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Open | Networking How can I keep this leech off of my wifi?


I have a housemate who I've banned from using my wifi. Too many years of leeching off of us. Well, he's gotten around 3 password changes and multiple blockings and I cannot afford a new router right now. Does anyone know how I can keep him off of it?

Edit: He does have physical access to reset it. He's done it twice in the 45 minutes I've been at the store and I simply go on and block him again. I bought a lockbox thanks to one user's suggestion and I'll let you know if that works.

Also no, he does not pay rent. He gives my dad a useless $100 every two weeks which isn't even a drop in the bucket of our bills.

Edit #2: In an effort to keep the replies on track for my original question: I can't kick him out. I am not the homeowner, I live with my parents to take care of them as they're both drowning in health issues. I've told them I want him gone but they never actually kick him out.

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Open | Data Recovery Is Macrium reflect free still usable (and available somewhere?)


I realize the free edition was removed from the website and no longer receives updates, but is the latest free version still uploaded somewhere and does it still work? Or has it somehow been disabled?

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Open | Windows Problem Drag and Drop Windows 10


So this keeps happening to me. I usually notice it in Photoshop first when I try to use the pointer tool to move something in an image and Photoshop just closes. Then I realize that drag and drop is also messed up in things like Roll20 or just in the File Explorer itself.

I have a fix where I close Explorer.EXE with Task Manager and then it fixes it but I have to restart (I don't know how to get Explorer to come back up on my laptop without restarting). It fixes it...for a time...then the problem starts all over again. Literally the only extension I use is Beyond20 to link character sheets to Roll20 so it doesn't seem like this should be the issue but idk.

I just want to find a permanent fix to this without reinstalling Windows from scraatch.

Any ideas?

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Open | Hardware Is there a way to have two monitors connected to my laptop while having only one HDMI port and no other video port ?


Hi there !

I got two monitors at work, both of them were plugged on a docking stations which unfortunately won't work with my USB C port because it look likes it's lacking the display port feature (there is a SS logo next to the usb c port instead of the display port logo, so I guess i won't ever be able to plug a monitor here) and i'd like to plug my laptop to those two monitors.

I'm looking for something that could extend my screens for multitasking (because my work often require me to have at least 3 monitors). HDMI split won't works as they can only duplicate and not extend.

Any ideas ?

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Open | Data Recovery Am I SOL?


I have a Samsung 970 EVOPlus (NVMe) drive that was my computers primary hard drive.

My computer stopped booting up, so I took it out and put it into a NVMe case (usb C to USB) and plugged it into my other computer. I'll say up front that the NVMe case works, because I have another NVMe drive in it that I took out, and that one works every time.

In any case, whenever I plug it in Windows gives a popup saying "You need to format the disk drive E: before you can use it"

I also noticed that both drive E: and F: show up. Drive F may an empty partition...I think I created it when I first setup the drive.

At this point I just want to recover files that I've been working on all week if possible. Does anyone know of recovery software or what I should do to get this resolved?

A little bit about the data that needs to be recovered...I'm a software developer and I've been working on a game update for 10 months...the last week which is NOT backed up in the cloud.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Open | Hardware PC won't start after I accidentally turned off my surge protector.


I was sitting down getting ready to play some computer games when I accidentally bumped into my surge protector and turned it off for a brief moment, my computer had been on for about 10 minutes at that point as I was making a cup of tea to drink while I played games. But now my computer won't start at all. I have scoured the internet in hopes of finding something that would work and have spent the past 5 hours trying to fix it. I have tried the paperclip test on the PSU and didn't get anything from it, so I'm not sure if it is that or not. I'm not really a tech guy, I know a small amount but I have exhausted everything I know or have read. Please help me reddit.

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Open | Software URGENT! Help Pc not loading



Trying not to freak out but don’t know what to do. I basically went down this rabbit hole of updating everything on my pc, I realised that I hadn’t updated my processor in a hot minute so downloaded the drivers to do so. I did this, restarted my PC and it’s all gone to shit (I have a AND Ryzen 5 3600). My pc loads, takes me to the log in screen, I log in and then I’m left at my Home Screen where nothing loads or works.

I’m really not sure what to do about this as it’s my first build :( any help will be appreciated it.

Thank you.

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Open | Hardware Server won't post except for 1 specific stick of ram


Hi all, got an issue neither me or a coworker can figure out. We brought a server back from a client to repurpose it. We have a box full of ddr3 ram. We have only found 1 stick that works. I guessed the problem might be ECC vs non-ECC, however my coworker has tested known ECC and non-ECC ram and nothing is working. The 1 stick works in any of the 4 slots and posts. But 20-30 other sticks would not post in any of the 4 slots. The box of RAM is ram we have taken out of known working machines so they should work as well. Any thoughts of what we are missing?

