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Mods Congratulations BBBY, you're back in!



Discussion on BBBY is now allowed again since it meets our minimum market cap threshold of $500MM.

Congratulations to all the longs at <$2, we can't wait to see your gain porn.

BBBY discussion will not be removed until the stock falls below $500MM for several consecutive days, or it falls below $400MM.

r/wallstreetbets Feb 06 '23 LOVE! Narwhal Salute Wholesome Seal of Approval Starstruck Vibing To The Stars All-Seeing Upvote

Mods updating the BBBY ticker for the 100th time

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r/wallstreetbets 18d ago Take My Energy Ally Narwhal Salute All-Seeing Upvote

Mods Oi! Listen here ya little shits.


Last week I worked with Reddit to send out a feedback survey, to get a sense of how much you're all liking WSB

Those who selected any option other than "not at all" will be spared.

Now that the results are back, let's dig in!

  • 6010 messages were sent

  • 119 were filled

  • 2% response rate

So right off the bat, you lot are a bunch of lazy cunts. Unsurprising.

Are you at least satisfied cunts?

  • 59% were satisfied with WallStreetBets

  • 67% of all users in similar sized subreddits were satisfied

You telling me you enjoy r/EarthPorn more than WSB? There isn't even any porn there. I'll show you similarly sized...

Really though, what's the deal? I should have sent these surveys out to your wives.

  • Did you all lose your lunch money?

  • Was it because we haven't put rainbow dicks in the banner in a few months?

  • Is it because we haven't run a paper trading competition in a while?

Also, get this...

  • 15% reported that they see harmful content on the sub multiple times a week.

The heck? It's not like all the posts here are shilling scams like PLTR and TSLA.

There are some actually profitable companies posted here sometimes, like GME, BBBY, AMC, uh... CVNA? is that profitable?

At least we did okay on the rules section:

  • 63% said the rules were appropriate

  • 64% said they were clear and easy to understand

Not bad, but I have a hard time believing nearly two thirds of you knobheads have ever read the rules.

As for fairness in moderation:

  • 53% said we enforce the rules fairly

  • 41% said we take feedback into account

  • 56% trust us to make decisions that benefit the community

Eh, we could get elected on those numbers. Not bad.

And on something we've worked incredibly hard to preserve, subreddit culture:

  • 57% said people generally behave (optimistc today, aren't we)

  • 44% feel like a member of the subreddit

Confuscious once said, "The man (or woman, get with the times) who thinks they are a member of WallStreetBets, and they who does not, are both right."


I hope you guys enjoyed the results of our first survey, would love to get your insights on what's good and what isn't on WSB.

In preparation for the next survey, I will continue banning people until the numbers improve.

Finally, I'd like to end off with an anonymous quote from the survey:

"I'm on WallStreetBets to learn the dangers of YOLOing. I can safely say it's done a great job so far."

Yeah okay, fuck you too cunt, and I'll see ya tomorrow.

r/wallstreetbets 2d ago Burning Cash

Mods Reddit has officially killed Talks. We're live on Discord now!


r/wallstreetbets 3d ago

Mods Reddit has officially killed Talks. We're live on Discord now!


r/wallstreetbets Nov 22 '22 Wholesome Take My Energy Heartwarming Wearing is Caring

Mods Should r/WallStreetBets bring back GameStop Megathreads? (Poll)

Thumbnail twitter.com

r/wallstreetbets Jan 17 '23

Mods Goodbye BBBY, you're back out! (again)


Discussion on BBBY is no longer allowed since it hasn't met our minimum market cap threshold. (Rule 3)

BBBY discussion is still allowed on Discord where there are no minimum.

Tickers are allowed when the stock rises above $500MM, and disallowed when the stock remains below $500MM for several consecutive days, or if it falls below $400MM, whichever occurs first.

This morning, BBBY fell to $3.35, or $393MM market cap, which is why it was removed

r/wallstreetbets 17d ago

Mods Reddit is shutting down Reddit Talks -- Come join us on Discord Stages!


r/wallstreetbets Feb 13 '23

Mods Watching the Superbowl? Come to the WSB daily or WSB discord!


If you're not watching the superbowl, congratulations on having a life.

WSB Daily

WSB Discord

r/wallstreetbets Dec 26 '22 Helpful Endless Coolness Chadman

Mods Ban Bets has had a significant change today which will hopefully stop users from getting thrown off the platform for ban evasion


We'd noticed that people were getting their accounts and alts permanently disabled for losing a banbet and then using WSB on an alt. Once we realized this was because of Reddit's policy of policing ban evasion, I requested that Reddit ignore that rule for this subreddit so we could have our fun with banbets, and they promptly told me to frig off.

