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Flaired Users Only If you tell mentally ill kids that people disagreeing with them is “genocide,” eventually they’ll pick up weapons…


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📚 Due Diligence GameStop has said, in no uncertain terms, that they ARE NOT doing a dividend of any kind now or in the future. This INCLUDES meaning no NFT dividend. They have what's basically a Warrant Canary in their filing.


Hey everyone,

So we really need to all get on board with what GameStop themselves are legally saying and stop spreading fake rumors or false hope about a future NFT dividend.

It's not coming, at least no time soon, and therefore we cannot and should not be reading tea leaves and astrology charts like it's a secret message of a future happenstance waiting to happen.

So, if you don't know, GameStop specifically and legally bound themselves to not put out a dividend now or any time soon.

If you haven't looked at the 10-K, and in fact most of the 10-Qs also have this same wording, but y'all need to read what's actually there because this is official, legally binding notice direct from GameStop, and if they went back on this, they can and would be successfully sued and lose.

Why? Because there's 0 wiggle room in the wording. You can read it yourself here (someone else's screenshot and highlight):

During the past 3 fiscal years, we have not declared, and do not anticipate declaring in the near term, dividends on shares of our common stock.

This line, right here, is very legally accurate and intentionally placed. We know from this specific wording that GameStop THEMSELVES considers the Splividend to NOT be a dividend, otherwise they could not have legally said to investors in this report that they have not in the last 3 years declared a dividend.

But, the good news is, we already know this. We do. We know this because real dividends cause shorts to have to panic, as we've seen with many other companies, of course most notably of which would be the Overstock dividend. So, we know the Splividend was not a dividend because none of us saw crazy price action of shorts closing, and we can confirm that GameStop themselves doesn't consider the Splividend to be a Dividend but rather a stock split, as they could not have said so plainly in their verbiage there that they have not processed any dividends in the last 3 years.

However, it's important to additionally remember that the Overstock digital dividend, was a real, legal dividend. You can read all about it yourself directly from their own filing from 3 years ago but I just want to highlight a single part that's in the beginning:

The dividend was issued in Series A-1 shares on a 1:10 basis to all Overstock shareholders as of the record date of April 27, 2020. Overstock distributed the dividend shares though its transfer agent, Computershare, to investors’ brokerage or other custodial accounts in which they hold their Overstock securities, and no action by shareholders was necessary for them to receive the dividend.

This is really, really important to emphasize here. There's been a lot of NFT/Web3 folks speculating all kinds of wild ways that GameStop could make or use digital systems to fuck the short sellers. However, no matter what system or method that's created, the important thing to note is what I highlighted in the Overstock form above:

It's distributed AS A DIVIDEND.

Now, why is this seemingly small thing so important? Well, I'll let Investopedia's article say it:

If, however, you are short a dividend-paying stock, you are not entitled to receive the dividend and must pay it instead to the lender of the borrowed shares.

The reason this needs to be emphasized is simple, legalese. Essentially, the laws say shorts are only screwed in a few ways, one of which is through a stock they're short, issuing a dividend. But we know this, because we know Overstock fukt short sellers through a digital dividend.

So, now we need to look at this closely and clearly, look at the specific wording from GameStop themselves and we can now realize one thing:

During the past 3 fiscal years, we have not declared, and do not anticipate declaring in the near term, dividends on shares of our common stock.

This ^ is their Warrant Canary. Or you can even call it a Short Seller Honeypot. A Bear Trap. GameStop themselves is saying "Come on in, we promise we WON'T fuck you like Overstock did, we promise we won't issue ANY dividends that'll fuck you. Promise. It's right in our filing. You could sue us and win if we went back on it. So, come on in! Come short us! We dare you!"

The thing we need to be excited for, the thing we need to look at, is we need to wait for the time the filing NO LONGER has this wording. The moment GameStop puts out a 10-K or 10-Q that doesn't contain this phrase, they are considering putting out a dividend. And, as we read in the Investopedia article, dividends are one of the few market mechanics that legally get short sellers to face the music.

With that being said, the purpose of my posting this is so that maybe we can stop hyping up NFT/Web3 things. There's some real wild speculation out there, week in and week out, about how a tweet from GameStopNFT is actually them hinting they're about to hurt the Shorts. They're literally not. They literally cannot do that. If GameStop processed an NFT dividend this week with Gmerica, the wording in their 10-K can and would be used against them in courts and they'd lose, as the filings of companies are legal documents, meant to inform investors on the company. That's why there's no wiggle room in their wording.

