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Shannon Sharpe on Ja Morant: "For some reason he wants to surround himself with these type of people. Bruh, you're not hard. This is not your life. You got a $200 million contract and you want people in the NBA to think you hood, to think you gangster."


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u/AleroRatking Vancouver Grizzlies Feb 06 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

I did not expect the biggest Grizzlies rival to become Shannon Sharpe this year.


u/Any_Ingenuity_4390 Feb 06 '23 Gold

I don’t think he’s being a rival here. He’s giving him genuine and correct advice. It’s not a good thing to “be about that life”. Ja doesn’t need to do this shit or pretend to be someone he’s not. He will probably get another 250-300m after his current contract ends too. It would be stupid to surround himself with people that would be detrimental to that goal.


u/KptKrondog [MEM] Stromile Swift Feb 06 '23

Yeah. Ja is being an idiot. Shannon just letting him know it.


u/sparknostalgia Feb 06 '23

Shannon is doing what Ja’s Daddy should be doing


u/testbug0 [GSW] Wilt Chamberlain Feb 06 '23

Ja's dad is too busy living vicariously through his son's achievements to care.


u/TOMdMAK Lakers Feb 06 '23

Busy wearing sunglasses indoor thinking he’s usher


u/BridgesOnB1kes Trail Blazers Feb 07 '23

I saw Usher in person once and it did not disappoint. 2009ish in the depths of the Moda center(Rose Garden at the time) and dude rode past me shirtless on a Segway wearing shades.

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u/LiveLifeLikeCre Feb 06 '23

He just don't want anyone to see how much weed he smoked before the game

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u/Yergason NBA Feb 06 '23

Dude is too focused on being the cool dad who is just like one of the boys, he forgot he still has to be the responsible dad that should guide his son in such a crucial phase of his life.

One in a billion opportunity to earn hundreds of million to play basketball and being pushed as one of the faces of the NBA but he's just letting his idiotic son roleplay a gangsta

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u/MotherLoveBone27 Lakers Feb 06 '23

Pretty one sided rivalry so far lol


u/EShy Feb 06 '23

All of their rivalries are one sided


u/MrGrieves- Tampa Bay Raptors Feb 06 '23

Common Grizzlies L.

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u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23



u/Wasabi_Guacamole Hornets Feb 06 '23

He's 8-1 since the Dillon encounter lol. Every win against Grizzlies since then should count as win for him hahaha

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u/dr-freddy-112 Feb 06 '23

He's not Ja Crittenton and shouldn't want to be lol

You're a multimillion-dollar athlete. Why the fuck would you care what anyone thinks about how "tough" or "gangster" you are? Move on with your life.

People only adapt that style of living when they feel they have little choice in the matter. You're a grown man with access to all of the resources in the world and more. You don't have to be like that.


u/richb83 Knicks Tankswagon Feb 06 '23


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u/toadtruck Trail Blazers Feb 06 '23

Ja needs to have a talk with Z-Bo


u/Dsarg_92 [SAS] Tim Duncan Feb 06 '23

I was gonna say Z-Bo is about that actual life.


u/Ouchyhurthurt Feb 06 '23

Dude played in the NBA to support his weed business.


u/Kind-Masterpiece-310 Lakers Feb 06 '23

Everybody needs a side hustle.


u/Im-here-for-help Feb 06 '23

Smart business decision

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u/343GuiltyySpark Hawks Feb 06 '23

The photo of him on that burner flip phone after a game needs to be put in the HOF


u/OuchYouPokedMyHeart Knicks Feb 07 '23

Can somebody pull that one up for us homies here who haven't seen it yet

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u/awesomobeardo Lakers Feb 06 '23

Everyone that's actually about that life and made it out will tell others how shit it actually is

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u/RichardIraVos Raptors Feb 06 '23

In Zbos hood, bullies get bullied

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u/shellfish87 Grizzlies Feb 06 '23

Zbo was a GD his whole life 🤣


u/breaditbans Heat Feb 06 '23

I heard Z-Bo was lying in silk sheets with two women when the police showed up, started pointing all their guns in his face screaming for him to show his hands and he wouldn’t do it cuz he was holding onto two booties.