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Open | Windows Im desperate windows keeps saying there was an error and that it will restart


Yet it doesnt and keeps crashing, ive tried resetting but it just wont and using sfc /scannow commands but it says it cant perform the required action

Any help plz.

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Open | Hardware HELP My computer won't boot


Can someone please help me with this, I am on the verge of tears because of how much I've tried finding a solution 😭

My PC can turn on (the lights of the fan and LEDs AND FANS are on);but my monitor shows nothing/no input (ps the cable works and I've tried it in the GPU slot and then the motherboard)

Ive tried HDMI and VGA but nothing works, I tried 1 monitor, and the the next and nothing works I've tried clearing the CMOS, I've tried cleaning my ram both with an eraser and without, tried it one by one in each slot, IVE GOTTEN NEW RAM and still nothing works 😢

Tried taking out the battery (the one that's shaped like a nickel) I tried taking out the GPU to see if that was the issue NOTHING

Ps this is my first ever PC build (from scratch) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's the stuff I have:

Cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 5500

Ram: Corsair vengeance (2×8)/ OLOY (2×8)

GPU: AMD 310455937500 Radeon HD 6770 1 GB

Motherboard: gigabyte B450M DS3H V2

Case: NZXT H510 Elite ATX Mid Tower

Psu: Thermaltake Thermaltake Smart 700 W 80+

Storage: Seagate Barracuda Compute 2 TB 3.5" 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive

Any suggestions will help!

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Open | Phone Call forwarding not disabling?


Samsung A51. Call forwarding has 4 settings 1) call forwarding active -> no number 2) call forwarding when busy -> no number 3) call forwarding when unasnwered-> no number 4) call forwarding when unreachable -> there is a number

On truecaller, it says ‘inflitrating hacker spy’. Am I being tracked?

Can’t disable the last setting, help!

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Open | Hardware Would it be possible to add onto the RAM in my pc or do I need to replace it completely?


I have 8 gb and bought 16 gb ( 2 8 gbs) and was wondering if should replace the one in my pc and add both the new 8gbs or just add on one 8 gb.

Hope that makes sense!

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When I turn on my PC cpu fan doesn't spin tried: cleaning the whole system unit reseat ram and notice some burnt ram like not in shape anymore Can ram cause the problem? Any suggestion is appreciated PC specs: Ryzen 5 3400g 2x 8gb ram 3200 mhz Windows 10 Stock cpu fan

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Open | Windows Laptop stuck on infinite loading screen.


I have had this laptop for nearly 3 years now from brand new. Its the laptop surface go with windows 10. As of recent, when it was still working, I tried to factory reset it so I could sell the laptop to a friend.

It said it couldnt reset and no changes were made, but the next day after I had turned off my laptop, I tried to start it up and it is stuck on the infinite loading screen with the windows symbol above it.

I have used the windows repair screen (whatever its called when you spam f11 when its starting up and takes you to a repair menu), and I have tried everything. CMD, hard reset, startup repair, restore point, everything, and nothing has worked. It will either come up with an issue and go back to the repair screen, or jusy straight up do nothing.

Any ideas on how I can fix this laptop? I will reply to all comments and give context to questions etc.

Thanks guys

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Open | Hardware Sudden DRAM light on pc


Woke up this morning and tried turning on my PC, no display... I check and see that the DRAM light is on. I try to restart it and nothing. The PC fans light up and spin up fast then slow to a normal speed. Then it just sits like that seemingly running normally except the dram light is on, keyboard is not lit and there is no display. I was on it last night and nothing happened to it through the night as far as I know.

What I have tried:

Using each stick one stick at a time in all slots

Resetting cmos

Uninstalling GPU and using integrated graphics

New sticks of ram in dual channel as well as each slot one at a time

Reseating CPU

Pushing hard on all internal connectors to ensure they are seated

Unplugging all peripherals


Ryzen 5 7600x

Gigabyte aourus elite b650 mobo

ASRock challenger pro rx 6750xt

Old Kingston fury beast 6000mhz cl40 and new Corsair vengeance 5200mhz

Boot drive: WD sn750 m.2

WD sn770 m.2

Patriot ignite 2.5 in

Old Corsair 750w PSU from like 2016

I have had sort of the same issue before and it just fixed itself? This time it seems something is really wrong.

Thanks for any advice!

Edit: Now my fans spin fast even after some time.

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Open | Hardware Okay the AMD sub was no help do maybe yall can help?