Read it again, and I want to emphasize this part:

During the past 3 fiscal years, we have not declared, and do not anticipate declaring in the near term, dividends on shares of our common stock.

I'm highlighting this section because, legally speaking, they are binding themselves with it.

Let's say that folks are right and NFT dividend was right around the corner. If there was even a SINGLE email, or communication between GameStop employees, either being directed to, asked to, or implied to make a system of a digital token, for the purpose of distributing it as a Dividend, and said employee or email came out showing said process, while GameStop themselves is saying they "have not declared, and do not anticipate declaring" directly to investors via their filing, they'd be in DEEP TROUBLE legally speaking.

GameStop themselves have absolutely no reason to say they are not working on a dividend, while secretly working on one. The moment they are in any way actually considering making such a system, they would not legally be able to place that wording on Dividends in their filing.

The truth of the matter is: You DO NOT WANT GameStop working on a NFT token to be distributed as a dividend right now or at any time in the last 3 years. Why? Because if they were now or at any time in the past 3 years looking to create a digital token as a dividend, they'd be lying in the legal paperwork that they themselves submitted, and that would be grounds for all kinds of legal issues to hit GameStop and possibly even undermine the very Dividend you're wanting to receive that could finally force Shorts to close.

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🗣 Discussion / Question Alright, those who were pushing that BBBY was about to be acquired by GME this quarter please step forward and admit you were wrong. GME 10-K shows NO ACQUISITION!


Alright folks, time to clean up shop.

We've had shills saying for ages that this quarter GME is taking Baby from BBBY and we just needed the quarterly filing to confirm it.

Well the quarterly filing is done and the 10K is out and THEY AIN'T BUYING IT. Period. Speculation over.

Now, we need to go through and start unwinding the real DD on this company from the RC/GME stuff because that's not happening and we need to get to the bottom of what we really have with this company, without talking about pie-in-the-sky stuff.

If this sub is full of real people, we'll know shortly because we'll learn from this and stop making shit up and start getting real, good DD going on what's really out there versus what we want to happen.

If this sub is mostly astroturf, then we'll act like nothing new was revealed, nobody was proven wrong, and a new "Ackshually X is totes gonna buy Baby" narrative will form.

Time to look in the mirror and get real. Let's do better.

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Turn Your Best Developers Into Managers

Thumbnail levelup.gitconnected.com

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HasanAbi | Just Chatting Pretty Privilege Piker


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[Lore] Change of 'Infantile' mode name and suggestions


So as you may have noticed the devs renamed the 'Infantile' mode into Exploration mode.

As a long time runner of 'Infantile' mode I appreciate the name change as I found it at best insulting and at worst toxic and discriminatory to less jumpingly capable.

In spirit of this change, I think it would be nice if the different modes in PvE could also have new names. For instance, 't1' in fractals implies it is the lowest of the mode which can be construed as insulting. Instead I suggest renaming each tier a, b, c or d. Alternatively, they could be named after something more neutral like colors, such as blue, orange, green and purple. The naming could also rotate on intervals so colors do not get a negative connotation over time.

Similarly, raid and strike 'challenge modes' imply the other modes are too easy and can be construed as toxic. In the spirit of this change I suggest they can simply be named as 'other mode' or 'alternative mode'.

Thank you.

This post is sarcastic, as I found the name change too funny

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Photo Side by side


4" lift, but the rear is 3/4" taller

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Misc Just Have to Say It


I've seen atleast 1 post daily since week 2 of the season about "Lost sector's being too hard" or "Bungie if you make LS harder, atleast do X"

And straight up I dont find them harder than before. Every season when a new exotic was put in the LS that I wanted I would do the legendary solo, and comparing then to now I honestly did not feel a difference. Maybe numerically there really is a difference, but I didn't notice it. The concept was still the same, be atmost 25 under and make sure i have the right antichampion gear on. Dont play like an idiot. Experiment with my build for the first few runs til I find one that clicks and then get to farming.

Maybe I'm in the minority here. Maybe I'm too dense to understand that 12 mins is just too much time to spend clearing lost sectors while under powered. Maybe I just play the game too much, as I'm already at 1810+16. Doesn't change though that i was 25 under when I unlocked my extra build slots by completring a solo flawless loss sector.

Frankly, I just dont get why everyone thinks 100% of a game needs to be completed by 100% of players. Not everyone has as much time on their hands, or the desire to play that much, and thats cool. However I've never liked the idea of participation gimme rewards. Its okay if you dont have the same amount of build slots week 5 as someone who plays way more than you do. Its okay you never climbed beyond Guardian rank 6. Maybe I'm wrong here, and if I am in this distinctly opinion based topic, oh well. Guardian ranks I thought were meant to reflect the skill of a guardian, not their time dump. It's the same reason I think commendations have no place being part of GRs. Steam (and most other platforms) already have a time card on the game, we dont need loot to reflect it as well.

