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Meta Meta: If you don't like the content of this subreddit, then be the change you want this sub to be -- post stories and topics you want to talk about


There is a constant refrain about the quality of the content in the Texas subreddit, often from people who are concerned about the (sometimes overwhelming) quantity of politically-related discussions. And even though the most recent elections are over, guess what -- political discussions are NOT going to die down, because we're already entering the 2024 presidential election cycle still almost two years away (yikes!)

But my answer to this is not to limit, quarantine, or shunt off political discussion elsewhere. In my mind, the answer should be: Post other things you DO want to talk about! Become active, and submit your own threads on all sorts of things you want to discuss, like:

  • Your great aunt's recipe for King Ranch Chicken
  • Your daughter's little league in Lufkin
  • Flower shop recommendations in Flower Mound
  • When will be the first snowfall this year in your town?
  • Or the first bluebonnets?
  • A recent trip to your favorite state park
  • Restaurant reviews, store reviews, anything reviews
  • Happy Birthday to your favorite famous Texan
  • How bout dem Aggies?

If you want the change, BE the change. Post and discuss what OTHER topics you want to talk about.

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News Texas lawmaker proposes bill to prohibit polling places at colleges


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News Texas Lawmakers Turn Abortion Bounty Hunter Scheme on Drag Queens


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News No more 'pink tax' in Texas? Bill eliminating tampon, diaper sales taxes OK'd by House


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Games Texas Monthly's "Ultimate Texas Brand Bracket" (you probably won't be surprised by the winner)

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News Sad to say, Texas needs send our police to Tennessee for training. 77 minutes Uvalde, 14 minutes Nashville (only 3 minutes from arrival to shooter down)



Edit: agree with most points, as I was only pointing out time differences. It was another person that should not have a gun, with a motive seems to have been persecuted for being different. Our society has too much “hate”, and the Republican politicians encourage it.

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Politics Ceiling of the Texas Senate

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Snapshots Abandoned church in Wharton Co., Texas. The gentleman who takes care of the property said the church hasn't been used in years. And it's been padlocked forever.

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Snapshots Snapshots of Texas: Springtime arriving at Devil's River State Natural Area

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News Texas 8th graders are falling behind


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Nature The National Butterfly Center in South Texas Is at the Forefront of Efforts To Protect Butterflies


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News Texas Leads Nation For Job Growth Over Last 12 Months


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News Warning to Texas Redditors using Medicaid! (You're about to be kicked off.)

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


The Texas Medicaid system is resetting (federal requirement). Everyone is getting kicked off and must sign back up.

You should have received notice in the mail. If not, you MUST go to:


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Politics Texas lawmakers discuss bill that could levy $10K fine for schools, teachers celebrating Pride week


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News Save the Texas Observer!


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News With billions of dollars on the line, East Texans say a crucial state map incorrectly shows they already have broadband


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The fictitious “death” of the Texas Observer


by Jim Hightower

Willie Nelson, a very lively 89-year-old, has recorded a playful little tune refuting speculation by some that he had become the late Willie Nelson. Not so fast, protested the people’s troubadour, singing:

“I woke up still not dead again today

The Internet said I had passed away

But if I died I wasn’t dead to stay

I woke up still not dead again today.”

The same protest could now be warbled by the venerable Texas Observer, the feisty, maverick voice of progressive politics and dig-it-out anti-establishment journalism in the Lone Star State.

On Monday, this “journal of free voices” (which maintains independence by accepting no corporate advertising, even though that means it constantly has to scramble to stay afloat), was abruptly pronounced dead. An article by a competing publication, the multimillion-dollar corporate funded Texas Tribune, practically gloats: “Texas Observer Closing… an end to 68 years of publication.”

Rumors of its death, however are just that. Yes, the Observer’s finances are severely strained, and the board of directors should’ve been alert to the fact that the magazine was spending at an unsustainable/irresponsible level. But the Tribune’s claim that the board abruptly voted for “closing” down is false, wrong, untrue! To the contrary, the board only voted for a temporary hiatus. At the same time, it committed to raising large sums of money, while reorganizing for a healthy financial future. Far from rushing to the cemetery, board members, staffers, previous donors, and former editors (a majority group the Tribune did not interview before issuing its obituary) has stepped forward to help with this rejuvenation.