Edit:I forgot the picture

My radeon HD5850 only functions if i apply weight on the cooler which pushes the heat sink down onto these caps (in red) if not its just a black screen. Any ideas on how to make it work?

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Open | Hardware Laptop not mounting USB drives


My ZenBook running Windows 10 won't mount any but one of my USB drives. Strangely enough that is the drive I've used with it for years. it's like it recognizes that one. But it won't mount any other. I know all these drives work, they mount instantly on my desktop.

For some reason it will also mount Flash drives, but it won't mount my WD USB drives.

Things I've tried so far:

Restarting Running SFC scan and virus scan Uninstalling USB root hub in device manager uninstalling USB host controller Turning off USB selective suspend and power saving options

None of that made a difference.

Disks do not show up at all in disk manager so it's like they aren't being seen. But the drives do show up in device manager under "disk drives"!?


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Open | Networking Help with weird disconnect


So, I was using wifi until 2 days ago that I was able to use the ethernet, I live in a place where all 6 apartments share the same wifi so we have the main router and 2 repeaters.
So, I am conected to a repeater (as far as I know) throught ethernet but at random times i get disconnected from it for like 10 seconds, enough to kick me from every online game but not enought to disconnect me from discord or even stop my screenshare... So I went to the event log on and every time that i get disconnected the event 4004 appears with the source: NetworkProfile, not the DNS one (which is the one that google has most results of)

any thoughts of how to fix this?

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Open | Phone Been receiving a bunch of verification codes from CloudOTP and Google


I got two SMS from "CloudOTP" with verification codes for "BeReal" and "ShemarooMe." (The second one is an Indian website, I don't live in India.) There was also another SMS that I received first but I deleted it.

My guess is someone was trying to use my phone number to sign up for something.

I was gonna ignore it but I also got another SMS from "Google" with the same verification code for BeReal from the other SMS.

My phone number is linked to my Google account. Does that mean that this person has my phone number and email or is this something that Google does automatically?

Should I be worried? If so what should I do?

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Open | Hardware Can Malware infected drive infect other drives while in the bios environment?


Planning to add my old ssd onto my clean install on windows, and want to use secure erase while in bios on the first start up.

Wondering if there’s any potential for the drive to infect my new drive without even booting into windows yet?

r/techsupport 38m ago

Open | Windows I reset my pc and now I can’t login or do anything


My computer Omen 30L had to be reset so I tried. Then it did the desert then undid it so I tried to sign in and said my pin is no longer available so I tried to go into safe mode but I can’t do that either. I can’t reset it again because it won’t reset. I can’t log into or do anything with my pc. I need help what do I do!?

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Open | Hardware Hello, i just bought a new pc like 2 weeks ago and i placed it on my desk.During an intense game i hit my desk on the opposite side, and my pc stopped detecting my peripherals(monitor, mkb, internet cable)


The strange thing is that after the pc shut down, it actually started but it wouldnt detect the internet cable, so i restarted it again and the pc would turn on but no peripherals were working this time. I started to stress a bit and i moved my pc to see if something inside was out of place. Everything looked fine, and the pc started too boot up randomly and it got itself in safe mode beacuse i unplugged it quite a few times. When i entered into windows i got a BSOD with the error code Clock_Watchdog_Timeout and it froze. I restarted it again and saw that the ram was not turning on, so i tried to gently push the ram in. Now the ram started working again but the pc is still not detecting any peripherals. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me (sorry for my bad english but it isn't my first language)

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Open | Hardware PC won’t boot


So I booted into BIOS and changed the ram frequency from 2400mhz to 3200mhz. The installed ram is also only 2400 mhz (don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to save the BIOS change). The pc then kept restarting and powering off continuously. I then turned the pc off and reseated the ram and cmos battery. Now the pc will run continuously (fan running and led are on) but the monitor only shows a black screen? Please helppp

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Open | Networking Wifi IP issue with Macbook and home wifi


I've got a nighthawk wifi router which has been working fine for the last few years. Unplugged an ethernet cable and replugged it in later, and been experiencing wifi connectivity issues - doesnt make sense that its related.

On my Macbook, I can select my home wifi but it has a '?' symbol on the wifi. I noticed when I go into Network preferences, the IP assigned to my macbook doesnt look like the usual IP numbers. See link here

I've already tried removing and readding the home wifi but it didn't help.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Wifi at home with other devices work fine - such as my Smart TV, Google home devices as well as my iphone.

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Open | Hardware Samsung Odyssey G7 | One half of the monitor seems to have a very light gray "filter" over it and the other half has the same gray, but in a striped pattern


Hey guys!

Essentially title, pic is below to get a better look at what's going on

I haven't changed any of the monitor's or display settings, thanks in advance for any help!