I don’t know if it’s true, it’s just what I heard.


u/Red_it_dawg NBA Feb 06 '23

That’s who I want to be when I grow up 😞

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u/wiseraccoon Grizzlies Feb 06 '23

So he can show him how to conceal drug trafficking better?


u/Irafurose Feb 06 '23

Zbo: buy all da burner phones!!

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u/gnusm Lakers Feb 06 '23 Gold Bravo Grande!

Ja thinks he O-Dog from Menace II Society when he actually Loc Dog from Don’t Be a Menace.


u/Trailblazin15 Feb 06 '23

“I SAIIID.. DO. WE. HAVE. A. PROBLEM” while doing the robot dance 😂


u/choff22 Grizzlies Bandwagon Feb 06 '23

Bro that shit is so goddamn funny. That whole movie is a banger.


u/Trailblazin15 Feb 06 '23

Whenever there’s a birthday the “for me??” Will always be in my head lol. “Happy birthday homie!”

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u/Axbris Feb 06 '23

While having his finger on the trigger for a USSR warhead...

If that ain't gangsta, idk what is.

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u/CrumBum_sr Mavericks Feb 06 '23

Tech-9 with the high-tops, or uzi with the low-tops?


u/Calm-Signature-916 Feb 06 '23

I'll just wear these then


u/illsteyria777 Nuggets Feb 06 '23

Lmaoo then pulls out big ass bunny slippers 😭

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u/PIX3LY Warriors Feb 06 '23



u/MSY2HSV Pelicans Feb 06 '23

He’s actually Dennis from Dennis the Menace


u/higgy615 Feb 06 '23 Giggle

He's actually Ja Ja from the Phantom Menace

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u/iamhaddy Feb 06 '23

More like OG Loc from Grove Street


u/fueelin Celtics Feb 06 '23

Dude thinks he's hard like the remote control helicopter mission but really he's easy like Millie with a gimp suit and some hot coffee.

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u/iksnet Knicks Feb 06 '23

1-8 since LeShannon gave em the business btw


u/Tashre Supersonics Feb 06 '23

Despite the fact that they didn't want those problems, they got them anyways.


u/TenaciousDeer Feb 06 '23

They obviously definitely don't want these problems

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u/king_lloyd11 Raptors Feb 06 '23 Bravo Grande!

The man casually may have ended an entire team’s championship hopes in a Randy Macho Man Savage sweater jacket.

Unk ftw.


u/Quality_Ass_Rep Feb 06 '23

They have embodied "how will I ever recover from this" energy ever since.

Crazy lol


u/lundej16 Bucks Feb 06 '23

Well that and the entire league has kinda stopped pulling any punches about Dillon Brooks. Who has also definitely stopped pulling any punches.


u/redredrocks Feb 06 '23

Man I feel vindicated. Not that I necessarily thought he was dirty from the get-go or anything, but I took one look at dude’s facial hair and decided “this guy sucks” based on no additional intel.

I’m glad my baseless accusation ended up being right.


u/ltrob Knicks Feb 06 '23

Bro’s got the Amish preset


u/redredrocks Feb 06 '23

Buddy’s goatee walked into the Harley dealership and they made it the store manager on sight

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u/DoctorMansteel Celtics Feb 06 '23

Sliders set to luddite.

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u/thegoodbadandsmoggy Raptors Feb 06 '23

The cream always rises to the top

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u/cjcfman Raptors Feb 06 '23

We really calling cardigans sweater jackets lmao


u/king_lloyd11 Raptors Feb 06 '23

Lmao look at this guy still using the word “cardigan”.

Probably calls legless slacks “shorts” too.


u/Spida-D-Mitchell [UTA] Donovan Mitchell Feb 06 '23

Ooh, a garage! Well la-di-da, Mr. French Man.


u/Wyden_long Suns Feb 06 '23

I call it a car hole.

