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Question Genuinely curious why so many people from Countries like the US want to move here.


I was born and raised in Germany by Immigrant Parents who both fled from war in the 80s.

And ironically both my parents want to move out of Germany as soon as they retire in around 2 years, because they can‘t afford living here with rent which exploded the past years and everything being outrageously expensive.

Generally I always believed that in the US people earn much more than in Germany, the only problem could be something regarding health care or the State not helping people in need.

Why is Germany so interesting for people from Countries like the US? Because I can‘t think of any reasons other than Healthcare, Worker Rights or Financial Aid.

The funny thing is, I have a neighbor from Seattle who moved here around 2008 during the financial crisis, he has been living here ever since but moved out and went back to the States some months ago because he was unsatisfied with everything.

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Question What am I even supposed to do now? Sue the Ausländerbehörde?


‼️UPDATE: I somehow got an emergency appointment even though I was told that none were available. I'm happy they worked so quickly to give those affected by the strikes a quick follow-up appointment, but I'm still upset that it came to this.

I am at a complete loss right now. Someone, please help me. The Ausländerbehörde where I live has put me through hell for the two years that I have lived here. There is problem after problem. My Fiktionsbescheinigung once expired for almost 2 months because the Ausländerbehörde just would not respond to me, even though I had requested an appointment 5 months prior. I was unable to apply for a work permit. Therefore, my potential employer would not allow me to work.

After hundreds of emails (not kidding), unhelpful phone calls, tears, usw, everything eventually started working out. I am still angry that it took so long and that I missed out on positions and money (I am dirt broke right now due to not being able to work).

Today I went to the appointment where I was supposed to get my new Aufenthaltstitel and work permit, and was turned away at the door because the employees are on strike today. What????

The security guard said that all that can be done is that I write an email to the student department of the Ausländerbehörde and hope that I get an appointment. Strikes at this Ausländerbehörde apparently aren't super uncommon because he said that he sometimes sees people in my situation get a new appointment within a week. I can not stress this enough: I do not have a week. My Ausbildung is starting in a few days. I needed this work permit today so I could send a copy to the office that needs to check my diplomas for the equivalent level of german education (This is a whole other story. They would NOT do this until I got a work permit). I need to send that then to my employer. That's not even that important, though, honestly. That employer said that it's ok if I send this translation to them later because they know how many issues there have been. The problem is that I can't work with them if the Ausländerbehörde does not give me this permit. As far as I know, my permit is sitting in that office. I just need to bring my passport + confirmation of health insurance and pick it up. But I need an appointment for this.

What am I supposed to do if the Ausländerbehörde does not respond to me? I am trying to stay positive, but it is really hard. It is completely normal to wait 3-6 months for an appointment there. I will lose my training position, and then there's no purpose of me getting the residence/work permit anymore because it is tied to that training position. Would this be grounds for a lawsuit? I have lost so much money and time because of this horrible system. I have done absolutely everything right, and still nothing has worked out. And would I qualify for Prozesskostenhilfe even if I am not an EU citizen? I just need some advice here because I am panicking so much right now. I will answer any questions you have. Please be kind in the comments. Thank you.

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Question Why do German soldiers in Germany travel by train?


I see all the time Bundeswehr soldiers in trains in Bavaria travelling by train,but not American soldiers,even though there are American military bases close to where I live

also, American soldiers don't usually wear uniform while travelling,while German soldiers do

why so?

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Question How does germany keep track of foreign cars 6 month limit.


Hello guys! I am currently a Spaniard living in leipzig. 5 months ago I decided to bring my car from Spain it's by far the most precious thing I own (it's an oldish volvo s80).

However i have read in numerous places that the maximum amount of time you can drive with a foreign car without bringing it for registering is 6 months.

Natürlich I get stopped pretty much weekly by the police, I think it's the Spanish plates. It botheres me quite a lot but what can do..

Does anyone know how they keep track of this 6 months maximum driving thingy?

Vielen Dank zusammen


I didn't expect this much help, it's my first post on reddit. God bless you Germans!!!

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Question Which fabric softener has the best smell in your opinion and where to buy one?


Pretty much the title. I was wondering which guys do you prefer since Germany has a lot of different softeners to offer.

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Question We finally found the guy that has been drilling and hammering in our apartment for over 2 years. When confronted he said he is allowed to until 22:00. What to do?


After two years of restless sleep and tens of neighbors complaining about noise and telling the Hausmeister who posted a noticed, I finally found the guy when he started drilling last night. It was impossible to find the tormentor because the drill sounded like it comes from everywhere since it echoes up and down the halls. The drilling is so loud the the people in the apartment across the street were convinced it was coming from their building.

