they rare?

r/germany 2h ago

Freelancing Tax Class Question


Hey all! In 2022 I received my freelance tax ID and earned 100% of my income freelancing, so I paid taxes at a Tax Class 1 level. However, this year, I plan to bounce between working a full-time job, working part time and freelancing part-time, and just freelancing full-time.

How does this work out in terms of Tax Class? Can I pay the Class 6 rate for my freelancing work for the few months that I have a contract job and then switch back to paying Class 1? Or, do you have to stick to the tax class you choose for each job for the entire calendar year?

Very confused about the system and know that the most likely answer is just hiring a Steuerberater, but thought I'd ask on here in case anyone knows off the top of their head.

r/germany 3h ago

Immigration Can I "just leave" without signing out as an EU citizen?


I gotta go home for about a year. I will work for a German company as a freelancer from home. The only thing I have to cancel is my tk insurance, I didn't have any other subscription on my name. My rent is a short term rent, my anmeldung is with a friend in an apartment he owns. He doesn't mind if I keep the address. I'm planning on coming back, so keeping the address, the tax ID and all those would make it easier. Am I doing anything wrong if I just leave?

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I forgot about it for years, but he appeared in a dream last night and the first thing I did was google it

I had the CD Single back in the day. He was used here in England to teach kids german, and I got a coupon for Subway for a "Schnappi Sandwich" but that must've been germany only as none of the UK stores knew what I was talking about

Schnappi was the only reason I wanted to learn German

I must find that CD again

r/germany 4h ago

Tourism Visiting West side of Germany


Hello! I will be spending 5 days visiting family friends who live just outside of Mnnster at the end of April. I plan on renting a car and would like to visit/explore cities/towns/villages/must see attractions in the region to maximize the short time that I am there.

Ideally they would be day trips where we would return to Münster at night, to avoid renting hotels/Airbnbs and keep costs low.

After quick google searches I began to build an itinerary but would really appreciate any input of people who either live in the region or have travelled there already.

Day 1 - Explore Munster

Day 2 - Visit and explore Dusseldorf

Day 3 - Visit and explore Cologne

Day 4 - Visit and explore Aachen

Day 5 - TBD

Thanks in advance!

r/germany 15h ago

What Alpaca Farm is worth the visit if I can visit just one? (close to the route Brussels - Hannover - Wolfsburg)


Hi. I am going to travel to Germany this summer with my husband.

We will be most likely taking a plane from Romania to Brussels and from there we will go to Hannover (VW Bus Festival here I come) and Wolfsburg (VW Factory here I come).

My husband loves alpacas, and I saw there are so many farms in Germany that offers alpaca hikes. I even saw there are some near Cologne, which would be in the way to Hannover.

Do any of you have any recommendations? which one is great if you can only visit one, and you don't know the language.

r/germany 6h ago

Fulltime job + 2 minijobs. Is it legal?


I was trying to look up info on how many hours are you allowed to work in a month but I got contradicting info. Is it legal to take 2 minijobs if I am working also full time. My hours would not overlap each other, as I would do minijob 1 after im done with my fulltime on workdays and minijob 2 in 8-10 hour chunks on saturdays or sundays. Alltogether this would mean 240work hours in a month.