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Turkey’s South Hit by a Second High-Magnitude Earthquake M7.5


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u/420BigDawg_ Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

so far there have been 4 earthquake/aftershocks since last night that surpass 6.0


edit: 2 earthquakes in the 7's and 3 aftershocks in the 6's

Admittedly Idk the difference between an actual Earthquake and an aftershock


u/ayasofya02 Feb 06 '23

4 separate ones over 6.0 as aftershocks? Oh goodness no.

Be well everyone in Turkey


u/arkydon Feb 06 '23

The second 7.5 quake was not an aftershock.


u/youdubdub Feb 06 '23

And 7.5 is vastly different than 6.0.

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u/timpdx Feb 06 '23

Been watching the aftershock sequence on the 7.8 move rapidly northeast. It is acting like a zipper, areas 200 km away began to move, then this big quake. Wow.


u/TheEarthquakeGuy Feb 06 '23

The first quake appears to have happened on the plate boundary, not unexpected that the aftershocks would follow this pattern.

This second large quake is still to be determined.

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u/senior_yoda Feb 06 '23

I felt it in Ankara. Crazy what's happening right now


u/elcolerico Feb 06 '23

Felt it in Van. 1000 km away from Ankara.


u/JohnyyBanana Feb 06 '23

Felt it in Limassol, Cyprus


u/dies-IRS Feb 06 '23

Reportedly a building collapsed in Beirut


u/luuvvly Feb 06 '23

Beirut felt it, but there's no collapsed building.

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u/Zhukov-74 Feb 06 '23


Saddened about the loss of lives in Türkiye and Syria following the major earthquake. Our thoughts go to the victims and their loved ones. I have sent my deepest condolences to @RTErdogan . As partner of Türkiye and holder of the EU presidency, we stand ready to offer our support.


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u/joelinoo Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Another one 7.6mw? Wtf?

Edit: Unfortunately thousands of buildings have collapsed, ten thousands are trapped under rubble and its around 1-2 celcius (34-35F) tonight. Professional help didnt reach yet to most of the effected areas and people are reporting survivors are crying for help under the wrecked buildings. Hypothermia is a huge risk to those trapped in debris. What a tragedy.


u/Taylan_K Feb 06 '23

My family told me they're expecting another one. People are being picked up by truck like vehicles to be in safety. And that's in innermost anatolia which is not very near the epicentre.


u/GlumIce852 Feb 06 '23

Another one after the 2nd one of 7.6? That’s awful.

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u/dumbguy-on-reddit_bs Feb 06 '23

you gotta be joking, in the middle of the anatoilan plateau as well !!


u/4e2n0t Feb 06 '23

Can you explain the significance of the Anatolian plateau? I'm not very geographically inclined.


u/_crater Feb 06 '23

I think they misspoke, probably referring to the Anatolian plate. The area where the main earthquake occurred is centered around a massive fault line between that plate and the Arabian plate.

As for the "in the middle of the plate" thing, I'm not sure - I've only seen news about the initial quake, but I also haven't looked around much either. I'd guess it's a result of aftershocks, but I don't know.


u/4e2n0t Feb 06 '23

I think their point was that it's surprising (in a bad way of course) that the earthquake is reaching that far into the plate, since most earthquakes activity occurs at the fault lines. Thank you for your explanation.


u/Spanky_Badger_85 Feb 06 '23

I have a good friend who lives in Side, on the south coast, and he said he felt them even that far away. Apparently it also damaged the Roman ruins that the town is known for which fucking sucks, as I've seen them a few times and they're breathtaking.

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u/Johannes_Keppler Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

7.7 even, 40% stronger energy release than a 7.6 :-(

EDIT: EMSC says 7.5 now.

another EDIT: O fuck - this was just one block in one street in a city 40 km north of the first quake:

And that was before the second quake hit, about 40 km further north from where the video was taken.

I'm literally crying right now. Tens of thousands must have died...


u/Poppybiscuit Feb 06 '23

Holy shit whatever building they are standing on top of to get that video, seems like they should not be up there


u/Wheres_my_whiskey Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Its insane how one side of the road is total devastation and just behind and in front of them is just about untouched. Ive only seen this happen with tornadoes. Im shocked to see such a defined line from an earthquake.


u/qtx Feb 06 '23

It's more like one set of buildings weren't as sturdy as the others.


u/n-x Feb 06 '23

A few decades of building code updates make a huge difference. The earthquake study for my city states that a significant earthquake would reduce most older apartment buildings to rubble, while newer ones would just shrug it off.

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u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23

Whoa. That is crazy the power increase in one decimal


u/takes_joke_literally Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

The Richter EarthquakeyMeasurey scale is logarithmic.


Although modern scientific practice has replaced the original Richter scale with other, more-accurate scales, the Richter scale is still often mentioned erroneously in news reports of earthquake severity as the catch-all name for the logarithmic scale upon which earthquakes are measured.


u/pm_me_your_smth Feb 06 '23

Just to explain to non-nerds: a log scale means that rating X is 10 times smaller than X+1, so an earthquake rated as 3.0 is 10 times bigger than a 2.0.

