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Reddit's Adapt A Mod Program, and r/Privacy


Hi, everyone!

Reddit has a program that lets Admin do a ride-along as a guest Mod to see how different Subs run. They're curious how things are done from a Modding level to get a better understanding of all the Subs out there, and the different ways they're run.

This program enables Admins to dive into the world of moderating by getting hands-on experience themselves. Admins that participate come from all around the world and all across the company, many of which don't have opportunities to work directly with moderators.

With two years of AAA now under our belt, we continue to offer this program because building knowledge and empathy about the moderator experience at all levels of the company helps us better support you (and your communities) and build better moderator products.

It lasts for three weeks.

We're quietly proud of the job we do here for you. We're loudly proud about what a great community we have here. We think they'd learn a lot of things being a guest Mod here, under our guidance/supervision. It's a way to educate Reddit in a positive way for what we think is one of the best Subs out there. We think it will make Reddit a better place.

The formal signup period has passed, but if we apply, they're taking invites on a rolling basis.

There are privacy considerations to consider, since an Admin person will be guest-moderating, and since we ❤️ you all, and operate as transparently as we can, we thought that we'd check with you first.

What do you think? Are you concerned? Excited? Have questions?

At this point, it's just a discussion we Mods are having, and we want your input. We haven't done anything past that. We'll do whatever the consensus is here, obviously. That's how we roll. ;)


Lugh, Trai_Dep & Carrotcypher

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news NYPD is refusing to comply with NYC’s new surveillance tech laws

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r/privacy 16h ago

news Meta wants EU users to apply for permission to opt out of data collection

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news Italian privacy regulator bans ChatGPT

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discussion 17 Year Old Post More Relevant than Ever


Originally posted by u/zse7zse in a subreddit i couldnt see when finding this comment, i quote :

"The site states "What can I use it for? Meeting notes, Reports, technical specs Sign-up sheets, proposals and much more...", just like any other new breeed of sites that want us to store everything we have on the web. And they even guarantee multiple levels of security and encryption etc. But what prevents these web site operators fom accessing and/or stealing Meeting notes, Reports, technical specs Sign-up sheets, proposals and much more, for competitive or personal gains...? I am pretty sure that most of them are honest, but what's there to prevent me from setting up a good useful site and stealing all your data? Call me paranoid - I am."

I think we can all agree this was ahead of it's time considering the state of things on the net now.

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news Cryptographer Tells European ISPs How EU’s Client-Side Scanning Proposal Will Make Everyone Less Safe

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question Why do Sony new TVs say “google tv”? You can’t use them offline for privacy?


I have an older Sony Bravia tv that’s branded “smart” but is connected only to cable, not internet. If I want to stream something, I plug in chromecast, then remove it when the show is finished.

I need a new tv but have no desire for Google to track me. Can these tvs be used without an internet connection?

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news Sen. Rand Paul says the GOP would 'permanently lose elections for a generation' if TikTok is banned

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discussion Your Amazon Firestick does not shut off. It sleeps. And it keeps transmitting data.


Couldnt figure out why our usage was up in the last two months. The only real change is that we got a firestick. After doing some checking its clear that the firestick never really shuts off unless you actually unplug it. At the best it's transmitting 20 kB/s. At worst some people report that its pushed their usage up into the 10's of GB per month... who knows what its doing behind the scenes but the remote has voice control so its like all other free or cheap tech from Amazon. Its NOT protecting your privacy. Or your data limits.

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news Italian regulators order ChatGPT ban over alleged violation of data privacy laws

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software ggerganov/kbd-audio: 🎤⌨️ Acoustic keyboard eavesdropping

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question How to detect Samsung smartags


Some context my parents are considering using GPS trackers on my siblings and there is a chance they pick Samsung

Air guard only finds airtags and tile

What can I use to find Samsung ones

r/privacy 14h ago

question Plaid bank log in


So I had an institution that insisted on using Plaid to link my bank. I happen to get notification from my bank whenever there is a log in attempt on my account. I can see that plaid is logging into my account several times a day. Any idea why they are doing this ? What they are looking for that they need to be logging in so frequently ?

r/privacy 12h ago

question can vanilla visa giftcards be tracked location wise


my friend let me use his visa card i don’t really have a problem with if it was able to see my purchases but does it show where it was purchased from? as he has the code too. not nesscarily a problem with him specifically but gives me the creeps if it tracks the location i bought it from

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discussion The TikTok Ban bill is a very dangerous "Trojan Horse" for our privacy and the internet as we know it.