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u/ChaosAndCreation Clippers Feb 06 '23

I think you mean Macho Savage Randy Man


u/king_lloyd11 Raptors Feb 06 '23

Fuck I always mix him and Ho Hulkgan up.


u/Davethisisntcool Hawks Feb 06 '23

funnily enough…that’s how The Ultimate Warrior said his name😅

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u/tvchase Hawks Feb 06 '23

Can't convince me that promo he cut to Dave McMenamin in the tunnel didn't destroy them.

This is like Rock burying Billy Gunn's singles push.


u/Foreign_Salary_1789 Trail Blazers Feb 06 '23

The Rock's famous Billy Gunn promo, for those unfamiliar.

I'm a Flair guy myself when it comes to promos, but certainly one of the best promos in wrestling history as he had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

"Oh dear God. You see, my name's Billy, and I just won King of the Ring. But there's one problem... everyone still thinks that I absolutely suck"

Oh my God. So good. The Rock can just bury you with one promo.

The South Park signs, the old WWF logo, it all brings me back to when I was 12 and the world was simpler.

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u/ChrisRhodes789 Feb 06 '23

What was worse?

What Rock did to Billy Gunn or what Cena did to Nexus?

What Shannon did to the Grizzlies is coming closer & closer to Cena vs Nexus territory.. lolol..

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u/VirtuousFool [NYK] RJ Barrett Feb 06 '23

But my name’s Billy!


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u/Class_Act7 Feb 06 '23

9 games already since then?? Lol why does this feel like it was last week?


u/climaxingwalrus Warriors Feb 06 '23

Cuz they play like 5 games a week lol


u/ClaymoresRevenge Bulls Feb 06 '23

He gave them the business so button up their shirt straight


u/BlackWhiteCoke Mavericks Feb 06 '23

And that 1 win was against the pacers which is where this alleged altercation took place. So really it’s just L’s all the way down

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u/boobs14 Raptors Feb 06 '23 Silver Gold Take My Energy hehehehe

This dude's a gangster? His real name is Jarence


u/DrewfromtheOffice Jazz Feb 06 '23 Take My Energy

And jarence parents have a real good marriage


u/Kontinued Mavericks Feb 06 '23 Vibing

He don’t wanna play ball, he shook


u/WarCuntSkyFuck Warriors Feb 06 '23 Silver Gold All-Seeing Upvote Bravo! Wholesome Seal of Approval Got the W I'm Deceased Take My Power Doot 🎵 Doot Spit-take Most Valuable

Ain't no such thing as winning with Dillon Brooks

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u/ItsKeithAskins Heat Feb 06 '23

Ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks


u/Mister_Poopy_Buthole Warriors Feb 06 '23

He’s scared to death, he’s scared to look, at a skyhook


u/iDankkk Raptors Feb 06 '23 Take My Energy

Fuck Dillon Brooks!


u/dookoo Lakers Feb 06 '23

fuck a beat, I'm Clint Capela


u/MC_JACKSON Heat Feb 06 '23

Fuck Thabeet, I'm Clint Capela

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u/Nfrtny Feb 06 '23

Fuck the shot clock, Coach Doc, and fuck the Trailblazers. Fuck everybody. Fuck y'all if you doubt me.


u/DeadDay [OKC] Steven Adams Feb 06 '23

I'm a fake gangster and I say it proudly!


u/Nfrtny Feb 06 '23

Fuck the title. I don't wanna win I'm outie. Here tell The Athletic something they don't know about me.

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u/SettoKaisa Feb 06 '23

Fuck a Pop, fuck a Doc, fuck a trailor


u/AnastasiaMoon [WAS] Antawn Jamison Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23 Apt Analysis

Fuck Shannon Sharpe if he doubt me, i’m a 6’2, 170 pound piece of Memphis trash I say it proudly.

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u/Iron_Chic Warriors Feb 06 '23

JJJ, Brooks and Bane are Eddie Haskel, Wally and Mrs. Cleaver.