To illustrate how quickly the significance grows:

benchmark: a minor earthquake of 2.0 (barely noticeable shaking, no damage)

multiplied by 100: a light earthquake of 4.0 (objects start falling off the table, almost no damage),

or multiplied by 100000: a major earthquake of 7.0 (damage to most buildings, many are completely destroyed)


u/ianjm Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Yep, to add to this a change of 0.1 on the Richter scale is 26% more amplitude (1.26 ^ 10 ≈ 10).

An increase of 0.3 points is roughly double the amplitude.

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u/distelfink33 Feb 06 '23

A friend of mine who's Turkish and lives in the US told me she is on a Turkish message board and lots of people are posting their locations while trapped underneath buildings. So horrible.


u/NotInKY Feb 06 '23

It’s amazing they have the ability to do so. I hope rescuers are able to utilize the information in time.

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u/tyranitsar Feb 06 '23

My girlfriend's relatives are literally under rubble now and apparently the emergency response teams were so busy putting out fires and doing other things they didn't even start looking at the collapsed apartment building. Nobody has been able to get in touch with them, or anyone else who lives in that building either. It's heart-wrenching I can't even imagine how she feels. A lot of crying today. One of the relatives is a five year old girl. Was supposed to meet them for the first time a few days ago but got sick and didn't get the chance.


u/tyranitsar Feb 06 '23

Thanks for the support guys. My girlfriend is gathered with her family in Ankara right now and they've been together all day trying to reach someone or get information. Lots of crying, arguing and praying. The missing family are in Hatay and a couple of the male relatives drove down there from Ankara this morning to try to find them. No updates as of yet but I think everyone is prepared for the worst news. I feel so bad for all the people affected by this earthquake; until now every time I heard of a natural disaster it was very abstract for me (being from the UK), but damn the pain is indescribable when it's people you know.

Will post updates.

PS if anybody has any info the building is in Hatay and is called Rönasans Rezidans-Antakya


u/throwawaygreenpaq Feb 06 '23

I pray they are all rescued. Hope for the best, mate.

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u/gorkm Feb 06 '23

As a Turkish citizen who lost his house in 2020 İzmir earthquake, this fills me with inexplicable sadness. The worst combination happened. Cold and snowing, middle of the night and hundreds of aftershocks. And now another earthquake with same magnitude. This is some hollywood doomsday movie shit.


u/notnaxcat Feb 06 '23

I'm deeply sorry, as a mexican we know first hand how awful this events are, in 2017 we had rain almost everyday afterwards and it's so hard on survivors and helpers. On 1985 people run away from the city as devastation was surreal. I hope the best for you beautiful country. Big hugs.

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u/lonehappycamper Feb 06 '23

I'm so sorry to be seeing this. I hope you are safe. Help is coming.


u/gorkm Feb 06 '23

I am currently working offshore, just outside of Egypt. My family lives in İzmir and all my loved ones are safe... for now at least. I am afraid two consecutive earthquakes of this magnitude may trigger the other fault lines beneath Türkiye, especially Marmara fault line which would most definitely eradicate İstanbul.


u/PriapusWrex Feb 06 '23

To put this in perspective for those who dont know, Istanbul has 15.6 million people.


u/poohdini59 Feb 06 '23

And that's a very conservative number. In reality it is a lot closer to 20 million.

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u/bontempsd Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 08 '23 Gold Hugz All-Seeing Upvote Tearing Up

My building is collapsed. I've lost everything that I worked so hard for. I could only be grateful that me and my wife are alive.

Edit: I can't personally thank all of you guys, but I'm very grateful for sharing with you.

Edit 2: We finally recovered our cat from the ruin. She is a bit battered but alive. Taking her to a vet to inspect


u/Karmasita Feb 06 '23

I'm so sorry. I hope you make it out of this and recover.


u/Patatoxxo Feb 06 '23

Im so sorry dude please stay safe

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u/danfam1612 Feb 06 '23

We have a saying in Vietnam: “Của đi thay người”, meaning at least it’s your stuff that is gone, not you. Stay strong and be safe man, because at least you and your wife are still here together!


u/AnUpperFlush Feb 06 '23

We have the same saying in Turkey. "Cana geleceğine mala gelsin."

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u/BesottedScot Feb 06 '23

Yes can only be thankful for the little things. Property can be replaced but you and your wife can't. Keep safe!

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u/yogurtisturkish Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 08 '23

Over 1000 people confirmed dead by the government. This is a catastrophe.

Edit: I really, really, really didn't want to update my comment. But here we are. 5000 dead in Turkey and Syria. My heart hurts, my head hurts, my soul hurts. I beg everyone here, please donate to save the wounded.

Edit 2: There is no end in sight. 5894 people gone in Turkey alone. I'm panicking every time I check the news. Please, help us.


u/End3rWi99in Feb 06 '23

It's going to be over 10,000 by the time it's all figured out. The one on 1999 killed 18,000 people and was just a single 7.5. This is worse and is two separate major quakes.


u/IsThatHearsay Feb 06 '23

Not to mention happening during a snow storm in dead of winter with freezing temps. Those injured won't do well if rescue crews can't get to them quickly.


u/RogueDevlin Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Yes... And if the government wants to alter the numbers they will claim many as simply missing.

This tragedy is one of my worst fears in life. I can't stop thinking about the people suffering there.

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u/Ipuncholdpeople Feb 06 '23

The real total will be much higher sadly

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u/TheEarthquakeGuy Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23 Gold Platinum Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Faith In Humanity Restored Starry Ally Today I Learned Argentium

Kia Ora! Haven't done this in a while so please forgive the rust.