Full disclosure: I’ve been a loyal Observerite since my college days; I was a longtime friend and neighbor of legendary Observer editor Molly Ivins; and I followed her as the publication’s populist-spirited editor for two years. So I’m fully in the revivalist camp.

However, that doesn’t make me naïve. There is no question that financial clots and a series of internal editors-v- board conflicts have weakened the publication in the past couple of years – but you don’t then just snuff out its fiery spark of progressive activism, which is needed now more than ever!

Of course the Observer must adapt and streamline. Such national writers as Ralph Nader, Michael Moore, Ijeoma Oluo, Heather Cox Richardson, Judd Legum, and myself are moving from print to email delivery on innovative platforms like Substack to connect with today’s diverse progressive community. Since the time of the revolutionary pamphleteers, leftist communicators/agitators have had to make such structural media adjustments, and we must do so now… unless we just quit and rely on corporations to finance the acceptable political views.

Indeed, the Observer exists because it must – for the same reason it was founded in 1954. In that time, the state’s media barons deliberately avoided offending their readers with unpleasantness about racism, labor exploitation, legislative corruption, etc. For example, even if 3,000 people rallied in Dallas to oppose the poll tax – not a peep about it the next day in the Dallas Morning News. The city’s impish liberals even coined a banner quote for that paper: “If It Happens In Dallas, It’s News To Us.”

So scrappy groups of progressives from across the state pooled grassroots donations to create their own source of news, information, and ideas: The Texas Observer. It still provides journalism that matters, challenging the Powers That Be, and rallying the Powers That Ought to Be.

Despite one alarmist, misleading article, the Observer, is not dead. And, in the spirit of Willie’s song, even if it had “died” this week, it wouldn’t be “dead to stay,” because it’s not just a publication – it’s both an idea and a political necessity.

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Politics Texas House passes proposal that would do away with taxes on tampons and baby products


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Events Dallas Bonsai Society show this weekend


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Politics Texas Lawmakers pushing $200 annual fee for EVs to recoup lost gas tax revenue


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Questions for Texans Looking for a ride from Dallas to San Antonio Friday. Anyone driving that day early in the morning?


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News Since 2020, more than 100 companies have relocated to Texas – 40% from California


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Politics Help Stop Homosexuality Discrimination in Texas!


Please help us support HB 2055 by leaving a public comment:


Here is a link to the bill text and is very easy to read and understand:


Our current laws say that educational material must emphasize, "that homosexual conduct is not an acceptable lifestyle and is a criminal offense"

The state should not be telling people what is or isn't moral.

Help us make Texas a better place.

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Politics Texas lawmaker hopes to expand access to life-saving cancer treatment: biomarker testing


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Tourism Houston -> Big Bend


Any recos on places to stop? Sights? Restaurants? Road tripping from Houston to Big Bend. Looking for recos outside of San Antonio or Austin. Thanks in advance!!

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Questions for Texans David Energy for electricity?


Howdy! I've been using Green Mountain for my electric company the past two years, but they're rates don't appear to be competitive anymore. I love their service and their app, but wanted to try out something else. I went to powertochoose.org, scrolled through the list, and chose David Energy.

I signed up on the website, gave my info, and it said they would reach out in a couple days to complete my enrollment. I have gotten a couple emails and created logins for both portal.davidenergy.com and, for some reason, davidenergy.zendesk.com. Neither of these portals have hardly any info on them, except for the first one for a payment method. I put in a burner card because I'm not completely stupid.

I wanted service to start 3/25/29 but there is no indication that anything has happened or that service has switched companies. I called both numbers on the website, the toll-free and New York-based one, and both. Had a message that no one was a available and to leave a VM. No indicator who I was calling.

Did I get scammed? Has anyone successfully signed up with David Energy??

UPDATE: I got a pretty quick call back, and the rep said my service should start today. Unfortunately there is no app or portal to view usage or my bill. My bill will be emailed and my card auto debited 16 days after. It looks like this is a brand spanking new company. You'd think having a working customer portal would be a prerequisite for something like this but what do I know ¯⁠⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

I'm not super impressed atm but I guess we'll see! The rep was super nice so customer service gets a 👍