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u/ThisAnswerIsLit Lakers Feb 06 '23

Ja had a 12 car garage growing up and they had cars for all of them


u/pistoncivic [NYK] Chris Smith Feb 06 '23

Imagine how many laser pointers they had in every car

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u/Irish-Jokic-Stan Feb 06 '23

Thank you Shannon for combusting the Grizzlies and leaving the West wide open for Denver


u/AmphibianThick7925 Warriors Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Shannon definitely plays it up now like skip, now that he’s had a few years under his belt with him. But this feels more like a disappointed dad. Young successful black men trying to act hood is a legit thing and Ja ain’t the first or last to fall for it.


u/Neversoft4long Wizards Feb 06 '23

He’s called Unc for a reason. A lot of current nfl players listens to what he says. He’s the cool uncle at the family bbq that you joke around with a drink with but every so often he is gonna get serious and set you straight on shit in life

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u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23

Temetrius* lol


u/sh1teposter Feb 06 '23

He gangsta with the name Temetrius Jamel or TJ for short. Now we know why he beefin with TJ McConnell


u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 21 '23



u/actuarally Cavaliers Feb 06 '23

He 100% played in the East-West Senior Bowl game. I think was co-MVP with Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar.


u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23

Temetrius "Construction Noise" Morant.


u/JohnnyWinss Spurs Feb 06 '23

I heard he shared a team with Hingle McCringleberry


u/sorendiz [HOU] Yao Ming Feb 06 '23

xmus jaxon flaxon-waxon >>>

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u/actuarally Cavaliers Feb 06 '23

Nah, Hingle went to Penn State. You're thinking of Eeeee Eeeeeeeee.

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u/ablackcloudupahead Lakers Feb 06 '23

LeCarpetron Dukemarriot was robbed


u/ZJB03 [OKC] Russell Westbrook Feb 06 '23

Tbh I think Jackmerius Tacktheratrix deserved it

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u/paddachim Feb 06 '23

Temetrius Jamel McConnell

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u/solo118 Knicks Feb 06 '23

I rather be soft and sit on my 200 million


u/Rudy_Ghouliani Rockets Feb 06 '23

Gimme 20 million and I'll say fuck the hood to everyone's grandma in the hood. Hood ain't never done shit for me adios bitches

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u/HotelRwandaBeef Feb 06 '23

Bruh come on, I gotta look good for the Twitter bots when they comment wild shit for no reason!!

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u/DynamixRo Clippers Feb 06 '23

Give that man a chef's hat, because he cookin'.


u/CIark Feb 06 '23

Ja gonna be camped outside Shannon’s house next time the Grizzlies play the Lakers 💀


u/JioJio92 Feb 06 '23

With his entire entourage maybe. Shannon might be 50 something but I'd still back him to snap Ja in half. That guy is shredded.


u/sonQUAALUDE Celtics Feb 06 '23

i saw shannon bench press 500lbs like it was nothing on tiktok, saying he was going to “get back to working out”

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u/Zeckzeckzeck Feb 06 '23

Shannon grew up hard. Dude didn’t have indoor plumbing! You don’t want that coming for you because he don’t give a fuck.


u/SureEntertainment676 Kings Feb 06 '23

Not having indoor plumbing is a different level of poverty, Shannon got that old man struggle strength.


u/MykeTyth0n Trail Blazers Feb 06 '23

You don’t wanna mess with a man that could prosper in prison. Sharpe is that man.


u/SureEntertainment676 Kings Feb 06 '23

The baby grizzlies are nephews to the fullest extent lol they just don’t know

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u/brownbearks 76ers Feb 06 '23

My dad grew up with out indoor plumbing til he got to college. That man is hard as nails and still has insane old man strength. You don’t fuck with guys like that, oddly enough he’s a retired business owner with a PhD, but you would never guess he grew up dirt poor but he still has that dawg in him.


u/Jakoobus91 Minneapolis Lakers Feb 06 '23

I bet my dad could beat up your dad. Jk I don't know my dad and he'd probably be a shitty fighter anyways

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u/WaltJay Lakers Feb 06 '23

He's trying to cosplay as D Rose and AI. He already plays like them on the court; last step is to pretend you grew up the same.


u/ClowdyRowdy Bulls Feb 06 '23

Yeah that’s really it I think. But he’s fucking griddying during his new shoe presentation, he can’t have it both ways. Rose didn’t even dance during the ASG


u/skrtskerskrt Lakers Feb 06 '23

looking back, that was cold asf

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u/amenacingballsack 76ers Feb 06 '23

Rose hit one of the better game-winners ever and didn't even fucking react lol.