  • 00:13 UCT - Good morning - Guardian has finished live coverage - Nearly 4,000 people dead in Turkiye and Syria. 14,000 injured and over 7,000+ rescued. Hoping we get more good news as more teams arrive.
  • 14:27 UCT - 1900 combined death toll - 7600+ injured. Expect both of these to rise as the scenes are reached. Hoping for the best for the people of Turkiye and Syria. I need to sleep as it's 3:27 am here in New Zealand. Will update this in the morning.
  • 13:46 UCT - 1700 combined death toll (Turkey and Syria). It will take time to process everything. Far from done.
  • Latest Guardian update has 1,500 dead (1,000+ in Turkiye) with 2,818 buildings collapsed. This region of Turkiye is experiencing heavy snow which is making it very difficult to move rescuers and relief into the region.
  • 1,400 confirmed dead from both earthquakes - Per the Guardian


What you need to know:


  • Magnitude - 7.5 on the Moment Magnitude Scale. This is the second large magnitude 7 earthquake to occur in this sequence today.
  • Location - 4km SSE of Ekinözü, Turkiye. This is still in the same area that has felt the brunt of the first 7.8 earthquake. However this location is further North from the border of Syria. This also means that villages, towns and cities within Turkiye's interior who likely felt the first quake, may have felt this quake more.
  • Depth - Currently sitting at 10.0km deep, however this is likely a placeholder. It is currently understood to be a shallow quake.
  • Shakemap - Currently shows Severe (VIII) shaking experienced around the epicenter. This typically translates to Moderate/Heavy damage, but due to the previous earthquake, these damage estimations likely do not reflect the true nature of the situation.
  • Did you Feel it? - If you felt this quake, please fill out this report!


Typically I'd talk about the PAGER system here and reflect the results, however due to the very unique situation of the area, I'm going to hold off on that.

The first, larger earthquake created a lot of damage and put many thousands of people at risk. We know from current reports that between Turkiye and Syria, that over 1,400 people have died due to the first event.

There are reports of many people trapped, and Turkiye has issued an Alert Level 4 which requests international aid and help to rescue trapped people.

This second quake has likely made those efforts more difficult and created new situations.

I am not sure if the data modelled in the PAGER system will reflect the precarious situation on the ground. Here is the link, but be warned that it might be way worse than the data predicts.


  • Aftershocks - Again this event brings new uncertainty. What can be said with certainty is that there will be aftershocks for the weeks to come, varying in size, but most likely will be smaller.
  • Tsunami - There has been no Tsunami generated from this event.


If you are in the area - Please text, don't call to prolong the life of any mobile networks currently using battery/generator operated towers.

If you find large cracks in any structural walls, evacuate immediately.

If you are in the area and experiencing aftershocks, put together a grab bag of essential documents, warm change of clothes and any medication you may need for the next 72 hours. Phone charger etc is also a good idea. In case you need to evacuate, you can grab this bag and be relatively well prepared.


Stay Safe!


u/maxsynnott Feb 06 '23

Kia ora mate, welcome back


u/potato_lover Feb 06 '23

As much as I appreciate this guy, I must say that I don’t like seeing him because it means bad shit has gone down. Really good advice and information though, thanks for doing that.

This situation looks absolutely dire. Those poor people. Heart goes out to them. Will donate. Poor animals too 😔


u/BeneficialEvidence6 Feb 06 '23

I wonder if he has conflicting feelings when a big earthquake happens. Like yeah! I get to nerd out...but people are dying


u/TheEarthquakeGuy Feb 06 '23 Hugz All-Seeing Upvote Faith In Humanity Restored

Everytime I do this, it fucking sucks. I hate watching the videos because I remember my own experience. It's just part of trauma of experiencing the events.

I stopped doing this a while ago due to some really great seismologists using reddit more.

Once I saw the second large quake, I thought it was probably a good idea to get on and just keep some level heads, answer questions and such.


u/dies-IRS Feb 06 '23

Thank you.


u/CreativeAnalytics Feb 06 '23

Often many people won't see those other seismologist posts, and instead will only see yours. It's a matter of statistics and probability of helping someone increases when you post. You're always doing good work, but of course gotta take care of your own mental health too.

Much love from your cuzybros in Australia mate.


u/Pyromanspam Feb 06 '23

Sorry that it puts you through so much. Those of us in Alaska appreciated your cool head over in r/alaska a few years back when we had our own big quake. Thanks for doing what you do


u/Firebird117 Feb 06 '23

Much appreciated. Thanks for providing the information. Very helpful summary for those of us just waking up to this


u/sc-dave Feb 06 '23

Thanks, really for what you do here. You explain things in an easy to understand non-dramaticized way that really helps digest the impact better rather than the news flashing "BAD THING HAPPENED LOOK IT'S BAD".

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u/stepover7 Feb 06 '23


u/Johannes_Keppler Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

7.7 per EMSC... about twice the energy release over a 7.5 unfortunately.

Let's hope they are wrong and the USGS is right...

EDIT: EMSC also says 7.5 now.

