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Attempts to provide public access to published knowledge in a way that conflicts with unjust copyright laws is within the limits of respectable discourse under the framework of civil disobedience, which was a concept used in the civil rights movement against racist oppression in the United States.

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Pirate Party Australia Supports “Woman, Life, Freedom” Movement in Iran and Condemns the Ongoing Human Rights Abuses of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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Statement of Solidarity with the Internet Archive in Response to Hachette v. Internet Archive

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Hachette v. Internet Archive: The Internet Archive has lost its first fight to scan and lend e-books like a library | The Internet Archive says it will appeal.

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Join the Discussion: Can the Pirate Party Make a Comeback in the UK?


Ahoy there, fellow pirates! As you know, the Pirate Party was founded with the goal of protecting online rights and freedoms, but we also recognize the importance of defending human rights more broadly. That's why I'm excited to discuss the potential resurgence of the New UK Pirate Party, a political party that values digital freedoms, civil liberties, and Green and trans rights.

I believe that the Pirate Party's focus on digital issues, combined with its commitment to social justice, could make it a powerful force in UK politics today. That's why I've created a new Discord server and am planning to make a new website for the New UK Pirate Party.

But I wanted to get your thoughts on this idea, fellow pirates. Do you think there is still a need for a political party that values digital freedoms and civil liberties? Would you support a revival of the New UK Pirate Party? And what do you think about expanding the party's platform to include Green and trans rights? Let's have a discussion and see if we can make the Pirate Party a force for positive change in the UK once again!


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On a Rail Workers Strike - Pirate Party of Pennyslvania

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Rethinking data and rebalancing digital power

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Skallywags Armada - South Florida Pirates

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It would be a real shame if my self-funded ad campaign against DRM breaks 1,000 likes on Twitter

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Newton's Third Law

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GRC: #KnowledgeForAll

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How the public domain can win

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United Nations Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation

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How the American Political system works and how to change it.


Dear Friends,

My name is Theo Chino and I am a member of the Social Democrats of America (or Socialists.) I am writing these words here because I would like the Pirate Party membership to get the information I put together on the Rep My Block website.

What is important is that we put a break to the neoliberal policies pushed by hedge funds and corporate democrats.

Because matching fund, the Pirate Party can raise a few millions dollars in New York City next year but it will require to make a big sacrifice.

I explain the project here: https://www.reddit.com/r/SocialDemocracy/comments/vyxlav/ending_the_imperialism_that_are_the_united_states/

and I posted my story here: https://www.reddit.com/r/SocialDemocracy/comments/w0hfj5/report_on_the_experience_of_running_inside_the

I am available to explain to the Green Party leadership how to use RepMyBlock to get it done.

In Solidarity,


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How to Get a State Party Registered to the National Party


I'm from Texas which doesn't have an affiliated Texas Pirate Party. I'm wondering how I can get one created and affiliated with the USPP. I'm awaiting replies thank you.

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I find I agree with most of what the pirate party is about. How do I know if I am Pirate Party?


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How is the Pirate Party gonna become big in the US?


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Cascadian Federal Election (two-party system)

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Us pirates in Ohio


I'm a left libertarian or anarchist. Bakunin, Proudhon, that kind of thing. The green party seems to be statist to me, and the libertarians are far too reactionary and anti labor.

The pirate movement seems like it would be the best fit for me as you guys seem to be almost libertarian-center. Not too statist, not anti labor, I like the emphasis on civil liberties, direct democracy, and internet law.

Are there any pirates in Ohio that might want to try and start a chapter here?

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Seize the Means of Computation

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Better Internet Series: Architecture and Open Standards

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Work From Home as a policy platform plank


Yohoho. I confess I am not a PP member though I am very sympathetic to your ideology; my country (Australia) has ranked choice voting and you folks are typically in my top section, the place of actual positive approval. So I hope you will forgive my temerity in coming here to offer you unsolicited advice that for all I know you have thought of already.

That advice: Pirate Parties worldwide, and especially in Australia, should adopt pro-WFH as major policy planks. I see it as ideologically compatible with a general high regard for self-determination and low regard for meddlesome supervision, and also with strong internet provided at low cost or free to people’s homes.

The major downside of WFH is that it absolutely, unambiguously screws CBD commercial real estate landlords, and ancillary business owners like CBD cafes and drycleaners etc. However much of that money is instead spent elsewhere in the economy (and a further detrimental effect: into house prices). Also meddlesome middle managers, whose utter uselessness, indeed negative productivity, has been revealed to all.

But you, as pirates, can be relied upon to be happy to make CBD landlords and middle managers walk the plank. Can’t you?

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Introduction and political background


Hello! I am new to this subreddit, I mainly support the Pirate Party and the Green Party, and a start-up party called the Space Exploration Party.

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Interoperability: Open APIs are a start, Open Standard is better

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