Man has seen some stuff.


u/ClowdyRowdy Bulls Feb 06 '23

That’s what i’m saying real G’s move in silence


u/humandignitybloc Suns Feb 07 '23

I just realized that between DRose and now Demar the Bulls have had two of the most legit cold street hoopers in league history in their back court.

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u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23

D Rose done let the GDs in the do

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u/PaintByLetters Rockets Feb 06 '23

Makes sense when you factor in his corny ass dad trying to look like Usher 90% of the time.


u/Cold-Magazine6163 Feb 06 '23

What is it with nba players and cringe dads lol


u/Adventurous-Bee-5934 Lakers Feb 06 '23

The best part of being a dad is getting the cringe pass

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u/BDRParty Mavericks Feb 06 '23

Sounds like Ja needs to look at someone like Derozan if he wants to see how to handle being in the NBA. This sub has taught me Derozan is a guy who other players know has a real gangster past but doesn’t advertise it.


u/IAMTHATGUY03 Feb 06 '23

As someone in PR Derozan is the gold standard for this. Man has 20 years worth of gang ties but has a perfect image. Also, he must be a genuinely good dude for Pop to like him so much.

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u/golden_rhino Raptors Feb 06 '23

I grew up around gangs, and worked with students in gangs. The one thing I learned is that the hardest dudes don’t flex.


u/dac5505 Feb 06 '23

Real G's Move in Silence

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u/Sofialovesmonkeys Spurs Feb 06 '23

Pop loves this about DeMar. They would let him throw up crip & everything 😂😂😂

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u/bigboi2115 Bulls Feb 06 '23

If you're actually from an environment like that Shannon is spitting.

You don't know how depressing it is to see kids that fall asleep dreaming to get a taste of what Ja has accomplished then wake up the next morning and do shit that makes that dream impossible or don't live to dream another night.

What he's doing ain't worth it, and it'll have the same consequences that it has for those kids too. It'll just result in a waste of his talent.


u/elbenji [MIA] Udonis Haslem Feb 06 '23

Like you see that shit first hand too. Most people live that life out of desperation, not glory

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u/marsexpresshydra Feb 06 '23

But bro, the league definitely released (actually leaked!) their report late on Sunday to cover it up so it didn’t gain any traction!


u/Alley-Oub Warriors Feb 06 '23

good thing Ja tweeted about it for visibility


u/ipooplogs Feb 06 '23

It’s free to see how tweets feel

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u/Briguy_fieri Pelicans Feb 06 '23

Leaked in the middle of the Kyrie trade and Steph injury news

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u/SlightSupermarket533 Feb 06 '23

It's crazy how some athletes so eager to Aaron Hernandez themselves.


u/Grand-Assistance-339 Feb 06 '23

Aaron Hernandez WAS actually about that life though. Morant comes off like he cosplaying a gangster


u/FkFkingFker Charlotte Bobcats Feb 06 '23

Aaron Hernandez was a rare case of a gangbanger who just so happened to be good at football.

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u/kiygjyrg Knicks Feb 06 '23

Shannon is lucky he’s not 13 otherwise Ja and his boys might come for him


u/WickedRuiner Raptors Feb 06 '23

I'd still give the edge to 13 year-old Shannon lol


u/VerTex_GaminG Warriors Feb 06 '23

ay man we joke but Shannon came from the type of hood where poor people called him poor lol. He scratched and clawed his way to a HOF career and took care of his fam while doing it. 13 year old shannon probably tough as nails.


u/yoloqueuesf [NYK] Tracy McGrady Feb 07 '23

No one is going to even remotely try to pick a fight with Shannon, dude has biceps as thick as most peoples thighs lmao

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u/fatflipflops Lakers Feb 06 '23

even RDCWorld already have a vid similar to this


u/addem67 Feb 06 '23

RDC always scoring 😂

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u/DaKingindaSouff Lakers Feb 06 '23