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u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/deaniegee Feb 06 '23

What do you do in that situation? This is awful, turkey have been hit by atleast 10 ish tremors since 1am this morning


u/mud_tug Feb 06 '23

Get away from all buildings and try to stay alive. There is nothing else you can do.


u/Ok_Yogurtcloset8915 Feb 06 '23

it's even worse as the whole region is having a snowstorm right now so it isn't safe to stay outside for very long either, esp. for elders, children etc. total nightmare situation

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u/odaal Feb 06 '23

the definition of cheating death holy shit


u/deaniegee Feb 06 '23

I feel for the whole country right now, this is literally a doomsday scenario playing out in real time. This is beyond scary

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u/Effigrecus Feb 06 '23

Istanbul, a city of 16 million people, is also a high-risk area for earthquakes. As a Turkish guy, I am scared a lot for my country, the future and the people. I am just scared and in shock. There are multiple earthquakes happening constantly.


u/canxtanwe Feb 06 '23

If any earthquake like this hits Istanbul (where i live), this country is done for. This is not even pessimism, this is just the truth


u/Icemna16 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Yeah we are basically fucked at that point. We are not even close to be prepared enough for such an earthquake in İstanbul.


u/canxtanwe Feb 06 '23

20+ million people lives here and it's literally the heart of our already doomed economy. I can't even imagine the life and economic loss

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u/Atharaphelun Feb 06 '23

How has Ankara fared so far?


u/Icemna16 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Ankara is one of the safest cities in Turkey for earthquakes. Konya being the safest city.

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u/Interesting_Pain1234 Feb 06 '23

Are any of the buildings across Turkey built with earthquakes in mind or will they fare similarly to those in the currently affected regions?


u/morphinedreams Feb 06 '23

Turkey generally has very poor building standards adherence, maybe 8 years or so ago it was a big problem of rogue builders, people who wouldn't get permission to build but just do so anyway with no proper adherence to any safety protocols. There will be a lot of turkish buildings which are barely standing when the ground isn't shaking, let alone capable of withstanding the huge forces with quakes that powerful. The kind of damage you see speaks to the quality of the buildings as well as the disaster scale. The poor people living in them are stuck between cowboys out for a quick buck and a govt incapable or unwilling to properly stamp it out.

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u/dies-IRS Feb 06 '23

Not at all. I don’t think my building will withstand the upcoming great Istanbul earthquake. It’s literally falling apart

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u/Paranoides Feb 06 '23

It is better but not good enough. And also, istanbul is 18 million people so the effect will be much bigger.

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u/gink-go Feb 06 '23

Entire buildings are collapsing like decks of cards from the videos I've seen, entire cities almost vanishing. The construction quality is criminal for a high risk seismic area.

There will be 10's of thousands of dead, no doubt.


u/420BigDawg_ Feb 06 '23

already past 1500 dead and cleanup and rescue hasn't even begun...

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u/Slayer-of-Ares Feb 06 '23

I've been in Istanbul for the last 2 months and you're walking past buildings under construction and just looking at the brick work makes you mad, it's so uneven, and half the time the buildings look wonky.

So you're right about the construction quality being criminal.


u/nonrandomusername17 Feb 06 '23

Apparently their building code is now quite good, but there's so much blatant corruption, that plenty of buildings aren't built to code at all.

Damning indictment of the AKP and the regime's endemic corruption, if you ask me.

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u/cetobaba Feb 06 '23

Man this feels like doomsday scenario for my country. I hope this doesn't effect other lines. I and my gf lives on one of the most riskier plates on Turkey. Fuck this


u/Youngie49 Feb 06 '23

Afad official said it's not likely to affect northern fault line(the one goes through istanbul). They said it's more likely to affect the rest of the southeastern line(through hatay)

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u/dies-IRS Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Magnitude 7.5

EDIT: 7.6 per AFAD

EDIT 2: 7.7 per EMSC

EDIT 3: Couldn’t find any English sources, but Erdoğan is refusing to call opposition mayors in the affected area, while he called all AKP mayors. I hate him so much



Erdoğan has recently called the mayors of Hatay and Adana he had neglected to call earlier, but only after hours after electing to call the govt appointed governors of the provinces of Hatay and Adana instead of the mayors


u/mud_tug Feb 06 '23

another 6.0+ aftershock reported after that.


u/OldSweatyBulbasar Feb 06 '23

Words fail. It must feel like the world is ending over there.


u/dies-IRS Feb 06 '23

TV stations are not reporting at all from the epicenter Kahramanmaraş. I believe it’s intentional


u/RangerHere Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

From what I read here, Erdoghan censors media whenever there is a news that might make him look bad.

It is very well known that turkey is in the earthquake zone. In the Turkish sub, they were saying that Erdoghan funneled more than 100 billion dollars to his friends over the last 20 years under the disguise of getting ready for the big earthquakes.

After 100 billions spent, the whole city is flat. So, he is hiding his shame.


u/dies-IRS Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

We have a consumption tax called ÖTV that was (not-see edit) introduced after the 1999 Kocaeli-Istanbul earthquake, intended to fund relief efforts. That tax hasn’t been lifted. It’s more than 100% for many products. When we buy a playstation we buy one more for the government.