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Question Is there a reason I find copper in the black forest if I need cores from the swamp before I can use it?


I just don't get it. I can't do anything with copper until I get surtling cores, but copper is found in the forest and cores aren't found until I get to the swamp?

EDIT: downvotes for asking a question. What a supportive and nontoxic community

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Tectone | Just Chatting tectone fighting a conch shell


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Civilians & politicians RU POV: Ukrainian soldier speaks about change of his attitude towards Zelensky

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Lysium Lysium - Clapping Cerberus


Benji reacting to the news of Nick Simone being shot at

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Discussion Subclass is a term used to describe a set of weapons a class has that drastically changes the way a class is played

Post image

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Thank God. Negative Covid test and my Bluesey

Post image

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Housing No future in Ireland


I’m 31, can’t find a decent partner, nowhere to live, shit job and shit salary. The State has no interest investing in it’s own people to have a decent life. Why is nobody doing anything about any of these crises? And why are the ones trying to do something being blocked? What benefit is there in preventing people from investing in their futures, families and building a decent life?

This country is a poverty trap: the only way out is emigration.

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APES UNITED 🦍💪🏻 This sub has gone full on insane (Amazon rant)


How in the world are people in this sub upvoting these asinine posts about Amazon interest being FUD? Using conspiratorial buzzwords like "they" to describe shadow bankers of using Amazon as a means to rug pull....do you people seriously believe this?

Before y'all downvote me to oblivion let me say this, I've been here since before the $72 spike and have bought more since, I've bought AMC and APE throughout and is staying here no matter what. That being said, seeing AMC stock price rise on acquisition speculation is the most basic news as news can get. Look at whole foods' stock price when there was Amazon speculation, or Twitter when Elon wanted to buy it, hell even BABA is up after news of splitting into 6 companies. I know there's foul play with the naked shorting but the Amazon interest IS NOT foul play.

And to those that says Amazon acquiring AMC doesn't make sense...are you dumb? It make perfect sense for them to vertically integrate AMC theatres along with Amazon Studios. To add, with Apple committing a billion to theatre centric movies, it only stands to reason that Amazon may want to do this too, and to solve distribution issues by gee, I don't know, OWNING THEIR OWN THEATRE CHAIN????

So please, I repeat, I WANT AMC to moon, but either subredditors like me need to call out dumb posts or moderators gotta do a better job moderating posts here, or we run the risk of just entertaining retarded posts in this sub that rivels that of WallStreebets, except posts here aren't ironic but serious.

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Meme I am SUING RuPaul for eliminating Loosey


I am LIVID that RuPaul has eliminated Loosey as she has been the reminder for my bowels to LET LOOSE weekly. Before, I was constantly constipated, but when Loosey first performed Let Loose, my anus finally let loose like Tatianna's did when she ate Mexican. Every time RuPaul said Loosey's name on the runway, I felt so much relief on the toilet. But now that she's gone I feel bloated and constipated again, and clearly RuPaul eliminating Loosey was unfair so I am suing Ru for physical and emotional damage!

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We're moving from r/OliverMarkusMalloy to r/Oliver

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Rant my brother in christ, i’m just trying to get to class and not waste the $11k i spent on tuition!


can this shit just get over with??

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40 Rounds of Ammunition to Bring Down a Tree

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AMA [AMA] Ma femme et moi avons accouché à la maison, DNNQ


Salut /r/France,

Il y a deux semaines on a fait ce qu’on aurait jamais cru pouvoir faire, on a donné naissance à la maison de notre troisième enfant (je dis on, mais c’est Madame Chibraltarinette qui a fait tout le travail).

Après en avoir parlé sur le Forum Libre (ici : lien) plusieurs personnes semblaient intéressées par le sujet.

Donc avec Chibraltarinette, nous sommes ravis de pouvoir répondre à toutes vos questions sur ce sujet passionnant et controversé. L'accouchement à domicile (souvent raccourci en AAD) est une option de plus en plus populaire pour les couples qui cherchent à redevenir actrice et acteur de la naissance de leur enfant et à éviter les interventions médicales inutiles. Mais pour être éligible à cette option il faut répondre à un certain nombre de critères, s’inscrire tout de même dans une maternité au-cas-où, s’organiser en amont et s’entourer d’une équipe de soins qualifiée. Dans notre cas nous avons été suivies par une sage-femme libérale qui pratique les AAD en Gironde (diplômée de l’état hein, qui pratique en cabinet, pas une sorcière trouvée sur Leboncoin qui accouche les femmes en fonction de la lune), elle nous a vues 2 fois par mois toute la grossesse et c’est aussi elle qui nous a fait les cours de préparation à la naissance et monitoring de fin de grossesse. Elle nous a accompagnées le jour J en binôme avec une infirmière.