So, unfortunately, banbets are no longer ban bets, now your comments will just be auto-removed until your banbet is up.

There's no telling how many good users we lost to Reddit trying to look out for us, but hopefully this stops that from happening anymore.

r/wallstreetbets Dec 08 '22 Helpful

Mods WallStreetBets Recap! Thanks for being on WSB 💖


Here's to an incredible 2022 on WallStreetBets! Looking forward to the Santa rally 2023 and all the great things it'll bring!

Post your Reddit Recap images!

Let's see your best comments, most viewed posts, and time spent on WSB!

r/wallstreetbets Jan 13 '23

Mods Goodbye BBBY, you're back out!


Discussion on BBBY is no longer allowed since it doesn't meet our minimum market cap threshold of $500MM.

Congratulations to all the shorts at >$5, we can't wait to see your gain porn on Discord.

Tickers are allowed when the stock rises above $500MM, and disallowed when the stock remains below $500MM for several consecutive days, or it falls below $400MM, whichever occurs first.

In this case, BBBY is now below $400MM market cap.

r/wallstreetbets Sep 18 '22

Mods Reddit Updates ToS: No Screenshots of Other Subs


The details:

10 days ago, Reddit has updated it's code of conduct to explicitly disallow posts that make negative references to other subreddits.

Rule 3 of the CoCk states:

As a moderator, you cannot [...] enable members of your community to [interfere with or disrupt Reddit communities].

Interference includes:

  • Mentioning other communities, and/or content or users in those communities with the effect of inciting targeted harassment or abuse.

Since then, I've communicated with Reddit's Community team to get more clarity, sent them some examples to try and determine what is and what isn't okay, from our community and others.

The bottom line is, that disallowing all screenshots of other subreddits keeps our users the safest and is the easiest to understand and communicate to casual users of our community.

Why care?

Look guys, I'm not trying to be a hardass on the rules.

The reality is that there are certain rules that are outside our hands as a community. Not following those risks getting you kicked off Reddit forever.

And yeah, there's that joke about it being trivial to evade Reddit suspensions, but Reddit has made significant strides to make it harder to do so in recent months.

Just last week Anti-Evil Operations permanently suspended another one of our best meme makers u/ZachInCool for the unconscionable crime of saying "you're retarded".

I really don't want you to meet the same fate as so many other of our best members like u/Haupt91, u/GoBeaversOSU, and now u/ZachInCool.

We're trying at every opportunity to get them and many others back, but for now it seems like the chances of coming back from a permanent suspension are slim to none. We don't want it to happen to you.

We've been proactive!

Unlike other communities, we have been extremely proactive in "being good neighbors", as Reddit Inc. put it.

The kind of "I got banned from foo community!" or "Go spam bar community about baz!" threads that plagued other subs never happened here because we clamped down on it hard, making sure the culture never built up here.

We proactively worked with other communities, lending moderation support and amending our own moderation bots to ensure that we remained a positive force on Reddit.

To that end, the community remains in very good status with the Trust and Safety team at Reddit.

Expecting this would happen, months ago I created Rule 10 "No Social Media Screenshots", which states:

Screenshots or links to social media (Tweets, Reddit Comments, etc.) are not allowed unless they are new and market moving.

... We also don't want to see posts like "he's one of us!" or "more visibility for this comment!"

My perspective:

In my opinion, this isn't a big loss.

Screenshots of other subreddits was never really interesting or high effort content.

Honestly, most of the ones I removed were barely even market related, let alone related to current market events.

There weren't many of them, but the ones that did get posted often skyrocketed to our front page, so I know this will be a bummer for many of you.

But rest assured, futures open in under an hour, and that is probably going to be much more of a bummer for you.

r/wallstreetbets Sep 07 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Mods How should comment sections on r/WallStreetBets be sorted by default?



(not post ordering)

This weekend I changed the default sort on threads from "best" to "new".

The reasoning was that it would be nice to give people who were late to the discussion a chance to have their voices heard and a chance for readers to see the latest user thinks, not what the hivemind thinks. (Downvoted comments should still get automatically collapsed)

There's been some negative feedback on this so I wanted to gather more of your thoughts in a dedicated thread.

Your feedback is really helpful and will help shape the subreddit so please take the time to share your feedback below and vote in the poll.