When confronted he vehemently defended the noise he was making and so was his wife. The guy was saying he was doing his work and he is allowed to make noise until 22:00 until we said no that is not OK. The drilling woke up our baby. For years the drilling has woke up our baby.

The guy drills and hammers at random times and days for a few seconds here and there which includes holidays and Sundays even late in the night like Sunday at 23:00 or something which would also make it impossible to locate him.

This has been going on and off for 2 years. His wife said this will be the last time but then we heard him try to surreptitiously hammer. We don’t know what the heck he is doing like he drills holes in walls and shit but for sure he has a workshop or something set up in his apartment.

At this point, what are our options? Wait until it happens again and call the police and get statements from all the neighbors who can also corroborate regarding the noise? We want this guy and his family kicked out of the apartment for causing this mental torture and waking up our baby for years and disturbing everybody in the 6 story building.

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Question Is Die Welt a trustworthy news source?


please no arguing lol..just a yes or no will do..

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Question Girl taking things slow


I'm mexican and I've been dating a Bavarian girl for a month and a half now; when we started dating she told me that she is very closed and like to take things very slowly. After a month and a half we have barely hold hands and I have kissed her on the cheek (after asking her if I could). Every time I complement her she just remains silent (I have to admit that my compliments are like those from Pepe Le Pew), she takes days to answer my messages, and we only go out if a ask her. Yesterday I went out with her and asked if she was still interested and she repeated that she wants to take things slowly. Is this normal in Germany? Is she really interested?

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Question Why is Swiss-German considered a dialect and not it’s own language like Dutch?


Swiss German sounds very distinct compared to High German and many native High German speakers agree that it is easier to understand Dutch. What makes Dutch a separate language but Swiss German not?

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Question what are the advantages and disadvantages of living in Germany?


I am from the UK and have been learning German for a while, I have been considering moving to Germany, but I thought it would be nice to ask what it is like living there from a German's pov.

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Question How to deeply understand German culture?


About me: I am a Finance professional from India who got a job near Lake Constance.

I would like to understand what is the best way to deeply see and understand German culture of various provices. The stereotypes people have about each other. How people evolved over history. The many layers of history. The particular religious, cultural practices and secular habits. Basically, as much as I can know. How do I learn all of this? What all should I read? Thanks!

Edit: I am also learning German. What resources would be the best?

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Question Need gift ideas for someone in Munich


I am in Bangkok for business and on March 1st, I was on the back of a motorbike taxi and a delivery truck hit us. I have been in the hospital but am doing better now.

I am so lucky that a young German tourist saw the whole thing. He happened to be a medic. He woke me up, kept my neck straight and wouldn’t let anyone move me and took such good care of me until the ambulance came. I will never forget him.

Anyway my wife asked for his contact details and he lives in Munich and we have an address.

I want to send him a really nice gift thanking him for helping me. I have no idea what to send or what would be special to German people, or even what kinds of things I could arrange in Munich. I’d love any advice or suggestions.

Thinking of a budget around $150 but flexible.

Thank you.

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Question Is it safe to seek Therapy in Germany?


Can the Therapist leak your secrets? What are the laws protecting against this potential leakage? And are these laws enforced properly or just on paper?

Should I reach out to potential therapists (to seek appointment) with my real email (that has my name) or my throwaway account email?

Please don't take this the wrong way but these are very strong concerns I have.

I have committed no crime or done anything bad whatsoever. I am struggling a lot mentally with fulfilling my goals and stuff. The internal pain inside me is a lot.. It's just that I am aware that there are 'biases' against 'Muslim background' people like me. While a white person van be viewed as Depressed/struggling with mental health, I might be viewed as Mentally unstable/threat (even though I wouldn't hurt a fly tbh). These are just some of my concerns which prevent me for seeking therapist for my depression and anxiety.

Could someone please guide me regarding this matter?

P.S. Don't downvote. I am already quite down and expressing a genuine concern of mine. If you don't like it, just ignore the post..

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Question 5 cent & 2 cent coins


Hello Leute,

Need some advice. I will be leaving soon and have plenty of 5 and 2 cent coins.

Any idea, how to utilised it. I tried in laundry machine but there also it was not accepted.

Any place where i can exchange or any other ideas.

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Question Labour issues in Germany


Hi. So I just read an article that presents an interesting slant on the current state of the labour market in Germany. The author first describes how there is an extreme shortage of skilled labour in Germany which the government has so frantically been trying to ameliorate with a series of immigration reforms and then basically proceeds to deem it useless as long as there is xenophobia and repulsion expressed by Germans towards foreign workers. What's your take on this? To me, it seems like a faulty line of thinking. There've gotta be other undercurrents. Although I still can't understand how it is possible that in a country beleaguered by labour shortage, there is such a struggle for qualified foreign workers with good command of the German language to find jobs.

