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Father killed outside Vancouver Starbucks after asking man to not vape near his toddler

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Clubhouse the mouse strikes again

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Ask Grey a Question for One Billion Views Q&A


Please submit your questions for the next Q&A with Grey. Some notes and guidelines:

  • Please vote on questions. This thread is in 'contest mode' so all the questions are being displayed in random order to maximize fairness, but for that to work more votes must be cast than questions are asked. If you post a question, please vote on at least three other questions.

  • The thread is also open and checked until the Q&A goes up so you're never too late.

  • Questions about 'your favorite' or 'least favorite' aren't interesting questions to answer.

  • If you've watched the previous Q&A videos you probably have a better chance of getting your question selected

If your question is selected, I will almost certainly edit it for brevity, clarity, or to simply shape it to my will.

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Misinformation in title An enormous fossil of the Stupendemys geographicus, discovered in Venezuela, is the largest known turtle shell found to date. At nearly 9½ feet long, this colossal animal would have resembled, in length and weight, a mid-sized car. Carlos for scale.

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When you meet New people, what is a sentence that instantly makes you dislike the Person?



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The Cishets™ me_irlgbt

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Jennifer Aniston Says ‘A Whole Generation of Kids’ Finds ‘Friends’ Offensive: ‘You Have to Be Very Careful’ With Comedy Now


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People who just leave their stuff on a workout machine and disappear for 15min! I only needed 10min I could have been done already.

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The Right Is Using the Nashville Shooting to Declare War on Trans People


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A barge carrying 1,400 tons of Toxic Methanol has become submerged in the Ohio River

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image Don't get me wrong, I'm all for positive wellbeing, but how are these oversized Emotional Support Vehicles even legal on Australian roads?

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My aunt died and I was given the choice by my boss to attend her funeral or be fired


My aunt died a few weeks ago. I had a part time job (20 hrs/week) on top of my regular job. When I told my part time job I wasn’t coming in and why, my boss told me to choose my priority but if it wasn’t my job, I’d be terminated. I told him to terminate me, threw my smock at him, and walked out. The line of customers in line thought it was a joke until I really left. Upon my return home, I realized I had at least 20 text messages and a few voice mail messages asking me to come back. I responded to one stating I chose my priority and it wasn’t him. It was probably funnier to me in person but I thought I’d share.

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Misleading Tech pioneers call for six-month pause of "out-of-control" AI development


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Russia/Ukraine Putin admits sanctions may hurt Russia's economy

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Everything went a'OK except for the landing

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Trailer Asteroid City - Official Trailer


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Help needed

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Pilot lands on highway after engine failure

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High egg prices send profits at largest US producer soaring more than 700%

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Mildly Terrifying

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Yesterday had to reissue stickers for a kid who just bought a car from us. Cop accused him of using counterfeit stickers and ripped one off.

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Mass shootings in the US since 2009. A mass shooting is defined as any incident in which four or more people are shot and killed. Since 2009, there have been 306 mass shootings, resulting in 1710 people shot and killed and 1087 people shot and wounded.

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Advice My cat has severe separation anxiety. I combat this by taking him EVERYWHERE with me. Am I doing the right thing?


Hi everyone! I got Mushroom as a small kitten around June 2022. He was very confident and seemed to take a liking to me. I was dealing with some quite severe health issues at the time so I was quite homebound save for trips to the shop.

After about a month, I was going out more. When Id leave the house, he would meow (well, wail) through the house, after a bit of time hide under my bed. He refused to eat, hissed at my mum and sister, and generally seemed worried and scared.

When I got back, he would be back to his cuddly self. He didn't/doesn't like my mum and sister much, but he sits/sat near them and plays/played with them. After two more times of this happening and Mushroom shitting on the stairs due to nerves, my mum took the operative decision to insist I took the cat out with me. So, I did. He loves it.

He gets nervous sometimes, but never runs, never hisses, and mostly just sits on my shoulder when we're moving and parks himself near me when we're sat on the train/ indoors at a coffee stop or friends house. He rarely shows signs of being scared, purrs on buses and plays like a kitten on the sodding London Tube.

Unfortunately, during a shopping trip in Ikea, a lady came up to me and told me Mushroom was in obvious distress and I was a terrible owner. This was quite upsetting to hear, but from my observations incorrect - his eyes were slit like and tiny, he was slow blinking at me and my friend, and tucked his paws under him on my lap when we sat down and groomed himself while on my shoulder.

So, Id just like some input from you guys. He goes quite literally everywhere that allows him - even most shops, due to my autism it's a very cheeky excuse as to why I've a cat with me;) I work freelance so he can come with me on job sites (networking stuff, nothing loud or scary for him or me)

Is this the right way to help my little boy with his separation anxiety?

Thanks for any thoughts x