Agreed. Ja Morant comes from a good home, with a good father but wants to act like he’s signed to Yo Gotti and CMG.


u/franksthegreat Celtics Feb 06 '23

Ja listens to too much youngboy and tries to imitate him too much

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u/WintertimeFriends Knicks Feb 06 '23

Like a lot of rich kids I’ve known over the years.


u/screwhead1 Pelicans Feb 06 '23

Rich kids from Memphis that try to act gangster can sometimes be found 90 miles away at Ole Miss lol.


u/Hail_The_Motherland Feb 06 '23

Kids from Collierville and Germantown furiously looking for your location


u/screwhead1 Pelicans Feb 06 '23

They're probably doing keg stands at the Sig Ep house or running up bar tabs around the Square on daddy's credit card. Hotty Toddy.

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u/kyleb402 Bucks Feb 06 '23

It's about the people you surround yourself with.

Lebron didn't exactly grow up in an amazing environment but he seemed to surround himself with people and friends that wanted to be entrepreneurs and actually took it serious.

Ja seems to have surrounded himself with people who want to act like they're gangsters and he's going to get dragged down with them.

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u/lawnicus18 Raptors Feb 06 '23 Gold

Sharpe is probably my favourite talking head cause he a) generally doesn’t give a fuck and b) actually has decent takes


u/fredlikefreddy Thunder Feb 06 '23

C) was actually elite at the highest level of his sport


u/Duhawk96 Bulls Feb 06 '23 hehehehe

He was a tight end so he’s an honorary basketball player, like Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates. Did you know they played basketball?


u/Factsimus_verdad Feb 06 '23

Tony Gonzalez - Great TE and a heck of a player for California Bears.

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u/SomeRandom928Person Suns Feb 06 '23

Ish Wainwright is a former TE (for the Bills) turned NBA player, does that count?

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u/Tabais123 Feb 06 '23

He wasn’t even the best football player in his family either


u/Bovine_Joni_Himself Nuggets Feb 06 '23

Crazy that he's a HoFer, one of the best at his position at all time, and a multiple super bowl winner yet this is still a true statement that he would be the first to agree with.


u/SJMASK Suns Feb 06 '23

Favre to Sharpe was up there with Marvin and Peyton IMO

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u/TJeffersonsBlackKid Feb 06 '23

He says that in his HOF speech.


u/ThrowAwayBBY46 Supersonics Feb 06 '23

Yep he's very respectful of Sherling and always talks about how he never wouldn't have been as successful as he was without being able to lean on Sherling for advice as he'd already been through it. That family seems very close.

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u/BigFatModeraterFupa Mavericks Feb 06 '23

he is like the king uncle of sports

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u/urfaselol [NBA] Best of 2021 Winner Feb 06 '23

also entertaining af


u/so-cal_kid Lakers Feb 06 '23

And he actually played and was elite at his sport so you can't pull the do you even know sports card on him and he's still super jacked.


u/heisenberg423 Feb 06 '23

Not only that, but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants, and hangs out with the hottest dudes.

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u/MisticMistics Feb 06 '23

What happened ? I haven’t read much news lately


u/Mdgt_Pope Feb 06 '23

Something about Morant's crew and a laser. We had a funeral for a bird.


u/Tetraknox Feb 06 '23

Ja: "I'm pretty sure none of that's real"


u/mecon320 Cavaliers Feb 06 '23


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u/NoseBlind2 Raptors Feb 06 '23

Ja Morant had some of his people pointing lasers at Pacers staff through an SUV window.

Could be lasers from a gun, seen as a threat towards Pacers staff


u/SennKazuki Mavericks Feb 06 '23

Ngl if I had a laser pointed towards me, even tho I'm an absolute nobody, I would absolutely dive to the floor. No shit that's a threat.


u/Chitown2181 Bulls Feb 06 '23

I mean, you see some generally hard looking motherfuckers all riled up, then they hop in their blacked out SUV, then a laser points out from the window right at your chest.