Edit: ÖTV wasn’t introduced after the earthquake, that’s actually ÖİV, and PlayStations aren’t subject to ÖİV. Thanks u/drowsyengine for the correction. But my point about our incompetent government still stands

There is this story about ÖİV, albeit in Turkish:



u/Disastrous_Quiet5897 Feb 06 '23

Oh so what you are saying is that people go to Greece, buy a playstation and try to hide it from customs. The classic.


u/dies-IRS Feb 06 '23

They do. I personally know a few people who just did that. It was Georgia though not Greece. My hometown is near the Georgian border

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u/swirlViking Feb 06 '23

I was going to ask how an uncontrollable earthquake could make a leader look bad, but you covered it. What a piece of shit.

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u/cum_fart_69 Feb 06 '23

So, he is hiding his shame.

people like him are incapable of shame

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u/el_99 Feb 06 '23

The sad part is the rescuers who are at the falllen buildings, hope they weren’t caught by the earthquake

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u/MouseSmasher Feb 06 '23

Imagine being a politician in this time of tragedy and only helping those in your sphere, disgusting, hope everyone can get the help they need.

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u/Rypskyttarn Feb 06 '23

The destruction is complete in some areas



u/Redditing-Dutchman Feb 06 '23


An industrial area... I would say 90% is gone.


u/dismayhurta Feb 06 '23

My god the final death tally is going to be staggering. Those poor people.

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u/Ecmelt Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

To clarify since other threads had this confusion, this is a new earthquake on a different line but hitting the same area since that area has multiple of them.

I honestly don't think i've ever heard of such a thing. What the fuck is happening to my country. Maraş city is probably going to be rebuilt from scratch at this point.

Edit: https://i.imgur.com/rOp3aIb.png as someone else shared, to better visualize. The longer line is 1st quake & aftershocks. The one above, more central ones are the new quake and its aftershocks.


u/PalmyGamingHD Feb 06 '23

This is what seismologists believe happened in the 2016 Kaikoura quake here in New Zealand. An initial 7.5 - 7.8 earthquake striking on one fault line near Culverden / Kaikoura on the east coast of the South Island, which caused a quake further north up near the top of the South Island close to Seddon. The world is still learning a lot about seismic activity and no doubt today's earthquakes will also be heavily analyzed.


u/53bvo Feb 06 '23

2016 Kaikoura quake here in New Zealand. An initial 7.5 - 7.8

It is interesting how that 2016 was barely destructive compared to the 2011 Christchurch earthquake which was "only" a 6.1 earthquake (which is a factor 30 "weaker"). I think there is a bit more to how destructive earthquakes are than just the magnitude numbers.


u/Juvar23 Feb 06 '23

I'm literally just learning this today as these happen and more and more people are commenting, but I've read that the depth of the epicentre matters a whole lot as well - for a example a 6 earthquake at depth 20 kilometers will be less noticeable than a 5 earthquake at depth 10km (numbers completely made up)

But please correct me if I understood this wrong.

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u/joshwagstaff13 Feb 06 '23

Half the issue with the 2011 quake was that there were buidlings damaged by the 2010 quake that then failed completely as a result.

And then you have things like the CTV building, which was likely an accident waiting to happen without the earthquakes.

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u/fenasi_kerim Feb 06 '23

Two 7+ earthquakes within same day is basically nightmare scenario unfortunately.


u/dies-IRS Feb 06 '23

And it’s snowing


u/Malicharo Feb 06 '23

it's 4C right now and it drops to -4C during night...


u/2PAK4U Feb 06 '23

That means the rescuers probably have fewer hours left until sunset or it gets colder.. :(


u/Familiar_Ear_8947 Feb 06 '23

And that many people whose buildings didn’t collapse during the first earth quake may have returned inside bc of the cold

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u/ZrvaDetector Feb 06 '23

Which will probably kill just as many people under the rubble as the initial destruction. It's really cold out there.

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u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23



u/Lilancis Feb 06 '23

I still can’t grasp why building regulations are that bad in a region that is known to be the meeting point of at least 2 tectonic plates.


u/the_first_brovenger Feb 06 '23

Erdogan instituted an "earthquake tax" a long time ago which was supposed to go towards earthquake proofing buildings. Apparently none or very little of it has gone towards such things, but rather to line people's pockets.

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u/Audromedus Feb 06 '23

The death toll will be astronomical sadly. The chance of saving people is probably from now to Wednesday. International aid will maybe help save another 500-1000 people. Absolutely horrible.


u/fenasi_kerim Feb 06 '23

Actually it's dead of winter and nightly tempreatures are projected to be -5°C throughout this week so I think chance of survival is very low after this first day. And sunset is only 2:45 hrs away :(

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u/NPD_wont_stop_ME Feb 06 '23

I'm gonna count my blessings the next time I wanna complain about something stupid. This is fucked up, man.


u/iK_550 Feb 06 '23

Hopefully the needed aid gets there soon. I would imagine anyone who can spare rescue battalions would be willing to help.

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u/wild_man_wizard Feb 06 '23

6-8 hours apart. Just enough time for all the national rescue teams to get there and start search and recovery operations around the remaining unstable buildings.

If Turkiye didn't need international help before, they sure do now. Their trained emergency responders probably just took a lot of casualties.

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u/mud_tug Feb 06 '23


This is what the earthquake map looks like right now. The quakes that form a horizontal line near the top are all new including the 7.5 and several 6+ aftershocks.

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u/alienbanter Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

It is a thing that can happen unfortunately :( It happened on a smaller scale with the Ridgecrest earthquakes in 2019 in California in the US - a magnitude 6.4 was succeeded by a M7.1 on an adjacent fault two days later. I'm very sorry for what you're going through.