UPD: Here is a link to the article https://foreignpolicy.com/2023/03/22/skilled-migrants-arent-interested-in-germany/

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Question How is that Germans are fine with increasing retirement age but French are out there on the street?


Even though I think French need to raise their retirement age somewhat, what bothers me is I never hear any vocal discontent from Germans about how the retirement age will be increasing gradually over the years. Why is that the case?

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Question I have to wait more then one year for therapy


I asked many different psychologists in a 30 km radius for a Therapie place. 2/25 could start a Therapy in the Summer Holidays. But Here is the Catch. Not this Summer. Next year (2024) 😳 all the Other 23 doing a Aufnahme Stopp right now.

Why the duck is the Happening?

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Question I want to offer online tutoring in my local area.. if you were a parent, would you be willing to do online tutoring for 9€/hr with a maximum of 5 students at a time?


It seems to me that many people are against online tutoring for whatever reason. I would like to make some money with tutoring, yet I cant drive anywhere yet since I dont have my drivers license.

Would you personally be interested in such an offer or would you be against it?

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Question Wearing mask while using the public transportation services.


I still like to wear mask as there are some nasty flu out there. I had suffered badly in December from an bad viral fever. I am being cautious as this is exam season and I have plans to go for holidays after. But almost no one wears mask anymore and people give you ba strange look seeing me wearing mask. Also, my skin color is different, so I get more weird look. What is the general consensus on wearing masks?

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Question HELP: I‘m losing my job because Ausländerbehörde is not reachable


Hi everyone, I‘m having a dilemma with the Ausländerbehörde and hope someone who knows the law might be able to help me out on this.

I am a student living in Essen and also work part time in a bank in Düsseldorf. Since my Aufenthaltstitel is going to expire on 31st March 2023, I got in touch with the Ausländerbehörde of Essen since the beginning of January, sending all necessary documents via email and asking for a Termin. (FYI: only Terminanfrage via Emails works in Essen, no phone calls/faxes/early queue possible).

Things started going downhill when I didn‘t get any reply from the ABH until the middle of March. That‘s when I knew I have to ask for extra help. I got in touch with the HR department at the bank, told them my situation and ask if there were anything they could do to help speed up the process. One HR lady was nice and extremely helpful, as she in her career has witnessed so many international students like me struggling with the ABH. She said that in the case I don‘t receive any Termin or Fiktionsbescheinigung before 31st March, one confirmation letter from the ABH saying that my current Aufenthaltstitel is still valid until a Termin is allocated is enough for the time being). Quote”Wenn Sie uns eine Bestätigung der Behörde (E-Mail oder Brief) zukommen lassen können, dass Ihr Aufenthaltstitel bis zur Vergabe eines Termins zur Verlängerung Ihres Aufenthaltstitels gültig ist, wäre das erst einmal ausreichend.”end quote.

She was also extremely cautious to send me a formal email (stating that the bank demands immediate action from the ABH, otherwise this student will be forced to take temporary leave as she has no right to work in Germany) in case I didn’t pass the security gate to go inside the building of ABH. This extra little piece of email will work, at least for other ABH that she knew.

However the miracle is nowhere to be found, as I got stopped at the gate by 2 guards. They told me that there are like 50 other students like me who come here everyday saying that it’s emergency and they need help. However, they had to leave empty-handed after all, as without any Termin they could not enter the building. I was so upset that I called the HR lady and put her on the speaker, as I knew I could not be reasonable with these guards. Although the HR lady was very convincing, saying that a confirmation letter is not a big deal as it contains only one sentence, anyone from the ABH can create that within 5 minutes, no Termin is needed and no new Fiktionsbescheinigung is needed either, there was no change in these guys' mind. They said that the student department in this ABH only consists of 4 people, and they are currently checking mails from November last year ( mine is from January, so I need to wait for 2 months before they can finally open my mail. Only with the reply with a Terminvergabe will I be able to step into that building and fetch the confirmation letter. The HR lady was speechless and said that she has never witnessed something that is so outrageously hectic like this in her life, as these people are merciless enough to let a foreign student being unemployed and unable to pay for the rent and food. One of those guys advised me calling the Rathaus and make a complaint, it might help. But it won't, as I called and got the same reply: „Being patient." Now without any documents being issued, I am officially illegal to stay in Germany and also unemployed from 1st April.

I searched the internet for the last help and I found this article: https://www.unternehmen-integrieren-fluechtlinge.de/faq/schliessung-der-auslaenderbehoerden-wegen-corona/.

There is one paragraph that says: “Wenn Ausländerbehörden aufgrund mangelnder Kapazitäten keine Fiktionsbescheinigung ausstellen, reicht eine formlose Bestätigung aus. Selbst wenn diese nicht ausgestellt wird, entsteht eine Fiktionswirkung, wenn der Antrag auf Verlängerung fristgerecht gestellt wird. Diese Wirkung gewährleistet weiterhin die Erwerbstätigkeit und den Anspruch auf Leistungen.”