While your votes in the poll are important, your comments are much more impactful.

A few things of note:

  • We could have different sorts for different for flair types

  • We could have different sorts at different points in a thread's lifecycle (post age, # of votes, # of comments, some combination thereof)

  • We could change it up by day of the week or poster attributes (age, frequency of posting, etc.)

Poll options are listed alphabetically to avoid bias.

There is an additional option: Live, but Reddit only allows 6 options in polls. Also, live is, generally speaking, terrible.

View Poll

r/wallstreetbets May 03 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome Take My Energy Faith In Humanity Restored Ally Snek

Mods The defenestration of /u/Erickl0930


r/wallstreetbets Jan 25 '21 Wholesome Hugz Take My Energy Party Train Heartwarming Silver Helpful Take My Money I'll Drink to That To The Stars Bull Bear

Mods GME Megathread Part 2


Keep all $GME discussion and memes in here. No market manipulation.

r/wallstreetbets Jan 28 '21 Into the Magic Portal Tendies Super Heart Eyes Platinum Keep Calm Take My Money Party Train Ally This Masterpiece Gold Doot 🎵 Doot Timeless Beauty I'd Like to Thank... GOAT Argentium Cash Money Heartbreak Helpful Snek Buy 2020 Veteran Got the W Tree Hug Blow a Kiss Pot o' Coins Burning Cash I'll Drink to That All-Seeing Upvote Heartwarming Bravo Grande! 'MURICA Silver Moon Spit-take Pee Martini Pride Stonks Rising Tearing Up Take My Power Bless Up (Pro) Starstruck Heart Eyes Wholesome Seal of Approval Wearing is Caring Glow Up Helpful (Pro) Faith In Humanity Restored Defeated To The Stars Bless Up Buff Doge Lawyer Up Out of the Magic Portal Take My Energy Narwhal Salute Wholesome (Pro) Chad Bear Saturn hehehehe Bravo! LOVE! Rocket Like Crab Rave 1UP Brighten My Day Bull Wholesome Cheers Hugz

Mods Where do we go from here and who is going to step up to help us?


We have grown to the kind of size we only dreamed of in the time it takes to get a bad nights sleep. We've got so many comments and submissions that we can't possibly even read them all, let alone act on them as moderators. We wrote software to do most of the moderation for us but that software isn't allowed to read the Reddit new feed fast enough and submit responses, and the admins haven't given us special access despite asking for it.

We're suffering from success and our Discord was the first casualty. You know as well as I do that if you gather 250k people in one spot someone is going to say something that makes you look bad. That room was golden and the people that run it are awesome. We blocked all bad words with a bot, which should be enough, but apparently if someone can say a bad word with weird unicode icelandic characters and someone can screenshot it you don't get to hang out with your friends anymore. Discord did us dirty and I am not impressed with them destroying our community instead of stepping in with the wrench we may have needed to fix things, especially after we got over 1,000 server boosts. That is pretty unethical.

To add to this, people are co-opting our name on twitter. I won't mention their accounts, but lots of handles with "wsb" and "wallstreetbets" in them are pretending to speak for us. They're saying things that we don't agree with, driving traffic to derivative communities and shitty pixelated merch stores, and generally making it harder for us to define who we are. There's also too much political bullshit in a community that was never ever political. The only way I want to occupy Wall St is in a suit myself or rent-free in the mind of a blown up short.

That is why I'm throwing my support behind the Twitter handle in general. We need a way to PUBLICLY reach out to the staff of the infrastructure that is failing us so the world can see that we aren't doing anything wrong here if they don't respond. We need to be able to respond directly to a reporter that is lying to the world about our clubhouse. We can't be expected to meet any expectations when we aren't given the tools we need.

That's not to say I approve of every message or will even be in the loop for all of them, but it's clear to me we can't do nothing and we need a megaphone.

We'll do our best not to pretend to speak for you, but to try to speak with the volume our name now seems to command to get shit done for us.

EDIT: As of recent developments the aforementioned twitter handle is obviously not legit anymore. Phew.

r/wallstreetbets Apr 01 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Defeated Helpful (Pro) Dread Woah Dude

Mods Resigning as Head Mod of r/WallStreetBets


This is not a joke.

After over 7 years of moderating r/wallstreetbets, I have made the difficult decisions to step down as head mod.

It has recently come to light that we are so bad at trading that even a fucking fish outperformed us.

Not even a breed of fish either. A goldfish.

The Andrew Left of fish.