Edit: here's a paper about the Ridgecrest ruptures for anyone interested in reading more - https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1029/2019GL086382


u/dies-IRS Feb 06 '23

Yes, Turkish TV is saying it’s a standalone earthquake on another but nearby fault

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u/ElectricFlesh Feb 06 '23

It's also the thing California is scared of, isn't it? That a smaller quake on another fault will eventually trigger The Big One in the San Andreas fault?


u/alienbanter Feb 06 '23

That could happen in theory, but the San Andreas could also just rupture on its own without any specific trigger. Not much to do but prepare, unfortunately. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we're doing the same for our Big One.

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u/Ecmelt Feb 06 '23

I heard of that but.. just hours later?? I literally watched live another building collapse as rescue teams running away.

I was a kid when we got hit by the 1999 earthquake here and i was actually in Istanbul so i felt it, hard. This one i don't feel due to distance but it is giving me more horror. Freakin out honestly..

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u/frenchdresses Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Is it possible that the one earthquake... Weakened... The other fault line? (I know nothing about earthquakes someone please tell me how dumb this question is lol)


u/Johannes_Keppler Feb 06 '23

Also there hasn't been a 'big one' in over a century in the affected area, so stresses have been building up for all that time. As said, one earthquake can trigger another, unfortunately.


u/alienbanter Feb 06 '23

Not weakened so much as changed the stress distribution in the crust around the other fault, which could have pushed it closer to the breaking point. It's called static triggering.

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u/LupusDeusMagnus Feb 06 '23

Situation is really bad in Syria it seems. From a friend in there, freezing temps every night and now these earthquakes.


u/Technoist Feb 06 '23

Yes, while Turkey seems to be the epicentre (iirc) Syria basically has zero infrastructure or support, it is possible the situation is even worse there. We will see in a few days maybe, currently it is all just chaos. Horrible.

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u/Vv4nd Feb 06 '23

The problem will probably not end here. Turkey is full of areas with high tension in the underground, especially near Istanbul there is the potential for an even more disastrous earthquake. Let's hope this one won't be triggered.


u/Rosieu Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Yeah lots of tectonic plates coming together around Turkey...


u/HisAnger Feb 06 '23

The worst is that if one released all the tensions, this can trigger others to do the same as ones on them potentially grew stronger.


u/Rosieu Feb 06 '23

Yep extremely scary shit

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u/CryptoYaar Feb 06 '23

The pictures of leveled up buildings and videos of buildings falling down with people in it are extremely horrifying.

I can't stop thinking how we humans are fighting like crazy over everything, and here comes nature, putting us back to our spot and reminding us how helpless we all are.


u/Azazir Feb 06 '23

And the guy responsible for preparing for stuff like this shuffles tens of billions out of country budget to his friend companies offshore and probably doesn't spend even 10% of the year in the country which he made to suffer everything. Turkey is known to be earthquake zone, yet look at the buildings, literally folding like paper houses, 20 years and nothing changed.

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u/0heisenberg0 Feb 06 '23

fuck this! this was strong too, i am from 500 km away from south part but even my buildings shakes

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u/DEVIL_MAY5 Feb 06 '23

A friend of my brother's, who's working overseas, was calling his family back home all night long only to learn later that his entire family is gone. That's really sad.


u/new_awakening Feb 06 '23

I can't even imagine that. No one left back home....


u/LightSpaceSpoon Feb 06 '23

Even though I live in Ankara, 450+ km away, we're shaking.

I keep looking at my open door to see if it's moving, if I'm imagining another quake. That door has been oscillating slowly in 1cm range all-day.

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u/musicankane Feb 06 '23

This appears to be a fault unzipping sequence. The fault in Turkey has been incredibly stressed and what is happening it that the fault is slipping down it's length. Each 7.0 quake is breaking the stress further down the fault which triggers the next 7 in the sequence. This is quite rare to see more than 1 or 2 big events in a short timeframe but remember that EVERY quake has a 5% chance to trigger something equal or bigger in size within 24 hours.

What makes this so devastating for Turkey is a lack of building codes, too much concrete buildings with no retrofitting which makes them incredible brittle in a quake and with 4 quakes happening basically back to back spells desaster for buildings like that.

My heart goes out to Turkey, be aware that this earthquake sequence may not yet be over and aftershocks from this will continue for years.


u/smallgodofsocks Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

So there may be additional quakes moving um, southwest, along/near the East Anatolian Fault as it continues to unzip? Oh wait, they would go northeast along the fault, right, based on the location of the first and second earthquakes?


u/musicankane Feb 06 '23

It is possible yes. But each quake reduces the likelihood for a time. I cant recall an event that caused an earthquake sequence to spread across an entire fault.

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u/Spyder638 Feb 06 '23

My god this is awful. I was just reading the news on BBC when the alert come up that a second hit.

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u/Captain_Hampockets Feb 06 '23

Was looking at the USGS site - 7.8, then 6.7, then 7.5, then 6.0. With LOTS of 4.0+ aftershocks, over the course of about 11 hours. Crazy.

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u/silencif Feb 06 '23

I can't imagine going through this. Should people not go inside at all for how long ?


u/tyiyyy Feb 06 '23

I lived through earthquakes that happened in Christchurch. The ground didn't stop shaking for months. the first earthquake was 7.1 and a 6.3 aftershock that happened months later killed around 200 people.