I wonder if there’s someone here knows where can I find this point in any Gesetzbuch? This might be a game changer for me as I have enough evidence to prove that I submitted the paperwork months before the Ablauffrist and might be able to keep my job after all. Even short answers or small piece of information will be very much appreciated.

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Question Native Germans! I want to know what growing up was like for you?


Dear Native Germans,

Greetings! I am an Indian who has moved to Germany in the NRW region for my master's degree in management and engineering here. It was a little tough initially with the whole German Bureaucracy and Banking but ever since I have settled in, I am loving every minute here! I am in love with your food, architecture, and YES! Your language as well. I am starting to learn at A1 and it is super interesting (it's turning me into a ZUPER GUY from that Edeka AD 😂 Favorite AD BTW!!)

I don't have a lot of german friends, so I just wanna know, what was childhood like for you here? What did you growing up? How did you spend time as kids here? What kind of value system did your parents teach you??

Just curious to know more about you all in a more personal level so I can get to know you better 😁

Looking forward to hearing your answers.

Danke schon! Schönen Tag!

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Question how often do native speakers accidentally use the wrong Du/Sie?


It finally happened that I wasn't thinking and accidentally addressed my Berufsschule Lehrer as "du." I immediately corrected myself and was quite embarrassed, and he didn't seem to react (I'm not sure if he even heard me correct myself). I'm very shy with speaking in class because my grammar isn't the best, though I understand things well enough amd my grades are good. I was mortified, but wondered - how often do native speakers accidentally have a brain blip and misspeak using the wrong form? I figure it's sort of the grammatical equivalent of a kid accidentally calling their teacher "mom." Or did I just make a really bad impression? I also figure I have a little leeway since he knows I've only been in Germany and speak the language for about 2 years.

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Question Question about Germans with fond East German memories


Moin Leute! Question from a curious Swede. I have never met a German who remembers the DDR super fondly (when it comes to political/governmental aspects) except for a teacher that told me that East Germany was more equal for women than the West, and her explanation made sense in some ways. But if you check basically any DDR related historical youtube-video the comments are full with people who tells rosy teen/young adult years stories of the DDR, and then end with a lot of criticisms of the current state of Germany.

But seriously I actually make the (perhaps a bit mean spirited) assumption that a lot of those people don’t miss the DDR per say, but instead their own youthful years? Being young, energetic, active, summer/winter fun , and less health problems, All the joys of youth which would kinda happen no matter if grew up in The West or East.

Is this aspect considered/discussed much in debates? If so maybe you have some articles/documentaries to suggest? :) Liebe Grüße aus Schweden

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Question Can I quit Religion in Germany?


Can I leave it in Germany even if I was baptised in another country?

What is the procedure?

If I am missing details, I will just answer in the comments.

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Question I need a definitive answer to German water drinking culture in restaurants


First off a bit of context: I’m from England and have lived in Germany for about 18 months now. I am thoroughly enjoying my time here and in many ways, Germany is so much better than England. But there is one thing that has been a massive culture shock and I want some insight from genuine Germans!

On multiple occasions I have been told off, sometimes politely and sometimes plain rudely, for drinking my own water from a reusable bottle when I’m in a cafe or restaurant. I have ordered multiple drinks and food so I’m spending money at the establishment. I just don’t want to waste money on bottled water because I’m happy drinking tap water. Plus it’s better for the environment!

I had a really weird one today where I was politely told that I couldn’t drink my own water, but the waiter had no problem with getting me and my friend a glass of tap water for free! I just couldn’t see the logic?

So what’s going on here? It’s so striking for me because in England, getting a jug of tap water in a restaurant (with multiple refills) is very much normal practice. As is drinking your own water. Some places even have self-serve jugs of water.

I would understand it if I hadn’t ordered drinks and food as well. But denying a paying customer a swig of their own water seems a bit extreme!


Thanks for the replies on this. Some useful comments from reasonable people, some hilarious comments from people literally frothing at the mouth in anger. Didn’t realise people could get so passionate about water!

All in all, it’s been educational. I have learnt the following:

  1. I will try ordering a “Leitungswasser” more often. I have tried this in the past but have mostly been rebuffed by waiters thinking I’ve asked them for something entirely unreasonable.

  2. I think I’ll just order a big bottle of mineral water and then no other drinks. Solves my problem of wanting to be hydrated during a meal but means I won’t be spending too much on drinks.

  3. It’s been very enlightening seeing the cultural differences between Germans and non-Germans. I suppose that’s what makes the world an interesting place.