Effective immediately, u/fredrickthegoldfish has been made the head moderator of r/wallstreetbets. May this usher in a new era of prosperity for your clearly idiotic portfolios.

As a parting memory, I would like to think back to when we had all kinds of animals deciding our trades for us.

Like Mr. Gordon the Gecko

who overthrew the shitting dog

Or the chicken whose bowel movements predicted market movements

Of course there was this cat eating treats

and many, many more. There were shrimp, parrots, you name it.

Indeed, it was the glory days of using nature to predict market movements.

May Fredrick the goldfish take you lead you back to those glory days.

r/wallstreetbets Jun 20 '22 Helpful Wholesome Facepalm Pride

Mods listen up nerds


TL;DR: https://i.imgur.com/PjuZbNt.jpg

okay so yeah, now you're eating nuggies instead of tendies

and you're eating less of them because bk cut chicken nuggies from 10 to 8

but just because inflation is ruining your life

doesn't mean you have to let it ruin this subreddit too

for fucks sake

stop posting and upvoting inflation threads if it's not related to the markets

if you can't trade off it, then why are you posting here?

try r/economics, r/politics, or r/FutanariCuminflation1 instead

thanks for coming to my ted talk

some of you guys are alright, don't go to the markets tomorrow

r/wallstreetbets Mar 26 '21 Silver Gold Platinum Helpful Wholesome Hugz All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Take My Money Faith In Humanity Restored LOVE! Ally Heartwarming Narwhal Salute Wholesome Seal of Approval Giggle Stonks Rising Starstruck Tearing Up Burning Cash Crab Rave To The Stars Lawyer Up 'MURICA Super Heart Eyes Wholesome (Pro) Table Flip Chad

Mods Join /r/WallStreetBets' Third Annual Paper Trading Competition!


Become an expert trader, with WallStreetBets!

At r/WallStreetBets, we're all about educating our users!

So if you are too poor, too young, or lack the risk-seeking grit to participate in real money trading, join the Greatest Paper Trading Competition Ever!

There's so much more to trading than just GameStop! Learn about the double ratio, the short e-snappin, Time-inverse options, head and shoulders, the paper trap, the single box rammer, and of course, the naked tied-up straddle!

Just hear the advice from last year's' winners:

AdmiralAckbar: amazing experience. i can't believe i won after receiving so much support from fellow users who were also my competitors. the best lesson is after seeing DD, navigating the poster's history and seeing the effectiveness of their last calls. ITS A COMPETITION!

Tr'erRabbit: user unclremy69X taught me how to make sick returns using a diversified portfolio of 2 delta calls. You gotta join, whatever you do, this is the most effective event for introducing users to wsb!

Prizes are limited based on how many users join!

Make sure you sign up right away!

Here's how to enter!

  1. Reply to this post with "Add me, <your reddit name>"

That's it! You're in!

Feel free to include any background on yourself, your strategy, your goals, or your favorite meme. (my fav meme is Millhouse, but your favorite could be wsb-related!)

Communication and participation is the key to learning!

Please note, any top level comment or reply will be considered a sign-up for the paper competition! Don't reply directly to this post if you don't intend to enter! We want only the users newest to trading here!

With love and admiration,

the /r/wallstreetbets mods, in conjunction with an unnamed teenager subreddit

r/wallstreetbets Mar 04 '22 Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Snek

Mods Fairness and Transparency in the Stock Market. An AMA by Jon Stewart, this Monday at 1pm EST | Early Question Thread


Jon Stewart digs into how markets function, SEC regulation, and equality trends among investors, in his latest episode of "The Problem".

On Monday, March 7th, at 1pm EST, you'll have your chance to directly ask him questions on anything and everything market related. This has been in the works since December, and we're excited to finally present it to you.

Please use this thread to post your questions early, to help refine them and increase your chances of getting a reply.

If you're here on WSB, you probably know the basics discussed in the show already, I'm hoping that together we can really dig at some of the more nuanced and technical issues at hand.

You can read more about this episode here or check out his interview with SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler, here.

Please find general discussion about the AMA here

r/wallstreetbets Apr 01 '22 Silver All-Seeing Upvote GOAT

Mods Moderator's Update on Paper Trading Competition #4

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


r/wallstreetbets Feb 16 '21 Starstruck Bull Pride Stonks Rising To The Stars Wait What? Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Party Train Doot 🎵 Doot 'MURICA LOVE! Wholesome Seal of Approval Hugz Take My Energy 1UP I'd Like to Thank... Cheers Silver Gold Timeless Beauty Be Mine Helpful Bravo Grande! Vibing Rocket Like Bless Up WATERMELOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Bravo! Heartwarming I'll Drink to That Aww-some

Mods Welcome back, zjz.