There’s really not much else to think, I’d shit my pants as well.

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u/JeanVicquemare Supersonics Feb 06 '23

from a legal standpoint, doing something deliberate, knowing that it will make another person fear imminent harm, is assault. And someone can try to be cute about whether it was a gun or a laser pointer or whatnot, but a judge isn't going to buy it- they're going to say, "You knew very well what you were doing."

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u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23

whole time its just badger and skinny pete with laser pointers

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u/inshamblesx [HOU] James Harden Feb 06 '23

Common Shannon W


u/p3ndu1um Vancouver Grizzlies Feb 06 '23

Increasingly common grizzlies L

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u/LuckyWarrior Pelicans Feb 06 '23

Hes been eating good lately

He was also on that Baltimore Ravens 2000 team documentary on ESPN last night

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u/QueAsc0 Knicks Feb 06 '23

Miss the Tony Allen, ZBO era of Grizzlies basketball. These kids act lame af

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u/WolfgangBB [LAL] Sasha Vujačić Feb 06 '23

This is probably one of the rare instances of a player benefitting from being on a small market team. Because if he was on the Lakers or Knicks or something, this story would be wayyy bigger.


u/MitchEatsYT Lakers Feb 06 '23

If he was on the Lakers or Knicks this wouldn’t be happening

His small town boys wouldn’t be able to roll like this in a city like LA or NY and those teams absolutely wouldn’t allow it

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u/star_nerdy Feb 06 '23

Seriously, street cred isn’t redeemable for shit.

You don’t get fast tracked into the club.

You don’t get an upgrade to business class at the airport.

You don’t even get extra fries at McDonald’s.

Street cred is for insecure idiots whose only contribution to society is a willingness to harm others.

I’m a nerd, I’m cool with that. My brother killed a man hanging out with idiots who were “all about that life.” It fucking ruined his life trying to be tough.

Meanwhile, I got a PhD and have a good life. He could have had a great life, instead, he got 14 years in prison and the highlight of his week was us showing up with plastic bags full of quarters and buying him frozen wings and chips during our visit.

Fuck that gangsta bullshit. Want to be tough, show up every day and put in the work and help others without an expectation of reward.


u/shaboobalaboopy510 Warriors Feb 06 '23

👊🏾 I respect you for being true to yourself, I started as a nerd and got pushed wayward by my own brother, wish I would've let him be a dumbass by himself

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u/need2peeat218am Timberwolves Feb 06 '23

Ja Moron

Saw somebody say this on my team's sub and I can't get it out of my head


u/phlipout22 Feb 06 '23

LOL that's what we are all thinking

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u/KIMJONGUNderfed Grizzlies Feb 06 '23

Grizzly Fans Right Now: “We’re fine, everything’s ok! Oh how about that Kyrie guy….” As we shuffle back to the shadows for 10 seconds until someone else does something stupid like this. This s*** is painful.

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u/SFWzasmith Bulls Feb 06 '23

This guy is potentially the next face of the NBA and could be a billionaire. Instead he’s playing gangster for no reason.

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u/Prodigy195 Hawks Feb 06 '23

Far too many men, especially young men and especially young black men, often feel a need to perform masculinity and either don't know how, are unwilling to, or are unable to perform it in healthy ways

It's why guys who've made it out will still get caught up in that lifestyle (Pooh Sheisty, Young Thug and the pending RICO case with YSL). It's why we've seen legit dozens of NBA/NFL players get caught with guns or other nonsense charges after they've made it to the pros.

I went to an HBCU and remember freshman year seeing guys who were acting/claiming like they were living in or coming from the street light. In my mind I'm thinking "you filled out a FASFA, got financial aid taken care of and registered for classes, you can let the street life go".

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u/75153594521883 Pistons Feb 06 '23

Shannon Sharpe? Based.

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u/laemvan Mavericks Feb 06 '23

Shannon. Relax. You already did so much to this team.


u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23


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u/jhm131396 76ers Feb 06 '23

This guy's a gangster? His real name's Temetrius

And Temetrius lives at home with both parents

And Temetrius' parents have a real good marriage

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