It's completely different to this situation bc most people here live in single story wooden houses. I cannot imagine having to go into a non earthquake safe apartment with all those aftershocks.

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u/mud_tug Feb 06 '23

It is currently snowing in the area.


u/O-N-U-R Feb 06 '23

and it is snowing. İdk what are we going to do

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u/TheEarthquakeGuy Feb 06 '23

This is entirely dependent on the building type and how it has faired in the earthquake.

Typically local government set up local refuges in schools etc for the public. Please check in with emergency officials as to where to go to find safe shelter.

Please note that there may be significant risk in entering a building, even if it looks ok.


u/linxi1 Feb 06 '23

Where do you even go if there’s earthquakes one after another :( I wouldn’t trust any building!

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u/GKDNZ07 Feb 06 '23

Dude I felt in Corum its 500km away from there fuck

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u/jimmyjammyjayso Feb 06 '23

The fact that Turkey is going through a particularly harsh winter too just adds to how upsetting this. Sending love to the citizens of Turkey to get through this

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u/SecondHornOfElephant Feb 06 '23

2 massive earthquake in a day.

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u/NoManager1005 Feb 06 '23

What the hell is going on. Condolences to the family of those who have perished


u/Onironaute Feb 06 '23

The East Anatolian fault line is the culprit here. The area generally sees a lot of seismic activity, but nothing quite like this for the past century.

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u/NavdeepNSG Feb 06 '23

Nepal was hit by approximately 25 aftershocks, all of magnitude 5 or more.

So, Turkey should brace itself for the worst.


u/OSUfan88 Feb 06 '23

And this wasn’t even an aftershock. A completely different fault line.

Now there are 2 sources of aftershock.

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u/Fortifical Feb 06 '23

Looks very miserable. They're going to need a lot of help. I don't think any of the high rises within 100 miles are fit to stay in. They probably need to be demolished.

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u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

My family there is completely in shock and in tears. They've felt both and won't return to their homes. Earlier on they were hesitating to sleep in their house or not but after this second high magnitude earthquake they might not ever go back in there

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u/PlankWithANailIn2 Feb 06 '23

20% of very large earthquakes (magnitude above 7.5) are doublets


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u/canxtanwe Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23 Hugz Take My Energy Tearing Up

Turkey residence here, I'm not even close to earthquake location but the entire country feels like a doomsday scenario. I'm literally terrorized rn and shaking while writing this


u/Onironaute Feb 06 '23

Words fail in this sort of situation. It's nightmarish. I hope you and your loved ones stay safe in the days and weeks to come, and that you will all be able to heal from this trauma.


u/Thanmarkou Feb 06 '23

Stay strong. Greek here, we just sent an elite unit of firefighters to help.

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u/m0uzer Feb 06 '23

In a country where the buildings don't seem to be equipped to handle this, this is an absolute hell on earth scenario.

I can't really continue working today it's just fucking brutal seeing all this shit come in so fast. The country is being reduced to dust.

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u/AdventurousBluejay45 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

i just lost my mind, twitter in turkey just pure chaos everybody trying to rescue somebody in under the collapsed buildings revealing their adress for rescue teams this tweets just dont end millions tweet like this im not feeling good my heart in pain some cities airway is broken planes cant fly there mostly villages and towns way is closed or trying to receive some rescue team newly and this new earthquake injure the rescue teams when they trying to rescue people in top of the buildings

edit: sorry for my broken english

edit2: I cant found the video and what happened to :( but i found another little girl rescued :') im keep trying find your mentioned video also


she is saying "save my mom too"


u/Atharaphelun Feb 06 '23

I just saw a video of a woman trapped beneath the rubble who recorded herself and posted it on social media asking for help. I can not help but wonder what happened to her now that this second earthquake happened immediately after.


u/Cosmic-Irie Feb 06 '23

This woman was also the same thought that came to mind when I saw a second one has struck. Fuck, there are no words.


u/Camp_Grenada Feb 06 '23

I know what you mean. I saw lots of daylight in that video and she was able to film herself so I thought she would survive. Now i'm not so sure.

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u/zomangel Feb 06 '23

How terrifying. As a human, you want to go in and see if there's people you can help. But at any moment , the building you're looking for survivors in could come crashing down on top of you too

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u/RealBug56 Feb 06 '23

Two 7+ quakes in a single day is insane. Thousands of people must be stuck in the rubble and in a couple of hours it's going to be dark with sub-zero temperatures, making everything even worse for them.


u/naz_t Feb 06 '23

It feels like the end of the world and I'm not even in the epicentre. I've never known fear like this. I also feel a lot of guilt for being this shaken up when I know people in other provinces deal with unimaginable pain right now. I know I should be greateful that I'm not under a wreck or out in the snow yet but I can't help feeling afraid for myself and my family all the time and it feels so...selfish.


u/Muggaraffin Feb 06 '23

Nothing selfish about it whatsoever, you're involved. Just because others might have it worse than you doesn't negate what you're going through

But at the same time, if you find it comforting, then yeah it can be helpful to think "it could be worse". If it'll help you keep your head clear, do whatever it takes

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u/Old_Credit5771 Feb 06 '23

Greek here. My heart goes out to our sisters and brothers across the border. We are sending help, stay strong and stay safe.


u/I_Hate_Traffic Feb 06 '23

Thanks komsu Greece was one of the first to send help in 1999 as well.


u/SolidSky Feb 06 '23

Much love, my greek brother/sister.