Si vous êtes en train de considérer l'accouchement à domicile pour vous-même ou que vous cherchez simplement à en savoir plus sur cette pratique, le rôle du père, la gestion de la douleur, nous sommes là pour répondre à toutes vos questions et partager nos connaissances et notre expérience. Alors n'hésitez pas à poser vos questions et engager la discussion !

En attendant, je vous propose quelques chiffres, fournis par l’Association des Professionnels de l’Accouchement à Domicile (APAAD, qui a aussi produit une vidéo de 3 minutes sur les chiffres de 2018):

  • 200 sages-femmes professionnelles pratiquent les AADs en France, pour 2000 accouchements par an
  • 10,5% des femmes ont été transférées en per-partum pour pathologie ou suspicion de pathologie du travail
  • Les femmes AAD sont en proportion 3,5 fois moins nombreuses que la population générale et 5,5 fois moins nombreuses que la population bas risque hospitalière à avoir développé une hémorragie du post-partum (HPP) sévère

Et voici quelques sources d’informations si vous voulez approfondir :

Livres :

  • Le guide de la naissance naturelle, Ina May Gaskin (lien): c’est la bible sur le sujet, si lire un livre ne vous fait pas peur, foncez.
  • J’accouche bientôt, que faire de la douleur ?, Maïté Trélaün (lien) : un livre qui traite du sujet de la souffrance maternelle

Films / Documentaires :

  • Faut pas pousser, de Nina Narre (lien)
  • Accoucher autrement, de Camille Teixera (lien)

BDs :

La naissance en BDs, de Lucile Gomez, tomes 1, 2 et 3

EDIT : on commence le coup de feu du soir, enfants, douche, repas tmtc, on reviendra ce soir répondre aux retardataires !

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[META] How debunkers debunk and stop you from reading


EDIT: ATM. 50,000 views. 174 Comments. 13 net upvotes.

This post is to let new/recent readers know how paid debunkers manipulate readers from being interested in a post.

Please be aware the many of the responders on Reddit are not curious readers. They are here to stop you from being interested.

EDIT. Some are human. Some are bots. AND Not all are disingenuous.

They act to prevent the spread of information by using a playbook of terms and phrases.

Ignore these responses. Read on and form your own opinion.

Some of the most common responses are:

For UFOs/Aliens, the say things like this:

  • "Wasn't that debunked a long time ago ?"
  • "That image has been circulating for years and was shown to be a hoax"
  • "He/she later admitted that it was fake"
  • "This poster is a karma hunter"

For the Hat Men and night entities, sleep paralysis is always used as the debunk

For hearing things in your nearly asleep state, Hypnogogia is always used as the debunk.

For ghosts pictures, they say it is Pareidolia.

For experiences that involve many events crossing many senses (sight, sound, smell, touch) it is Schizophrenia/Hallucinations.

For glitches in the matrix, its coincidence or forgetfulness.

And the last ditch effort is, a LARP or a book deal, or lying for karma.

Again, ignore these responses. Read on and form your own opinion.

I am hyperbolicuniverse and I approved this message. ;-)

Edit: I forgot the catch all: "Conspiracy Theorist"

Edit: Also, as someone suggested: "Carbon Monoxide", which I am actually OK with as it could be an acute and urgent situation.


This link covers is well: https://theintercept.com/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/

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DISCUSSION Are we at the start of a bull market?

  1. BTC, ETH and most other coins are up almost a 100% from from their all time low, still much higher than the previous all time high and at least in the case of ETH and BTC, they're almost at 50% of the current all time high.

  2. Traditionally after a the start of a bear market, crypto has bottomed out after about a year. Right now it's been more than a year since we have hit all time highs.

  3. In a bear market, prices will go down despite any positive news and in a bull market prices go up despite any negative news. We have just done that, after the FTX collapse we suffered for a while but we finally came back stronger, after that we have had the SEC go against staking as well as try and get us labeled as securities. More recently the CFTC went after Binance and CZ. But everytime it seems like only a small bump on the road for crypto as we come back stronger and stronger.

My prediction is that we've hit the bottom already and it's only up from here.

edit: meant 3 year low instead of all time low