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question Can apps in the background collect browsing data from apps in use?


Can other apps in the background collect browsing data from the app I'm currently using? I don't think so, but I've heard that.

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news How to remove yourself from the internet | TechRadar

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question IronVest Question: Is there a way to reimburse a masked credit card without creating a new one?


Hello there,

I’ve recently begun using IronVest for maxing my phone number, credit card and email. So far I am pleased with the results. However, one thing I am annoyed with is the masked credit card feature. In particular what happens when one masked card runs out of funds.

Now, this may be a silly question, but is there a way to reimburse a masked card when it’s original funds run out? Those of us know when creating a masked card you original card is charged a certain amount and then filled. I don’t see anyway of refilling the masked cars when the original funds for it run low. Do I really have to create a new card each time the money for the masked one runs out? Because if so that is a huge inconvenience. Certainly there must be a way to put down more money into the masked card already created instead of having to keep on creating new ones.

If there is can anyone tell me how I do that? Because I don’t see any option for restocking the $$$ supply when the amount on the card runs low.

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discussion Switching from Bitwarden to 1Password


Hello, I've been using bitwarden for nearly 6 months now and i really like it, however the UI is just not very nice which is not a dealbraker however if there are other apps that have similar security with better UI I'd rather choose them. And this is where i found 1Password. So far I've migrated all my passwords over to them and the experience has been great so far however I'm still debating whether or not i should use BW instead. 1PW has all the features baked into the app itself such as data breach scanner etc. Whereas BW only has it in their web vault. Next is security, both use SHA-256 encryption which is good but 1PW has the secret key to it's advantage. In terms of open source that is one of the reasons i choose BW in the first place, along with the great price it has. 1PW is not open source however I'm willing to use it because of the great track record they have with audits and breaches. Is there anything else that i should take into consideration?

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question Work has asked me to install Intune Company Portal on my personal device


In January, I lost access to my Microsoft Teams and Outlook apps on my phone because work moved to a new system where they want control of a partition of my device using a Microsoft app called Intune. I tested on a backup device and it seems to do a good job keeping work and personal apps separate. How far should I trust Microsoft that they cannot send personal data to my employer?

I am considering installing because it's helpful for me to stay connected with work when I'm away from my PC. (I'm working fully remote)

App is called Intune Company Portal in the Google Play store - not sure if I'm allowed to link it

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discussion Google just broke EU law against me!


Google activated backups without my consent or informing me! And I have a Samsung(My last one ever!). Minimum check if they have done it to you or anyone else!

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question How do celebrities protect their online privacy? Aren’t they at a bigger risk of being targets btw?


Or are they more protected?

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question 12 YO Daughter has first phone and now (inevitably) wants whatsapp. How bad is this ?


Sorry if this is not the right place to post this.

I knew this day was coming, my daughter finally has a smart phone at age 12. I feel I put it off as long as possible.

But now a smartphone is apparently (?) needed for school... Even her teacher sends documents and such to a whatsapp group of all the kids in her class. I hate that this is our reality.

I told her signal would be no problem, but she's adamant that everyone is on whatsapp (which is obviously the case).

Until now she has had no online presence whatsoever, but now it feels like we're just opening the floodgates: am I just handing Facebook access to all her thoughts and communications by allowing her to have whatsapp on her phone?! How bad is this really, because to me it feels like the beginning of the end.

I'm having serious anxiety about this. Can anyone give me some words of advice for how to minimize/mitigate our exposure here?

Thank you for reading,

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discussion Discussing Your Privacy and Security Ideas with Mozilla

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news BingBang: The AAD misconfiguration that led to Bing.com results manipulation and account takeover explained | Wiz Blog

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question Privacy for enterprise using Adobe Acrobat and MS Teams Integration


I'm a consultant doing a risk assessment for an Australian marketing company.

Whats the privacy like on the integration and is it safe to use for the company?

Their main concerns are:

  • If the integration happenas, will any documents be stored outside of Australia?
  • will documents be stored in the cloud (which they don't want), can storage be configured locally?

Can the integration still be used without turning on Adobe Document cloud service?

Would like to know your thoughts?