Earlier today, Reddit Admins gave us the green light to bring back u/zjz to the mod team. It's hard to overstate how fantastic a development this is.

Since the most recent mod shakeup, the entire team has been petitioning to bring zjz back. We wanted to keep you in the loop, but couldn't, because it might have hurt our chances of getting zjz back. We understand why this might have made you suspicious, but we're excited to put those suspicions to rest today.

Reddit Admins care deeply about the stability and continuity of the community, and so do we. At the end of the day, WSB is not defined by who is at the top of the mod list, it's defined by the conversations we create.

Even in the absence of zjz, we saw awesome discussions happening. Tons of great DDs, insane YOLOs, and beautiful, beautiful, gain and loss porn.

Now, with zjz back, we can take things even further. We can relax posting restrictions on account age and karma, which we use as proxies for post quality, and instead focus on the content of what's being said.

The truth is, I am very, very, optimistic about the future of WSB over the next 3-5 years. We have the absolute best mod team the subreddit has had since inception. Everyone who is part of a team now is someone that has played a big role of either the subreddit, or discord, community for years.

We appreciate your patience with us and the admins. We were all blindsided as we were thrown into this shakeup. No doubt mistakes were made at the beginning, but we're getting better every day to bring you the WSB you probably don't deserve.

Edit: proof or ban

r/wallstreetbets Apr 04 '22 Silver All-Seeing Upvote Crab Rave

Mods It’s the final day of R/Place, let’s defend our boy!


All of you did a great job building Fuckboy this weekend but the fight isn’t over! Hop on over to r/place, download the overlay from:


and keep our boy looking good! To use the overlay install Tampermonkey if you're using Chrome and ViolentMonkey if you're on firefox. Then just click the link and follow the instructions. If you want to coordinate more easily join our discord server at Discord.gg/Wallstreetbets and hang out with us. Thank you for all your help this weekend!

Here is a list of our current Allies:








They’re all on the overlay already but make sure you don’t accidentally go over their designs. They’re good people.

Hey guys we currently have a reddit talk going discussing our work on r/place at


Feel free to jump in and chat with us!

r/wallstreetbets Dec 30 '21 Silver Gold Helpful To The Stars Take My Power

Mods 2021 yearly PnL Thread


News about covid and the presidential election dominated 2020 but at the beginning of 2021, it took a backseat, and /r/wallstreetbets took centerstage.

What started out just as any other memestock, snowballed into an event that brought to light, something that has always been wrong in our stock market. It started with the media trying to paint our community as market manipulators or that it's run by hedge funds. All these tactics were to smear and dismiss your presence was disgusting. Our discord was even banned for "hate speech" which was a bullshit reason. Brokerages even went as far as restricting buying on certain stocks which is completely unheard of. It was interesting watching everything unfold as every attempt they used to change the rules or discredit you backfired every time, and only caused the situation to gain momentum into what some would describe as a "Movement".

Our community grew gained nearly 9 million new members by the end of the first month of the year.

To get some perspective on how crazy it was.

/r/wallstreetbets was getting almost 200 million pageviews a day and over a billion pageviews a week.

Or discord voice channels had well over 1000 participants on a daily basis

Managing all of this was a extremely difficult task and would have been impossible if it were not for our incredible team of moderators who volunteer their time because they love this community. A big thanks to /u/Spez for making the decision to fully back and support our community throughout and the amazing team of engineers and support staff at Reddit. Congratulations on your up and coming IPO.

Post your Year-To-Date Pnl Gains, Losses, and maybe reflect a bit on what you learned this year trading or just simply share your story!

Some of my favorites were:

https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/l8c0u4/used_some_of_my_gme_tendies_to_buy_nintendo/ It's awesome to see this community help make things better for others.

https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/m4i2ib/a_message_to_wsb_from_the_director_of_the_dian/ Even the gorillas got tendies.

https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/lbb12w/billboard_went_full_retard_north_of_dallas_along/ It was really cool to see all the billboards.

Stay safe, Be Well, and Wishing you success in 2022.

On behalf of /r/wallstreetbets,

Thank you and have Happy New Year!

P.S. Since its a new year, lets have a fresh start. I'll see if we can get all bans to be cleared.