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u/bloomberg bloomberg.com Feb 06 '23

Here's a link to read this story for free.

By Selcan Hacaoglu and Firat Kozok

Some of the most powerful Middle East earthquakes in decades killed more than 1,000 people in Turkey and Syria on Monday.

A pre-dawn earthquake hit near the Turkish city of Gaziantep with a 7.7 magnitude, killing more than 1,000 people in Turkey and about 370 in Syria.

Hours later, a second 7.5 quake struck nearby and was felt in the Turkish capital Ankara, some 600 kilometers (375 miles) away.


u/GrandmasBoy69 Feb 06 '23

That streamer who was buried taking videos? Uncovered now and safe.

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u/Ordinary_Savings5029 Feb 07 '23

I can't describe how I'm feeling right now. It's just void. I've just heard a woman connecting to a news broadcast and saying "Antakya artık yok" (Antioch is no more). Entire cities turned into dust. There were millions of people living their lives in those places 2 days ago, now thousands of them are gone. People are gone, cities are gone, everything just feels void. I'm in a safe zone, I just felt some shaking in my apartment, but I can't stop thinking about this. Thousands of people lost their lives in their sleep, death can be like that: unexpected, sudden. Some people survived and rescued from under the ruins, but they lost their family members under the same ruins. I can't comprehend trying to survive under ruins and waiting for help for hours, while your loved ones laying next to you... dead. It's such a shock for us, entire nation feeling like this. We need every bit of help we can get. I don't think there is a single person feeling OK in Turkey right now, in a country of 80+ million people.


u/blackbird_feathers Feb 06 '23

Another 6 13 minutes ago

Earthquake M6.0 - 11 km north of Göksun, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey - Mon, 6 Feb 2023 12:02:18 UTC (23:02 AEDT) - 13 minutes ago more info: https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/earthquakes/quake-info/7367779/mag5quake-Feb-6-2023-Turkey.html via Volcanoes & Earthquakes App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.volcanodiscovery.volcanodiscovery


u/Atreimedes Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Just what the fuck. We got hit by another +7.5 earthquake the same day. This is definitely the worst day in the history of Turkey. On Turkish Twitter, all I see on my feed are people sharing locations and messages from other people who are literally UNDER collapsed buildings right now, there are thousands and thousands of these messages, videos, and tweets. I am sitting here abroad, with no idea what the fuck should I do, shaking and crying writing this.

Please, everyone here, try to reach the officials where you live to send help to my country, even the smallest will help someone.

edit: there are literally buildings collapsing on live tv right now my god...


u/Min259 Feb 06 '23

A lot of countrys already declared Support. As i heard Greece already arived and nearly every european country is on their way too. I am watching this from Germany and wish you all the best. Stay safe 🍀🙏

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u/musicankane Feb 06 '23

I did a little more looking into these quakes, and there are actually TWO big faults and plate boundries where these earthquakes are occuring.

So it looks like what happened is the first big quake ruptured one fault INTO the other fault, which then caused that fault to rupture in it's own big quake. So what we are seeing here is a locally triggered sequence much like what happened in New Zealand in 2011, and Ridgecrest California in 2019.

Because these faults are so close, or even potentially overlap each other, it's not unusual that when a big event happens at their junction it triggers multiple events as the cluster of faulting is forced to readjust itself.

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u/Peakomegaflare Feb 06 '23

I talk a LOT of shit about the government there, but I hope you guys get through this.


u/Youngie49 Feb 06 '23

People are ANGRY here too. There's an earthquake tax since turkey is located where it is and a few years back during Van earthquake, government didn't have the funds to help out and asked for people's and corporations donations. And now this. Considering every kuruş was probably going towards trying to stabilize fx rates especially against usd, I don't think there's much funds left for aid.

People on eksisozluk(local forum, widely used) and Twitter are furious.

I know it's kind of unrelated but I wanted to put it out there.


u/5kyl3r Feb 06 '23

i would bet most of it went to mr dictator's pockets, as well as his friends

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u/ApexHawke Feb 06 '23

Shit government usually doesn't bode well in a crisis-situation.

See also: Turkey's inflation-crisis and covid numbers.

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u/willyolio Feb 06 '23

Let's be honest, a good portion of the death toll is directly because of the corrupt dictatorship going on there.

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u/schepke Feb 06 '23

We talk a lot of shit about our government here too, thanks for the good wishes.

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u/ipponiac Feb 06 '23

Adıyaman and Maraş city centers are hit hard for the second time. Please note there is also lots of small cities, towns and villages in the region and there is no clear communications yet.


u/LexTheSouthern Feb 06 '23

This is insane. I read about the first earthquake before I went to bed last night. That was bad enough. Now a second one of nearly the same magnitude?? My thoughts are with all who are being affected by this. I can’t even imagine.

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u/Rosieu Feb 06 '23

How terrible and terrifying...


u/illusionmist Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Holy shit that’s crazy for an aftershock. Hope everyone stay safe.

Türkiye is among the first to send rescue team to Taiwan in 1999’s big quake here and we’re thankful for that. I saw our rescue team is ready to go. More help is on the way!

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